Top 10 Biggest Issues that Divide American Politics

This is a list of the biggest Political issues that divide the American Politics. Please express your opinions on various issues that you are passionate about. Also this list is created to completely express your opinions not start a debate within people of different opinions. Thank You.

The Top Ten

1 LGBT Rights

Should not even divide politics - iliekpiez

The rights of the LGBT Community. - Joeljohns249

2 Gender Pay Gap

Whether or not "Gender Pay Gap" is real and if yes, should it exist. - Joeljohns249

Why is this a division. It's pretty simple what to do about it - iliekpiez

3 Availability of Pornography

Whether or not the vast availability of Porn has a bad influence on people. - Joeljohns249

4 Legalization of Abortion

I'm a non-American, but from an outsider's perspective I'd say this is the most divisive issue because there are even some on the left who are pro-life. - truckturner

Whether or not Abortion should be legal. - Joeljohns249

5 Immigration

Whether or not to grant foreign citizens to migrate to our country and the treatment of Illegal Immigrants. - Joeljohns249

Has to be handled - iliekpiez

6 Legalization of Drugs

Whether or not Recreational drug usage should be legal. Specifically "Marijuana". - Joeljohns249

7 Separation of Church and State

Whether or not Christian values and ideologies should influence the law making. - Joeljohns249

8 Global Warming

Do people really still debate on this?

Whether or not climate change is real. - Joeljohns249

So they are denying facts then - iliekpiez

9 Gun Ownership

Whether or not private citizens can own and carry guns. - Joeljohns249

Ended in UK partly due to Dumblane
In US, where Trump rules, not happening. - iliekpiez

10 Capital Punishment

Whether or not "Death Penalty" should be implemented on criminals. - Joeljohns249

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11 Social Welfare Programs
12 Labor Unions
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