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81 Spring Bonnie

I know he's golden but there really is no such thing as golden bonnie

It's actually a girl don't agree find spring bonnie in the fnaf world wallpaper and she has long eyelashes and that presents that she is girl!

It's not a girl since Bonnie is a popular character and they wouldn't change his gender. - DCfnaf

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82 Chica the Chicken

This is already on the list in 5th place! The creator is a Chica fan! LOLOLOLOL - BonnieRules

83 Bidybab Bidybab

Why is she at the bottom? She's certainly not the worst character! - DCfnaf

He looks good

84 Paper Plate Boy

She could use her arms to to move paper plat boy like hug it and move it like that

Another Five Nights at Freddys Easter egg yay. paper boy (aka. Plate boy) is found in one of the party rooms in Five nights at freddys 2 rarely move he will somehow teleport in the office your in but not only that the old/witherd chica hides the paper plate boy but how does it have came in the room? Chica could not have done it because notice her hand are gone she has nothing but wires it really scares to to be honest but its still a mystery.

There was once a joke about how Chica lifts the plate boy with her buttcheecks.

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85 Eyeless Bonnie

Bonnie Death Screen: Keeping you from sleeping since 2014

Eyeless bonnie is ugly!

This animatronic, is :a, not creepy and unlike fazzbear, this guy is one of THE most damaged. Also, he is one of the the most active characters.

86 Eyeless Freddy

The second scariest eyeless. First is toy bonnie

87 Sparky The Dog

I love dogs don't get me wrong but he does not exist

He should be sparky the doge

That's not even a character


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88 Vincent *Purple Guy*

Seriously purple guy must be 2nd because I see everyone likes purple guy

Vincent: is a murder-hauling toast love psycho path but who could blame him you wave a piece of fresh burned toast In his face and boom he's all crazy

His name isn't Vincent for the last time people!

Honestly if you were a real fnaf fan you would get the book or watch The game theorists because you would know his name isn't Vincent his name is William Afton jeez - Carri796

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89 Bunny Paper Plate
90 New Mangle

I know weird but cool

Wait...3 mangles on the list? THERE's ONE MANGLE PEOPLE..-.


Yes I am that mangle hater that typed almost in all caps. I'm back saying I'm posting about how BAD mangle is every day so if u post and respond to me I will see.=) so here are skme BAD THINGS ABOUT MANGLE TO GET U TO HATE MANGLE AND LOVE CHICA LIKE I DO.first of all this is a myth I do ot belive ( mangle is really a pull a part toy who the kids made her all exoskeletony.) So u guys think mangle got all old by chica being jelly of here. But of course this myth has a bad side. (For u mangle lovers its bad for u.) After as I learned from tony crynight. Love you tony~♡. Mangle trryed to kill chica. Chica only ment to make mangle ugly but mangle wanted to kill chica.(foxy saved chica.) So what do you think of mangle now? yeah thought what you think now.^^ =)

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91 Electrobab Electrobab
92 Balloon Girl Balloon Girl

She is a hallucination

She's under the desk but won't do any harm

Switch it to 25! The balloon boy is in 57!

Her real name is JayJay FYI. - DCfnaf

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93 Bare Endoskeleton

What the fudge? Bear endoskeleton don't you mean Freddy endoskeleton!

Do you mean the naked endoskeleton(With is just the endoskeleton.)or did you mean the Freddy endoskeleton?

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94 Phantom Freddy

He's a cool animatronic to be around with. I'm just surprised that no one feels sorry for him. He is missing a leg, and an ear.

95 Flumpty Bumpty (ONAF)

I don't even know who that is.

I know who this is, the game is called One Night at Flumpty's. A ripoff of Humpty Dumpty, and a fan game of Five Nights at Freddy's. Too many copycats making ripoffs of FNAF.

LOL just because

This game is sucks!
But, the second game I am addicted too! - BonnieRules

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96 Yenndo Yenndo

He's a huge Easter egg, but if he didn't exist, Golden Freddy mode would be a breeze. - DCfnaf

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97 William Afton William Afton

I don't know if you'd want to vote for a child killer, but go ahead if you like him. - DCfnaf

He's evil. He is the pink guy. So if you like pink then go ahead... - BonnieRules

I'm such a hypocrite. I said that voting for a child killer is strange, but he's on my remix. - DCfnaf

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