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21 Pony

So funny when running they need to go back too the cave to get het

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22 Guilty Bark

It was two zombies that's why zombies are my 2nd worst enemy chase seafood hips first

He died when stampy was working on his club house I think cause 2 zombies killed him

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23 Sam (Sky Den)

Why fall off why!

Who was sam

24 Benton

Benton was my best dog he went mines with me we had fun we play games but he die in lava I was sad please please vote no fun no mines no games

Did anyone know that Benton and Duncan are brothers? Well, I do!

So cute they video of the farmer and his dog Benton" Benton BENTON BENNNTONNN GET OVER HERE!

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25 Bowser

I said the one below this-Kristen

The Forgotten One!

Generic dog. Stampy's biggest fan killed him.


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26 Cookie

Um who's Cookie?

27 Jolly
28 Mittens

Mittens is the Most awesome Cat IN Minecraft! Woo!

She is a cute cat and she is my favorite CA in ALL Minecraft history so yea Who's with me?

29 Tiny

Poor tiny he was the only baby dog that died

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30 Cedric

I loved Cedric... I liked how he acted (and his name) He deserves to be #8 at least.R.I. P Cedric (the dog)

Cedric was the oldest dog before he died, and the dog was crizmon azoths. I loved crizmon azoth fir some strange reason?

Cedric was on gregory's grave when stampy tamed him. He said, " I will replace gregory."He will always be missed! R.I.P. Cedric #3

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31 Bengy

I've heard of Bengy in the video.

He is the smartest of the pack

Because he is a very funny dog

Love you bengy

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32 Chicken V 3 Comments
33 Luna

Luna is my favorite dog because she is so cute she was tamed in 2015

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34 Norman
35 Ocean
36 Fido

I never heard of Fido

37 Page
38 Benson

Because he made me laugh when stampy was about to say he had a video where no one died then benton when killing everyone

He NEVER takes him, Stampy needs to take him for 7 straight videos!

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39 The Arbiter

The Arbiter is stampy's best dog named after something from halo he is super cool R.I. P the arbiter

I feel bad for him so I'll vote for The Arbiter

Why is he last?! He is my favourite puppy!

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40 Flippy

Flippy is An awesome speedy dog

I like Flippy because He is very Strong and Very Fast.

I like him as he is the fastest and strongest dog.

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