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1 Notre Dame College

No doubt it is one of the finest colleges in Bangladesh... Cause in other colleges, they don't take any competitive exams for selection.. But this is one & only college which takes competitive exam for selection... & It also represents the characteristics of our renowned university which is University of Dhaka.. So I m proud to be a Notre Damian...

Notre Dame, it's more than a college.

Best in Bangladesh! Its not a college! Its a life style!

There are two types of college in Bangladesh-Notre Dame College and others

2 Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka

Dhaka Commerce College is the perfect place for Commerce student. You can learn lots of thing from this institute. Not only that, you will have lots of fun. I believe no one will disagree that our college is one of best college in Bangladesh.

East or west my college is the best!

East or West Dhaka Commerce College is The Best ;) m/ m/ m/

The best college for commerce... The best teachers are there... They are friendly and easily understands our problem and gives a perfect solution... Its two year changes my life... I learned lots of thing from there... Really unforgettable two years... Really want to back to my college life... Dhaka Commerce College life...

3 Dhaka College, Dhaka

Dhaka College - The Birthplace of Legends :)

Separating Menz from the Boys since 1841. One of the most renowned College of this Sub-continent since the British age

Dhaka College was established in 1841. It pioneered in the process of nourishing the masterminds of that era. Until now, it is fuelling the hungry minds of the curious ones. In every moral crisis, Dhaka College responded with full might which consists of sharp knowledge and strong muscle. During the journey of more than a century and a half, it might have collected some stains though its brighter sides still illuminates.

The intermediate students get to know their studies from the best faculties. They get open wide environment to expand their reach of educational and social skills. Every student proves himself in Board exams and competitive admission exams. No one from Dhaka College stays behind because it is a matter of prejudice.

We have the most sparkling students and many shining alumni. We always showed everyone how to do it. We perform magic in education and beyond.

So, the Revelation remains...

The best college where the leaders are created by their own ability, it helps a human being to know himself greatly...

Dhaka College is that place where you can find all sorts of people, good ones, bad ones, nerds, talented, genius, prodigy, back-benchers, weak students, bunkers, stupid, brilliant, smart, thoughtful, generous etc etc, all sorts of people. But what matters most, these people, who they are, they are made by their own ability! And self-educated person is the real educated one. That's we DC-ians follow the motto 'Know Thyself'. Cause Only knowing Yourself can help you prosper in life! And this is the thing we're being taught here in Dhaka College! That's why this place has become a guidance in our lives, this is why Dhaka College is the best!
Hail Dhaka College.
The Revelation remains...
Know Thyself

4 Dhaka City College, Dhaka

This is a great college with great rules what make us punctual and help us to learn the reality of life..

City clg is the best...

Dhaka City College has always been untiringly sincere in presenting the nation with skilled personnel capable of contributing substantially in nation-building activities. With a view to maintaining this endeavor as well as nourishing our long-cherished desire of making this institution �A Centre of Excellence�

A Home of Excellence. At first, when I entered in this College, I was little upset. But after sometime, I understood that this college is the best. Not for the ranking, but for question standard and teaching stuff. I compared questions with other college a lot. Most of the people would say, it's a college for Business study. I think, It is best for Science also. You can't Judge with the result. In this College, Science faculty is really awesome. I think, It is appropriate college for all student

5 Rajuk Uttara Model College

Rajuk is not just a college... Its our home... It's the place where we not only get education but have opportunities to learn, to grow and get motivated for whats ahead. We have amazing teachers who care enough to give us life lessons and friends who stay throughout our whole life. Rajuk is not a college, its more that that. Rajuk is an experience.

Loved my time at Rajuk Uttara, but am struggling to find places to model because they made me colorblind

People of Bangladesh think it is no more than a machine firm where raw materials are given in output and GOLDEN results comes in input. But we the RAJUKians knows that it is actually more than a educational institute, it is like a home where students get to know all moral values with much care, we find everything around us to pursue our dream and in the end we feel proud to be a student of this college. ALL this make this college the best college in Bangladesh.

