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Just imagine a little purple bunny playing a guitar and then... BOOM! You have Bonnie. Unlike Foxy and the bite of 87 and Chica in the "Kitchen" and Freddy's face hand print, there is no creepy theory about Bonnie, which doesn't make him creepy at all, and well no wonder little girls always like Bonnie because he is PURPLE. And Bonnie's jump scare isn't scary. When you know he is always gonna be there first you always know when he is coming. Isn't it overwhelming when you see foxy running down the hallway or Chica in the window or Freddy laughing, or Golden freddy Crashing your game! Gosh Dang it. Anyway when I see Bonnie in the Doorway I can't help to say "Hey Buddy! " just because he is not very scary at all. And Bonnie has to be my favorite out of all of them. Anyway Bonnie looked miserable in fnaf 2 while toy bonnie replaced him he lost an arm and his face got smacked off. He didn't even get a phantom version of himself in fnaf 3. Everyone says Springtrap is ...more

This is a little theory I put together, by watching videos, reading, and playing 5 nights at Freddy's. Bonnie (my favorite character) could be a possible suspect for THE BITE OF 87. This is not a common theory but here it is. In 5naf 2 old Bonnie is the only one with his face totally dismantled, phone guy states the old animatronics are used to make the 2.0 or the toy version, this however makes no sense, there is no resemblance between the toys and the old version, and (being a prequel) in 1987 there would not be that kind of technology to make them look alike with old parts. So why is Bonnie missing his face. The rest are rusted, messy, but Bonnie is real screwed up. I think his face was taken off because he caused THE BITE! There is no proof that the bite happened after phone guys last call were he says "stay close to the animatronics." But there IS proof that the Resteraunt is under inspection and going to be closed for awhile, this could be because of the BITE! The reason ...more

As the matter of fact. Red eyes symbolise as pure evil and Bonnie has red eyes. Does that means he is pure evil? Sweet... !

In real life. Foxy cause the bite. The Pizzeria is real and Foxy is the one who cause the bite.

Bonnie is easily my favorite character. Even though he comes to kill you, he still seems very friendly, and doesn't seem like he intentionally wants to kill you, unlike Freddy and Foxy, he just happens to show up at the door and doesn't see you as a human. He is also the most active, but doesn't stay at your door for very long, draining power. He also plays a guitar, and his skin color is unique and different from his species, making him very recognizable. The only other main character in the series that has a unique skin tone is Chica. Overall, I think he is the coolest and kindest of the animatronics in the series, and is easily my favorite character.

Bonnie the rabbit is just like Chica, except more out to kill you. He knows you're there, he'll show up with his face right up to your camera.. Will often show up at your window and cut the power, alongside with Chica. Bonnie is a pretty badass rabbit.

Bonnie is amazing, no doubt about it. Yeah, sure, he's a little weird, but I personally think I can relate to him in certain ways (I'm always the first to wake up at sleepovers, and this is much to everybody's irritation due to my bad habit of pretending to try to rip their faces off in order to wake them up). He's only my third favorite though; my top two? Purple Guy in second and the Marionette in first.

I think Bonnie is my favorite cause he has a rocking red guitar and he has the must damage I mean just look at Freddy he's mainly tore apart it's just a few pecies broken off. And Chica all she's missing is he month sorta and her hands. And foxy he just have this piece missing of his chest. But Bonnie he's missing his face and arm if u can just picture u being in broken Bonnie's passion he would see sadness and hatred just listen to the Bonnie's song u would understand what I'm trying to tell u.

Bonnie is the badass of the game! Me and Bonnie have so much in common we both like music and we both are aggressive! I like the others but me and Bonnie have so much in common!

In my opinion, he is the most main character, since he is being shown the most, I like foxy but I think my favorite is bonnie

I know I just said my favorite character is Foxy (The EDGE program comment) But he ties my favorite spot.

Bonnie is the most badass animatronic in the game! Both of us like music and were both aggressive! I hate the others because Freddy is always in my office, Foxy is so damn ugly he looks like a rat golden Freddy crashes your game and that damn chicken is so fat let's eat some fried chicken you damn bird! Me and the puppet both like music but he looks like a damn clown and I hate clowns, their so creepy I had nightmares!

