Best Carrier Unlock Services for iPhone

This list of top unlocking websites for iPhone (many will also unlock other mobile devices), should help you avoid scams. Carrier unlocks aren't cheap, and in some instances cost well over $50. So, this list and user reviews can help weed out untrustworthy guys out there.
A legit carrier unlock, often referred to as SIM unlock, GSM unlock, IMEI unlock etc., is always performed by the respective carrier and NOT by installing some software on your device. The U.S. carriers include AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and many prepaid carriers. When you buy your iPhone, it may be locked or unlocked depending on the carrier. If you need to go abroad and want to use a local SIM card, you will need to have your iPhone unlocked. If you bought a second-hand iPhone from eBay and very cheaply, it may be because it is locked and you will need to find a service to unlock it or promptly return that device to the seller (since you won't be able to use it freely). If the device is blacklisted (reported lost or stolen) it may not be used on U.S. networks even after it has been carrier unlocked.

Unlike Samsung phones, Apple iPhones do not need any code to be unlocked. The unlock is synced via iTunes by means of simply connecting your iPhone to iTunes for a few seconds.
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1 Keys2iPhone

Submitted my request to unlock my device on 8/24/19 and it's still not unlocked. It's now 9/7/19 with no sign of this ever getting completed. Avoid and save your money.

Been around for a long time. Also has many carriers on the list and good reputation as one of the less expensive.

Great service. Worked fast to unlock my Sprint iPhone 8. Thanks!

Cheapest service there is to unlock At&t iPhone. A+

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2 My IMEI Unlock

I tried many sites to unlock iCloud activation lock, no website was able to do it. One friend told me about My IMEI unlock, then I gave them a try, and they unlocked iCloud lock within 2 weeks

A little expensive but supports many carrier unlocks.

I tried this service to unlock my AT&T iPhone X, and they finished my unlock within 5 days, many thanks

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3 DoctorSIM

Read description carefully: "This service has a 60% success rate as long as the device has not been blacklisted or under contract." So what they sell for $31.99 as standard unlock service you can find for a couple bucks elsewhere.

Fantastic service. Code worked perfectly, instructions were clear, price was very reasonable and delivery was much faster than expected.

This service is overpriced. Just get your unlock on eBay for half the price and full refund guarantee.

Great unlocking website. Definitely not a scam like most of the websites out there.

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4 Unlockbase

Didn't work, terrible service. Immediate refund though.

A highly acclaimed unlock service.

5 Chronicunlocks

Been in the business for a long time. Got good reputation.

This one is closed down.


This company does not deliver and certainly smells like a scam...and you get no responses unless they're canned. I'm sure I won't get a refund though I continue to request one. It has been over 30 days with no services rendered and I meet all the criteria for a refund according to their site. It takes me several days to get any sort of response to my emails and then they don't address my question or need but simply cut and paste a reply that doesn't pertain. No phone number to call. All sketchy. I did a review on TrustPilots warning people and got an immediate email from the company asking me to send them all the information regarding my case, which I did, and I have not heard one word since. That was over 2 weeks ago.

They never were able to unlock my iPhone X despite paying over $149 for their Premium Service that guarantees unlock. Also paid an extra $19 for expedited service. After 6 weeks I am still trying and waiting to get my refund. I do not recommend this service and believe it’s a scam of the worse kind.

This one is a hit or miss. Ba careful because it may ask for extra money and refunds are hard to obtain.

Now it is called DoctorUnlock and it is very much suspect. Be careful.

7 ICloud Removal

Help I need a legit iCloud lock removal service

8 CellUnlocker

I try this service before, it really work, take abt 20 day


Used canada unlocking many times and found them to have a higher success rate then the competition. The pricing is also competitive.

My go to website for unlocking, they are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Smooth operators, unlocked my LG in 10 minutes

I paid them for a carrier check and haven’t received any response. Not even a receipt. Stay away. This is a scam.

10 Slimyoursim
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11 iUnlockstore

Worked and cheaper


I used this website to unlock my Nokia Lumia, locked on At&t network, and I got the unlock code in 3 days. All the process went smoothly and I would use their service again. They have good customer support.

Worked great to unlock my iPhone SE. The order was finished fast and the support on live chat was instant. I really recommend them

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