It is not a simple college.. Its a world of knowledge;the knowledge of life;...

6 Dhaka Residential Model College

Single best college in Bangladesh. (For their holistic approach)

It has the most beautiful campus.And I think DRMC is the best College in Bangladesh

Most beautiful college in Bangladesh.

One of the best ways to get to the military from civil level

7 Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College

Adamjee... not just a name of college, but also a name of life. we learn not only our studies, but also our lives. Adamjee gives us knowledge, gives us pleasure, gives us friendship, gives us dream!

Not only we have a great teaching, also we have a beautiful campus. A great environment to study, to enjoyment, to dream, to know people, to know world, to know life-a complete package! I LOVE MY ADAMJEE CANTONMENT COLLEGE AND PROUD TO BE AN ACCIAN!

I have read in it and I know that it has the most nice environment for study. Its just not about study, its about every thing a true countryman needs to learn, can learn from here.

This school and college is the best number one college in Bangladesh. I am proud to be an Adamjee Student (2008 & 2010)

Adamjee, the name speaks it all. The environment, teachers, facilities are beyond comparison. Best in word best in work

8 Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

Very tough to get admission but very poor in education

We are the most sexiest girl in the Bangladesh

Best college I think

Best institution or girls without any doubt

9 Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Bangladesh Rifles School & College, Dhaka

This is one of the best college for ever...

Undoubtedly, it's really have good reputation than other,i really feel proud to be part of it...

Best College in Dhaka city.

This is the best college in the Dhaka city... No doubt on that!

10 Holy Cross College

HOLY CROSS... Undoubtedly the best college in Bangladesh. Because, we are taught here not only to become the best students but also to become a perfect human being, a perfect woman and a perfect citizen. we were taught how to love our country. In every Bengali occasion, we observe the day in order to put a good impact of our culture on the students. We don't miss celebrating a single occasion still, we are best at study too. We know how to enjoy life as well as we know how to maintain a well-disciplined life. Love you Holy Cross.

It was a lucky day when I got chance in this excellent college. I can never forget the day. It is one of the best college in our country. Every year our college get a place in top ten colleges of Bangladesh by HSC result. It provided us with great opportunity for our future betterment. We can find enthusiasm of success everywhere from our college. It is a treat to be a part of this legendary college. I am proud of my beloved college.

I consider myself very lucky to be an ex student of Holy Cross College. To me Holy Cross is the best because along with study, it helps me to build my personality. I am proud of This college, and the teachers who helped me to be a disciplined human being. My Teachers helped me to find out the inner talent of mine through some competitions. They also helped me to know myself, they helped me to find out the real me. I am really grateful to My College, and my respected teachers. GOOD LUCK HOLY CROSS

Higher secondary education system in our country is too hard to be competent in all the subjects. So, while majority of the colleges in Bangladesh only emphasize on the typical memorizing of suggestion based questions, Holy Cross inspires its students to learn every topic by heart. Even if any student stumbles down in any examination, they are given chance again again through RETESTS. So it also helps the students to overcome their fear of exam halls.
Again, at this stage, girls face many unwanted problems. This institution helps them to share their problems in a friendly environment through arranging seminars or discussions so that they can overcome those obstacles or any kind of harrassment.
I wish for the best of HOLY CROSS COLLEGE & would like to see it at the 1st place.

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11 Gov't Science College

Some Maybe think that this college is under rate, but I can say Govt. Science college is on of the most non-violent, well mannered, enough controlled college in dhaka city... Though our result is not even good.. But we are ain't that bad... We Students should proud to be a part of these college.

It's the best college... If we neglect this college by thinking that its a government college... Then its wrong

Undoubtedly one of best colleges in Bangladesh! Though it is a government college, it is well facilitated, well mannered, non-violent, education friendly college. Most importantly it has two residential hostel which are free from politics. It has many well famed extra curricular activities clubs such as Debating club, Science club, Photographic club etc. Anyone who wants to get the best environment of education should admit here.

