Call of Duty Games With the Best Multiplayer


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1 Modern Warfare 2

Great game ruined be modders and script kiddies

The feeling of this game is just amazing it has best maps :Terminal, Highrise, Storm and the best sniper weapon ever:The intervention

Only bad piece in the multilayer is the amount of noob tubes but that is the fault of the community

Best Call of Duty by far, I stopped playing consoles a few years after, nothing compared to it. If they remastered it, Id buy an Xbox ONE. I was that good.

2 Black Ops II

This a good multiplayer, people still play online today, I find online players on my ps3 in 2019 witch is cool - trains45


Best designed game ever. It is incredibly balanced, shotguns are usable and snipers actually kill. Then we have the new ghost, create a class, score streaks and zombies!

Story Eh, BUT... Multiplayer was absolutely AMAZING! Best ever in my opinion, Balanced weapons, balanced players, very enjoyable/playable, and... Best Competitive game made thus far! If anything, this should be looked at once more for 2020 Release on the new Call of Duty. Free-to-play, Expandable, and Tier Challenges with Crates. (ex; Challenges to unlock special "rare" items like get 100,000 kills in a month for "PeaceKeeper". ;) You're Welcome. #CodNation

3 Black Ops

In my opinion Black Ops has the best multiplayer by far, it seems faster paced and more advanced than any of the others. It also brings in a lot of new things is far more advanced than World at War, whereas Modern Warfare 3 doesn't bring hardly anything new from Modern Warfare 2. - EvilAngel

This was not as balanced as Black Ops 2 however balance doesn't always equal fun. This Call of Duty outside of modern warfare 1 actually had some of the best maps designed. The best part about this game was I actually felt like I customized how I wanted to play, just slightly better than black ops 2.

BO 1 is the best

Nothing here to say, just the BEST Call of Duty game ever made.

4 Modern Warfare

I stopped buying Call of Duty because nothing has ever topped CoD4:MW.

Started the multiplayer phenomenon! Pipeline and bog are among the best maps all time!

No other Call of Duty is as fun as CoD4MW

Best Call of Duty game, hands down! Only downside is that your cannot pick your kill streaks. Other than that, the best!

5 World at War

I want to play

This is still the most fun to play.

It is actually realistic and is one of the few call of duty games to based on a real war. Guns were pretty balanced and it also had one of the best perk systems. Call of Duty WaW was one of the most creative campaign and multiplayer

Not only is the multiplayer gory and realistic, the maps are actually really real and spooky! Like in Asylum. That has to be the scariest multiplayer map EVER!

6 Modern Warfare 3

I loved dome on this game, just overall I think this game was the only one I hardcore grinded on to get higher levels because it was so fun!

This game had good multiplayer, there is not bots makes it less fun, but the Spec Ops makes it fun with Survivor - trains45

A good multiplayer game is a game that I can play over and over again without being boring. Well, MW3 is that game and I rank it as my #1 Call of Duty multiplayer. Even though bo2 was a close 2nd, almost everything about the game is the way it should be when playing multiplayer.

The maps are not too big or too small. You can play different strategies (sniper, SMG runner) successfully based on the layout of the maps. It is not a fast game even if you play it fast, which makes it more fun and less annoying. The textures and colors of the game is easy on the eyes. The overall gun mechanics, layout, and perks are simple to understand. You have 43 guns to choose from (not including special weapons. Bo2 had 33 guns, and Mw2 had 37 guns for comparison). All the guns were fun to use. The gun kick and idle sway was proper based on the type of gun. Gun damage on the Mk14 and LMGs were proper. (Three hits to kill at long range as it should be). Score streaks were fun and not op. You had 3 ...more


7 Black Ops III

Insane no cap

Get back to boot camps

This game is terrible.

Who said this game was terrible your wrong it's the second best Call of Duty

8 Ghosts

This has a good multiplayer I played it lots in my teens, now it hard to find a lobby, so I now just play with bots - trains45

Mw3/2 and ghosts then Call of Duty 3 then bo2 because zombies. Everything else kinda sucks thank you and goodnight

Call of Duty Ghosts in my opinion is one the best cods dispose the camping and big maps you can still have fun the graphics are great and if yo don't believe me go the the Xbox store browse game then most popular and ghost is one of them with 5 1/2 stars WOW so put for hands down and put Call of Duty in 3rd place.

I don't really mind the maps because people vote for the popular maps anyway and it helps because campers can't camp because they have to sit in the back of a big map all day while the action is in the other side.

9 Advanced Warfare

The Multiplayer in this game's decent. - B1ueNew

Becasue it was fun

Good not great. Exo movements were choppy and eliminated nearly all strategy for coordinating attacks through the mini map. Not enough gun variety and NO, Variants do not count. Only 3 shotguns? They were useless anyway. I did like the graphics and new gamemodes. It was good but got old really fast.

Exo suits, fast paced, awesome camo challenges, unique weapons, scorestreaks, they're all just amazing. This doesn't deserve no. 1 but at least a close 2nd

10 Call of Duty 2

Best Call of Duty of all time.

It is an amazing game but is still under ranked graphics are not every thing

Really?! Call of Duty 2 was probably one of the greatest Call of Duty games, how is Ghosts above this?!?!?!

Call of duty 2 is one of the best call of duties because I believe it is the most historically accurate and is fun.

The Contenders

11 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Greatest Call of Duty that ever came out. This game is the best selling game of 2016 and I even recommend buying it in 2019 over

Space Marines. damn Space Marines. 'enough said.

My favourite single player campaign of all the Call of Duty's. The setting didn't seem to lend itself to multiplayer though, but man that single player... the most intense and emotional Call of Duty ever. What a roller coaster. Well worth checking out.

Call of duty infinite warfare is very futuristic but I love weapons and graphics

12 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

It's an even BETTER looking Call of Duty 4.enough said

This game sucks. very few active players. single player is good.

13 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Its foot on ground and its not exo witch exo boost gives people advantage and way harder

For someone that spent $100+ on this game I can say that I rather go back in time to 2016 and replay all of iw through it's entire life cycle then play bo4. if you ACTUALLY need me to explain why this game is bad you are a special kind of breed.

Blackout is awful, everything else is fun

Great zombies. Decent multiplayer, Terrible Battle Royale. - B1ueNew

14 Call of Duty: WWII

2nd favorite Call of Duty

My favorite call of duty mulitplayer. The mulitplayer has a great feel. It's a classic.

It is a ton better than some of the more recent games with people jumping all over the place and it does not take as many shots to kill as it would take in other games, just wish that some of the weapons stats were more like their real world versions

I love the multiplayer. The guns are great, and some mas are good. There isn't enough maps though. Awesome multiplayer though.

15 Call of Duty

Best war-game, It gives the feel that you're in the war and you have to shoot to stay alive.

Pro gamers know why call of duy v1.1 is oe of the best.


16 Call of Duty 3

Best Multiplayer ever, this should be what the next battlefield should have



17 Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified

Greatest Call of Duty Ever!

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