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141 Thisisacommentary
142 Evan Edinger

THE BEST laugh out loud

143 Matthias

His channel is dedicated to laughter and happiness and has improved so many people's lives. He has fun challenges, guests, and interacts greatly with his viewers by opening mail, trying nationalities' food, reading funny tweets or autocorrects, everything, and best of all is family friendly.

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144 TommyNC2010

A great and interesting vlogger that dedicates his life to awareness of autism. Maybe one of the most positive YouTubers out there.

145 Funnel Vision V 2 Comments
146 TheTimTracker

I seriously love this vlog so much, they are so fun to watch

A brilliant daily vlogger. Takes you on all of his and Jens Disney and universal visits without being a holiday vlog.

147 Fed's World

Creative, different, funny. This Maltese vlogger has taken vlogs to a different level, mixing humour, travel, thoughts and society in vlogs that are like little, fun vlogumentaries.

Family friendly and always with a twist.

Fantastic photography and great storytelling. - fedechin

148 OutbackZack

I can't even begin to understand why this dude isn't on the list... He's simply awesomeness come to life!

149 NDTitanLady
150 Scarysnowman
151 thechengman2
152 adriamusica96
153 ChealyTheNinja

He's an amazing vlogger and singer! I'm surprised no one's put him in here till now :D

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154 David Di Franco

David deserves way more recognition and subscribers. To produce a vlog that is one hour plus, on a weekly basis, is TRUE dedication! He's down-to-earth, funny and an incredibly kind person; I've been following his channel for many years now, and truly feel a part of his family. Here's to many years to come!

He puts so much effort into making his content and really makes you feel a part of his family!

His videos are inspirational and makes me want to get into vlogging and all the things he does on the computer

155 KianLawley V 1 Comment
156 ModernMom4Life

"The Perfect Family" that will inspire anyone on how to deal with life and kids.
A loving mother and father who are educating their five awesome 'n cute children in a well-brought-up manner in this modern life.

She is a mom of 5 with kids 9, 7, 4, 2, and 1. She does a daily VLOG showing everything she does in the day with so you get a good idea of what it would be like to have that many kids. Very funny and kids are cute.

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157 Holasoygerman
158 Lisbug

She's amazing talented funny and cute her vlogs and dares are so cool I love her. Xx

Ok let me get this straight. Why the heck is Lisa not in the top 10?
Lisbug or Lisa Shwartz is just amazing! One thing I share in common with her is that I am Jewish like her! Like I said on a different page she does amazing daily videos so you have to love her. I could go on forever saying amazing things though! GO TO HER CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW!

She's an amazing talented funny girl and she cute. Xx

159 gabeandbabeTV

Absolutely love them! They're the cutest little family.

They're so funny and their son is SO cute

"What up Peeps" love them and Ceej is the cutest little boy

I absolutely love them
They love each other so much.

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160 Mikey
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