Top Ten Most Dramatic Ways to Enter a Room

Nearly everybody has a friend who loves making a dramatic entrance. Whether they are good at it or not, they can probably only dream of doing any of the below options. Safety precautions are advised. This list is stupid for a reason.

The Top Ten Most Dramatic Ways to Enter a Room

1 With an explosion occurring directly behind you

Don't forget that it's all slow motion too - SirSheep

This is the stuff of legends and movie trailers. - TehBoss

But what if you look back? - Cyri

While wearing sunglasses. - Catlover2004

2 Inside the TARDIS

*Cue Doctor Who theme*

3 With a marching band in tow

This is how I always enter. - SirSheep

4 With a group of paparazzi in hot pursuit
5 In a tank

This isn't as dramatic as it is frightening. - TehBoss

6 Via teleportation

This would be fun - SirSheep

This would be my #1! - Metal_Treasure

7 Accompanying the Darth Vader theme

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I need the "Jaws" theme - SirSheep

Especially when I'm serious - BorisRule

8 On the back of a lion

I've always wanted an enormous Lion as a pet that I could ride. - IronSabbathPriest

9 After shooting the doorman dead
10 On a unicycle

The Contenders

11 With the Star Wars theme song playing in the background

Already on the list

12 On the back of a bull
13 Through a cloud of smoke/fog

You don't already? - SirSheep

14 With a white tiger on a leash

Just like Siegfried and Roy

15 Appearing from a cloud
16 With a gang behind you
17 West Side Story style
18 With confetti in front of you
19 Accompanied by thunder and lightning

Just like Zeus

20 Bond. James bond
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