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281 samuel8955
282 TheNiveNulls

There kids are so adorable! I love Audri and her sassy ness,kailand and his breakdowns,and Maddox and his cuteness. The faces Austin makes are priceless and brittneys laugh gets me going. I really wish they had more like and views cause that family is the best!

283 MaxiBlog
284 DearNaptural

She has a wonderful daughter named Olivia and one if the most beautifuliest family ever and she also has a hair channel check it out at Naptural85 and her vlog channel is DearNaptural85

285 SimplePickup
286 Roseellendix
287 Essiebuttonvlogs

Esteé and her boyfriend Aslan and their dog Reggie make the BEST vlogs ever because they are so charismatic, and they are the best couple ever!

288 Samika

Best vloggers ever! Sam and Jennika are so cool, plus they have an adorable son Noah! They are by far my favorite and you should totally check them out!

Sam and Jennika are awesome! They also have a little boy named Noah who is absolutely adorable! They are my favorite vloggers!

289 JairWoo

This guy is amazing! He should be right at the top of the list! He is hilarious too.. which makes watching his vlogs more interstings.
Acc. to me he is best Style Vlogger on You Tube! A must Subscribe.

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290 LoveJonLovell

Brilliant funny daily vlogs, coming on for 4 years and no idea why he hasn't gone "boom" as his vlogs are fantastic. His Halloween special in 2014 is the YouTube vlog of the year for me! Seriously, check him out!

291 MatthewSantoro2
292 TylerMountVlog

This new vlog is absolutely hillarious. Filmed in NYC, meet Tyler, sit on his couch, meet his friends and get an inside look at the stars of Broadway.

293 TheFunnyrats

TheFunnyrats are a family of 4 who have been daily vlogging for over 2050 days! Probably the longest daily vloggers that you've never heard of!

294 Caspar Lee

Caspar is one of the funniest you tubers there is, and really should be somewhere up the top of this lister. Everyone and anyone who watches his videos is guaranteed to have a good laugh.

Caspar is hilarious and brings the best entertainment every time. Caspar should be at the top. If you aren't subscribed then you should because you'll be brought the top entertainment from the funniest YouTuber

One of my favourite YouTubers, he is funny, awesome and just plain witty. Loves to joke around.

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295 FoolyLiving

They are vloggers living in Israel. THEY WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH one way or another! I have learned so much from watching them. Hadar works in the IDF Air Force, and Andrea is a housewife and stay-at-home mother. Baby Rafael is the cutest little thing and so smart. He will make you laugh or smile everyday whether you like it or not! Definitely a family that I must watch every day or my day is not complete. They also have two other channels, Ineedmorelives and Foolycooked that I have learned a lot from.

296 CaptainSparklez

Though he mostly does gaming videos CaptainSparklez does a captains vlog about every to every other week.

297 TooMad Stevie

New upcoming YouTuber. Not just any YouTuber but an Irish YouTuber. Love his accent. He does vlogs and sketch's. He is really down to earth and cute too booth. I can see him going far in the future :) :)
I believe his name is Stevie McQuillan.

298 MoranDays
299 This Is Что-То
300 The Vlogging Boy

He creates great vlogs on his channel

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