Top Ten Best Bluefin Storm Collectibles Street Fighter Action Figures

Storm Collectibles has unleashed a repertoire of Street Fighter characters under Bluefin brands, each coming with a large selection of accessories and interchangeable hands and heads. Which of the figures is the best?

The Top Ten

M. Bison (2017 Exclusive) M. Bison (2017 Exclusive) Product Image
M. Bison (2017) M. Bison (2017) Product Image
M. Bison (2019) M. Bison (2019) Product Image
Sagat (2019) Sagat (2019) Product Image
Zangief (2017) Zangief (2017) Product Image
Zangief (2018 Special Edition) Zangief (2018 Special Edition) Product Image
M. Bison (2019 Con Exclusive)
Akuma (2018 Arcade Edition) Akuma (2018 Arcade Edition) Product Image
Sagat (2019 Con Exclusive)
Shin Akuma (2018 Exclusive) Shin Akuma (2018 Exclusive) Product Image

The Contenders

Akuma (2018) Akuma (2018) Product Image
Akuma (2018 Special Edition) Akuma (2018 Special Edition) Product Image

You forgot the L in Special - BorisRule

Chun-Li (2017 Blue Outfit)
Chun-Li (2017 Pink Outfit)
Evil Ryu (2018 Exclusive)
Ryu (2017 Black Outfit & White Gloves)
Ryu (2017 Blue Outfit & Blue Gloves)
Ryu (2017 Mikiki)
Ryu (2017 Pink Outfit & Black Gloves)
Ryu (2017 Purple Outfit & Green Gloves)
Ryu (2017 White Outfit & Red Gloves)
Violent Ken (2018 Exclusive)
Ken (2019 Ultra Street Fighter II)
Cammy (2019 Battle Costume)
Cammy (2019 Con Exclusive)
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