Top Ten Comedy Actors of Tamil

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1 Vadivelu

No one will ever take his place.. he is the best

He was hero of body language

Vadivelu is very good comedian.. No one replaces him in hilarious comedy

Ultimate comedy

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2 Santhanam

I like very much santhanam I wait up for coming many movies for santhanam but not hero, so bad but I like comedy very much

He is almost the second hero and most of the movie running because of his comedy and act

I like santhanam comedy sense he is the super star of comedy

Nice comedian

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3 Vivek

All time favorite for many..

He is a great comedian

Hi kollywood. To me the best of all time is Vivek. He has so smart and his comedy makes sense. He really delivers good messages through his comedy. Super talented. Nobody will ever replace Vivek! He is unique. I'm from Singapore

He will talk the right one in a comedy

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4 Goundamani

The best comedy LEGEND of all the time

I am very happy

When he was at his peak, none of the comedians in this list can match him on the dialog delivery, body language.


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5 Sivakarthikeyan

He is known as timing comedy actor

He is a good comedian, hero, entertainer. I is comedy very... Much

Super talented, I like him very much

I like him very much. Wow! What an acting. I'm admired.

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6 Soori

He is the one good comedian in Tamil industry

Soori is good comedy

His style of English and his body language

Super comedy

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7 Senthil

He is awesome when he acts with goundamani

Super connection with goudamani sir

8 "Power Star" Seenivasan

I am the power star of universe...

He is supied cametyan beaches his film his one &over build build build

9 Vijay Vijay

Vijay is next superstar. Best dancer. Best singer. Best dialog deliver. Vijay is mass. Vijay is class. Vijay is super vijay Is not only actor but also comedian

Vijay is a great comedian than all

He can participate in the next olympics as he can swim like a shark fly like a sparrow. He can break michael phelps medal record in just one olympic

BEST and lovely actor

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10 Nagesh Nagesh

He is one of the best comedian in Tamil Film Industry. His body language and facial expression is very good

He is the ever green comedian

He is the ever comedy superstar


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11 Suriya Suriya Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya, is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter, who is currently working in the Tamil film industry.

Waste actor in the world

Suriya comedy actor na adhu than comedy

Suriya was kulla comedy

12 K.K. Raghava
13 Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian film actor best known for his work in Tamil cinema. He is one of the most successful actor in Tamil Cinema. In addition to his acting, Ajith Kumar in a sabbatical, participated in the 2004 British Formula 3 season as a Formula Two racing driver and was ranked more.

This List is Rubbish...Actors are more than Comedy Actors - mpKarthik

Ajith acting itself an comedy

He is favourite hero and good racer


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14 Sathish

I don't know you so I don't want to give any comments

Sathish is super comedienne... I very like...

Kaththi movie comedy super sir I want more from you
I am the big fan for you

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15 Dhanush Dhanush

Bloody dhanush putting over scene in marri film you are my enemy till I die

He is a cool guy

Dai I will kill u he is my head o head

Wow what a hero I like dhanush only even the Tamil cenema he is only a actor other hero are scen

16 Robo Shankar V 2 Comments
17 Suri
18 Vijay Sethupathi V 1 Comment
19 Vimal
20 Vishal Krishna
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