Coolest People On Xbox LIVE


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41 Titanis258
42 CaptainBeast3
43 SkythekidRS1234
44 SharperPlanet32
45 Natekfl
46 XSG gpGhosts
47 XSG Ghosts
48 OneBadGizmo
49 Memphist0
50 SkyDiesMinecarf

He is awesome and he does a lot of videos and also he plays a lot of games

No, not SkyDoesMinecraft, SkyDiesMinecarf. I played against him in PvZ:GW once. - RalphBob

51 PhantomFox5

He's an alright gamer. Also has some big brass but that's just between me, you, and the rest of the internet.

52 Ella1

I like her and she is pretty and she plays a lot of games and she is my girlfriend

53 firewolfblade5
54 BlackhawksFan17
56 Fireballm0m
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