Top 10 Toys Considered Choking Hazards

Some toys, especially small ones, are considered choking hazard and many chi,Daren can’t distinguish them from food or candy.

Yet some toys were elastic and had strings capable of making someone strangle another or him/herself.

The Top Ten

1 Balloons

Little children swallow these things and suffocate and choke.
Simple as that. Little kids be careful and stay away from these attractive explosive toys.

Stay away from these colorful toys

I can't believe these still exist.! They've caused countless choking incidents and they're still on the shelves?.
Serious choking hazard. - NateFam108

They're scary yet dangerous. And people choke on them? Wow I'm rethinking balloons. - Steve105UniFan

2 Legos Legos

Keep your Legos away from babies, this will save your child's life. - BorisRule

Yup, anything that can fit inside mouths away from anyone under age 3. - Gregory

Don't step on legos either, or you'll regret them, sorry if I made that pain joke up, but anyway you'll regret them if you're afraid of choking. - NateFam101

Legos are amongst the most popular toys, and also amongst the top choking hazards, with many incidents of children choking, because, after all, you know they’re small pieces, and small pieces means choking hazard. - Gregory

3 Water Beads

Guh, Gregory, this one makes me feel sick! - BorisRule

Water beads were especially high as children thought they were candy and swallowed them, and since the human body’s mostly made up of water, the balls trapped inside the body expanded, leading to severe dehydration and significant injuries treated only by surgery.
Yet they weren't even detectable by X-rays.
Since they were so dangerous, they were recalled. - Gregory

4 Marbles

Marbles are small round objects and many children can’t distinguish small round colorful toys from candy, so they swallow them and choke.

Marbles are up here for that notoriety. - Gregory

5 Stretchy Toys

Stretchy toys like you'd find in ¢25 vending machines are usually small, meaning choking hazard, yet being stretchy, they’re a top example of toys used for strangulation.
Which was exactly what toys like yo-yo water balls were notorious for.
After all, 294 out of 409 people were reported for strangulation and the toys were recalled. - Gregory

6 Zulu Blow Gun

This gun is long and slender, making it a severe choking hazard.
Last time I know toy guns or any kind of guns aren’t good anyway. - Gregory

7 Boba Fett Action Figure

It fires mini rockets that have the potential to land in children’s mouths, making it a choking hazard. - Gregory

8 Magnetix

Magnetix were known for being choking hazard in the 1st place, but they were magnetic and when let go, they flung off like projectiles landing into people’s mouths and esophagus, causing them to choke and suffocate.
Yet worse was when they connected inside the body, more damage was made.
Yet 1 death along the way further proved the dangers of magnetix, so they were eventually recalled. - Gregory

9 Bindeez

Bindeez, whether you call them beadies, aqua dots, or pixos, are small little balls, and small equals choking hazard.
Yet the aqua dot version had an ingredient that turned into gamma hydroxybutyrate (the date rape drug) when swallowed and metabolized, causing children to pass out and become ill. - Gregory

10 Kinder Surprise Kinder Surprise

Fortunately I was careful when I was a kid

These toys are extremely dangerous for babies/little kids. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

My 2-year-old cousin loves this... - Misfire

Which is why it is banned in US of A. - BorisRule

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? Kinetic Sand

Just like slime, silly putty, and Play-Doh its colorful and little kids will try to eat it

The Contenders

11 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners may be notorious for distracting school students and some were recalled for containing dangerous levels of lead (the world’s 2nd most toxic household chemical) at 825x the AAP’s maximum safe level, but they’re also known to be a choking hazard, with many reports of children choking on them.

Yet the small circles can fall off and land on childrens’ mouths, posing a risk of choking of children.

Remember that children under 3 shouldn’t play with toys with a choking hazard warning. - Gregory

12 Shopkins Shopkins

They’re small toys making them choking hazard. - Gregory

13 Polly Pocket

Has a ton of small pieces that could be choking hazards

They used to be small enough to fit in your pockets, but now they’re bigger.
Though there are still small parts that can make children choke. - Gregory

14 Easter Eggs

Because they're made of plastic and little kids can bite on them before they fall into their esophagus, making them choking hazards. - Gregory

My cousins played with these as toddlers...

15 Balzac Toys

They were anywhere from small toys to large balloon toys, which all meant choking hazard.

Yet the balloon toys came with small white chips of plastic, which of course were a choking hazard.

Plus they let children buy them with uninflated balloons, which is a risk as children under 8 shouldn’t blow up balloons solo and Disney lets kids of all ages buy stuff. - Gregory

16 Super Balls

Super balls are small rubbery bouncy balls, which are all a recipe for a choking hazard.
Therefore they’re not suitable for children under 3.
Yet they’re often found in candy and vending machines, making them a likelihood of being swallowed by little children unwarned. - Gregory

Never eat colorful toys even if you think it’s candy. - JoshLover100

17 Play-Doh

Honestly, play-doh is really easy for little kids to mistake for food. What can I say? It has the color, texture, and even the smell of something that toddlers would like to put in their mouths. TOTAL CHOKING HAZARD!

18 Slinky

You can wrap it around your neck, making it a toy for strangulation.
A MAJOR choking hazard. - Gregory

19 Koosh Balls

They’re made of rubber and kids can bite pieces off and chew them, making them a total choking hazard. - Gregory

20 Lite Brite

They contain small pieces, making them a choking hazard.
Plus these aren’t for children under 4, as they also pose an electric hazard. - Gregory

21 Forky Forky

They contained plastic googly eyes that could fall off and land on childrens' mouths, making them a potential choking hazard.
They were pulled from the shelves of the World of Disney at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. - Gregory

22 Silly Putty

Kids under 3 swallow pretty much anything, so anyone that age with this would swallow it.
Yet since it’s small and not meant to be eaten, it qualifies as a choking hazard. - Gregory

23 Slime

Anyone under 3 eats everything, and slime is usually colorful and regardless of size, it can be broken apart by children and eaten.
Yet many brands contain excessive levels of boron, putting kids at risk of health problems. - Gregory

24 Hang 10 Mini-Hammocks

They didn’t contain spreader bars, so children suffocated and choked as they closed up. - Gregory

25 Squishies

They contain toxic chemicals such as styrene and toluene, causing damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and liver, yet cause eye and respiratory irritation along with allergic reactions.
Making them a MAJOR choking hazard.

They were recalled in Denmark for those reasons, but unfortunately not the rest of the world. - Gregory

26 Hatchimals

They come with eggs then when cracked, become pieces that can be chewed and swallowed by little children, making them pose a choking hazard.
They warn customers of that. - Gregory

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