I love Bonnie because he so cute in all the fun asking because I love him is the best finish character I ever seen in my life by the way I'm only 8 years old I think that Bonnie is my best character so far because I love bunnies and he's purple and purple is my favorite color so I love him the most

I love Bonnie which I talking about is Withered Bonnie! He is my favorite character out of all of them! I don't know why, I just like how he looks! (This has nothing to do with Withered Bonnie I just want to say that mangle is a woman because of her appearance and that she is in Ladies' Night.)

I think Bonnie should be at the top because look at him! What's not more cute than a bunny?! Plus in sister location HE'S ACTUALLY ON FREDDY'S HAND LIKE THAT IS SO CUTE! I even liked him when he had his face off and no arm. I mean, like that's just uneasy to handle but he sucked it up.

I agree Bonnie is awesome, but I hooked up a special theory for him. Look at the FNaF 3 and/or the "It's Time to Die" Song by DAGames. At the start of the song, Bonnie looks at the camera at the last second, and so he does in the scene with Freddy, Chica, and him in the trailer. So yeah, really it significes (sorry for bad grammar) something big might happen and Bonnie my have a larger role in the (possible) fourth game. As someone has said, Bonnie's eyes are red, probably meaning he's evil or it's cause he lost his face or something? Springtrap, as most people say, might be Bonnie, not a regular version of him, the FIRST one with a face. The face coming from the Bonnie from the first game. If I have missed anything out, please reply to me.

3 Reasons Why Bonnie is better that foxy 1:Bonnie Gives You a high five and foxy kills you (in the second game). 2: Bonnie's faced was ripped off (does anyone else feel his pain? ) 3:Bonnie doesn't kill you every second he gets (so unlike foxy).

Bonnie in many ways is my favorite. He's aggressive, he's always ready to come, and he just simply is just plain scary. Personally, Nightmare Bonnie is my favorite, but many kudos to the original Bonnie. While every turns to that pet Foxy, I always look to Bonnie. In many ways, I think that Foxy is just an overrated animatronic who hides in closets and curtains and never shows himself in camera. Coward.

Bonnie you can see everywhere they should call it five nights at Bonnie's.

I think Bonnie rules. He suffered more than anyone else and he even tried to save them from purple guy. Bonnie is very underrated by the community. I find him to be scary and cool at the same time, just like Scott. He is the coolest by far. Enough said.

My sister says that Bonnie caused the bite of 87 because his mouth is big, but I personally love Bonnie because he's so creepy and I would defend him in any bad case EVEN IF HE DID THAT CASE!

Come on guys, not all of us have to love Foxy. Everyone loves foxy just because they think he's a good guy. But really, are any of the animatronics good? Anyway, I think Bonnie should be in first because come on, he's the creepiest, most active, most unpredictable (besides golden Freddy) animatronic! I'm not saying I don't like Foxy, but can't we agree that he is a bit overrated?

I don't even like bunnies all that much and have now idea why Bonnie is my favorite. Honestly, I love foxes SO MUCH MORE so I don't no why I'm not so keen on Foxy but no matter what Bonnie will ALWAYS be my number one!

People. People. It's a purple bunny. Must I say anymore? And the reason I really love Bonnie is because he's the scariest animatronic which is just really cool, although really Goldie is kind of the scariest... Plus, I absolutely love music. I think me and Bonnie would be great friends. Bonnie, you will always be the best in my eyes~

Bonnie is the best and he is also the best withered character because he must be destined to kill you if he has no face and still manages to find you in your office with no eyes.

I think Bonnie is the coolest awesomeness and we're trying to get ever I mean like he's the first one to move probably the easiest but he still awesome

I love Bonnie, he was always the scariest to me. Scott himself even stated that he had nightmares of the rabbit, and that's saying something. I mean, he created the thing! Bonnie's the most active at the start, and isn't afraid to pay you a 'visit'. In FNaF 2, he's just downright terrifying. He looks zombie-like, almost, what with his face an arm missing. I don't believe that Bonnie caused the bite of '87, however, because his face was dismantled BEFORE the day it was told to happen. But that doesn't take away that he's my favorite character.

Bonnie is the best because he is a very unique character. What I love about Bonnie is that he is a guitarist and his smile. I saw a video on the top ten animatronics and Bonnie won because of his smile, we don't know if is a evil or creepy smile. Plus I disagree with Scott that Bonnie is the creepiest.