One of the best college in Bangladesh

12 Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

It is the best college ever

Just love my college

This college is not only the top for education. students of this college learn discipline while study. one of the nice campus is also available for the students. RIPUBLICAN is always TOP. We have top alumni around the world. so nothing to say. just accept that we are the top and send your future generation at out beloved college.

Our college our pride... ♥

13 Ideal School and College

Without any doubt IDEAL COLLEGE is one of the best college of Bangladesh

No doubt... This is one of the best college of Bangladesh.

This college not only taught us subjective books but also helps us to be a religious, self dependent & honest person... I'm very proud to be there...

This is undoubtedly a good college...

14 B.A.F Shahin College

Best college in Dhaka for science students with much extra curricular activities

Best college EVER... And I am proud of it...

Could do better :3

One of the best in Bangladesh. Well organized, huge campus, awesome teachers and so on..

15 Ideal College, Central Road Dhaka

Ideal College is for the ideal students by a great institution and from a very very good teachers. I love Ideal College. The campus is so great

Teachers are dedicated and environment is very friendly for good education

This is the best college tor underdogs... Teachers are amazing during classes... I think it is not only beautiful but also great for students...

I respect my college.

16 Milestone College

From myself I think milestone is one of the best college in Bangladesh

East or west milestone is the best

Our confused mind will be enlightened properly.

The efforts of the teacher put on the students is something beyond your expectant. Such hard work is must to pay a nice result.

17 Faujdarhat Cadet College

This college is the vest in Bangladesh. I should be in the top 10. This is a real disgrace for this college to be in the 18th position

Its one of the best 12 cadet colleges in Bangladesh and it has got an excellent reputation since its beginning in the British reign

Come on...This should be too. I mean how many of you can be faujians? Or Cadets? Every person to graduate from this college is at the top of everything they do. So this should be the first. Not because of results, because of talent and creativity of the students.

May I be proud to be one of the glorious sons of the nation, as many others this legendary college has made. Long live my alma mater...

18 Feni Govt College, Feni

Discipline is the key of any success. Feni Govt College is one of the model for learning this important things. Thus, the quality of education is increasing day day. Hope this college will do better in future.

Very nice and attractive college also.

Best college ever!

Joss college

19 Mirzapur Cadet College
20 Sylhet Cadet College

This is my college and I believe what I have got, what I have learn cannot be compared with other institution.

This is my own college... I love it

This College is the best of the bests...

Sylhet cadet college is one of the best institution in Bangladesh.

21 Cambrian College

Cambrian School and College (Metropolitan College, King's College, Winsome College)
Is an educational institution in Bangladesh, run by the Backstreet Boys Foundation.
Cambrian College has 16 campuses.
Total students: 8000

Discipline is the key of any success. Cambrian College is one of the model for learning this important things. Thus, the quality of education is increasing day day. Hope this college will do better in future.

Best privet college in my life

One of the best college under digital education system.

22 Chittagong College

This is place where students can make affairs without any hesitation!

Chittagong college is my favourite college & I think this college is best in my country.

It is one of the best college

Best government college in bangladesh

23 St. Joseph College

Having both primary and secondary education level, this institution also offers higher secondary education from 2001. The secondary level has both science and commerce version. The higher secondary level includes humanities too. All the levels have both Bengali and English versions, each class having two Bengali and one English version sections.

The secondary level has both science and commerce version is so good in Dhaka City.

One of the best college with beautiful campus. We love st. Joseph a lot.

Place where I learn about myself. This place taught me to fight for a reason with courage in real life.

24 Dhaka Imperial College

The most underrated but one of the best colleges in Bangladesh

The education system of this college is the best. It has the best digital campus in Bangladesh. Should be on top ten.

The best college in my eyes... I love my college

This institution gives us basic concept

25 Government Hazi Mohammad Mohshin College

Proud to be a student of this college... the environment, as well as education.. just admirable.. we got Many Many chance to get Crushed...

I was a student of this college. Cambrian college is the best one from all the sides.

I think one of the best college in Bangladesh.

This college education motivates us to move forward

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