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21 Manticore
22 The Phoenix
23 Mahaha

A creature from Inuit folklore. It's described as a demon who likes to tickle people to death-literally. He gets is name from his trademark laugh and despite living in the arctic, he wears minimal clothing (just pants or shorts). However, he is easily fooled. Almost all stories of the Mahaha end in him being fooled.

24 Zombies

They can only be killed if they're stabbed or shot in the head.

Weakest on the list.

25 Chimera
26 Dullahan
27 Kitsune Kitsune

They often take the form of a beautiful woman and marry a human. In one tale, a man saw his bride in its fox form and it attempted to leave, but the man told it he loved it, even as a fox, so it stayed.

28 Skinwalker
29 Fenrir
30 Draugr
31 Michigan Dogman

It's described as a wolf-like creature standing up to 7 ft. Tall on its hind legs. In 1987 the dogman gained popularity when a radio DJ named Steve Cook recorded a song about it. I love the song. I hope that one day I'll know for sure if it's really out there. Wisconsin has a similar creature called the Beast of Bray Road.

32 Cheeroonear

It is a humanoid creature with long arms that are as tall as itself that drag behind him. He sucks down entire lakes and hunts with his pack of 6 vicious dogs to kill everyone in a village except the children which he swallows down.

33 Naga
34 Cerberus
35 Leprechauns
36 Minotaur
37 Gnome
38 Goblins

I like the goblin Blix from "Legend". I wish he was real. He could be my buddy. But I wouldn't want him to be a villain.

39 Bubak

It's usually depicted as looking like a Scarecrow, and it makes the sound of a distressed crying baby to lure its victims to their death.

40 Qalupalik
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