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41 Destroyer

Never saw that one

What the hell or f you c k

42 Chips

I have voted stampy

Do not no him.

43 Chicken V 3 Comments
44 Brains (Novakov city tour)

He a smart dog he knows what to do when he is in fire

45 Porky

He died cause he didn't trust stampy and keep right and died when he was building his slime farm

V 2 Comments
46 Coco
47 Tiny Tim V 1 Comment
48 Flap
49 Esta
50 Stampy Junior
51 Twizzle

Twizzle and sizzle where stamps dogs

V 1 Comment
52 Dizzle
53 Wizzle

He was squid's dog

54 Bob

He was squid's last dog

55 Misty

Squid renamed Bob misty

56 Arrow

Ank accidentally pushed him of the edge of the dunking booth tower
Hit the target might have gone mad when he died because when he met him in the nether in the episode revelation he said that he was trying to save his dogs that episode was 76 and arrow died on dunking booth 80 so maybe that's why?

57 Tikka

It's funny how it's chicken tikka which is a curry
Tikka just wanted to ride the creeper coaster
He died with the Penguins

I am so sorry to hear that Tikka died here is my address 8 Douglas way Bicton Heath Shrewsbury thank you Stampy

58 Nibbles
59 Waddles
60 Puddles
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