Top 10 Dumbest Claims that TheTopTens Users Have Actually Made


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21 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the worst Metroid game

Metroid Prime Federation Force Still Exists - VideoGamefan5

Honestly, gameplay-wise, this is actually the BEST non-fanmade Metroid game to date, almost without a doubt - xandermartin98

22 The Lion King is the worst movie ever made, solely because of how phenomenally overrated it is

This is not a dumb claim. What I think is the dumbest claims are when someone says "The Lion King is the best movie ever made, should be preserved by the law, should be better than every other movie, and should be illegal to hate it, etc".

Those claims are all wrong, whereas the right claim is saying that TLK is the worst movie ever made that it deserves to be destroyed and every copy of it should be burned in an incinerator.

I guess that means that The Garbage Pail Kids, Foodfight, Freddy Got Fingered, Birdemic, The Room, Cool Cat Saves the Kids, The Last Airbender and Twilight are masterpieces which should have won 100000 Annies - Cartoonfan202

That TLK Hater - VideoGamefan5

23 Danny Phantom is the worst show ever

Chat did have an opinion you know - DCfnaf

24 McDonald's is the world's second best restaurant
25 Hillary Clinton is worse than Donald Trump

What liberal put this on the list? - Lmrpirate

This is true - DoroExploro13

26 McDonald's and Taco Bell are the world's best restaurants
27 The Mario series is bad just because it's inherently made for kids
28 Foodfight is better than Jesus
29 Castlevania's "good days" ended with Symphony Of The Night

Do I really need to mention how good the handheld games are? - xandermartin98

30 Luigi is the best video game character of all time

Danteem is written ALL over this one. - Lmrpirate

31 "Undertale should be ranked as the worst game ever made because of its annoying fanbase"
32 "Ratchet & Clank was never good in the first place"
33 The brain is the sexiest part of the entire body
34 There is actually such a thing as a Super Smash Bros game having too much fanservice in it
35 Little Big Planet is the only Playstation franchise I know
36 "All Metroid games are completely overrated!"
37 SevenLizards is one of the top five most underrated TopTenners
38 Nicki Minaj is literally the sexiest woman to ever exist

I actually don't find her that attractive. She's WAY too fake. - drdevil

Why, cause she has boobs and ass? No. - DCfnaf

Give Me Bleach Please - VideoGamefan5

39 Luigi is the worst video game character ever

Hmm...I guess this was a Danteem Hater. Ah well, no he's not the worts game character ever, he has a relatable personality and he's very funny. There are more bland and lousy characters (Waluigi, Foxy, etc.) - DCfnaf

I don't Hate Luigi, But I Loathe His Fanbase - VideoGamefan5

40 Neither Super Mario Sunshine nor Super Mario Galaxy are underrated or overrated in the slightest

What? Galaxy is seriously overrated! I think Super Mario 64 DS was better because it was a sandbox Mario game where you roamed around an area looking for stuff. Galaxy had linear gameplay. Not a BAD game, in fact it's wonderful, but it's overrated. - DCfnaf

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1. Justin Bieber is literally THE worst and most evil person to ever exist
2. "Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. He use a green sun and explode her to death, THAN he use Green Giant flames to make it explode more."
3. Frozen is the worst movie of all time



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