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1 Islam

I'm really sad to see islam here...why are you guys judging islam by the lies of the media? And also ben laden and Qaeuda are bad people they aren't real muslims, they spread terror all over the world, real muslims won't spread terror and also why do you say Islam is terrorism because of the close minded muslims? Does it mean that islam is really bad because of close minded believers? I'm muslim myself and I'm really open-minded and I don't agree with ben laden :). - nooreldeen

I am a person to respect peoples religions, but I hate people that judge one group or body with one stereotype, I hate to say it, but it's mostly Christians that do this, people do it because they want to choose one group to blame everything on so they can feel good about themselves. there is good and bad in every religion.

Islam OVER SCIENTOLOGY! DEAR GOD! I am catholic and I still think that this is unfair. Islam is NOT a religion of violence or hatred. It is a religion of peace. I feel like the only reason people think badly of it is because of the 911 attacks and the war on terror. This makes no sense and it is very offensive to anyone who is a Muslim or knows a Muslim. To say that all Muslims are evil like Al Queda or ISIS is like saying all Germans are evil because of Hitler. One bad apple can ruin the reputation of an entire group. 99.9% of Muslims are outright disgusted by 911 and other acts of terrorism because they are GOOD PEOPLE. Osama Bin Laden was just a genocidal monster who twisted the Islamic teachings into a sick philosophy that supports violence and bloodshed. NO RELIGION SUPPORTS THAT! GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO KILL EACH OTHER FOR HIM! I hope that that animal is ROTTING IN HELL right now. Please people. Stop watching fox news and stop treating people who are Muslim or Jewish or ...more

May Allah curse those who make up false claims and rumours about Islam. Just because some weird guy who had no sense of Islam called Bin Laden claiming to be a Muslim acted like an idiotic idiot does NOT mean some dumb media people take this an excuse to lure people away from Islam and feed them bad information about this unmatchable religion. Not one true Muslim on this planet will say that the likes of Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are of any sort of Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace, we fight only when it is REALLY necessary and even when we do we fight for our lord Allah and our religion Islam. May Allah accept my prayer.

Read the damn quaran dumbass you "peaceful" muslims your book says its okay to rape chicks without turbans the only peace in your book is with other jihadists peaceful muslims only quote the peace parts of the quaran and leave out all the terorism Muhammed promotes get yo facts straight

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2 Scientology

This is the dumbest religion should be at number one! Religion about the soul what the hell? Come on people this is ridiculous. Sorry if I offend any of you but this religion seems pointless did a world religions project on it.

I can't believe the United States recognizes this retardation as a religion

Stupid and dumb I don't see how scientist created human and beings and the earth and everything that lies beyond our knowledge so tell people how did a bunch of people create their own self it's so stupid like seriously have you ever sat down and thought about no offense but when I saw this on the list second it was definitely a mistake it should be first so I had to say something it's stupid and ridiculous to believe in it.

A religion where you need to be an active user of lsd to understand a damn thing

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3 Satanism

Satanism in the modern sense does not exist. The term origenated when secret societies in Europe began forming with ideologies and teachings different than that of the Catholic Church (The Nights Templar, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, etc). They wernt Satan worshipers, they were just people who thought that the church was corrupt (which they were at the time) and sought to learn more about science and other "unchristian" subjects. As a method of stopping people from joining them, the church burnt them on the stake and called them Satanists as a method of associating them with evil. Eventually the groups went into hiding and over hundreds of years the Church's propaganda became so deeply rooted in western culture that most people thought that Satanists really worshiped Satin. But to say that Satanists really were (an are) devil worshipers would be to say the same thing about people like Galileo, George Washington, Ben Franklin and Leonardo de Vinci.
Anyways, the whole concept of ...more

There are few believers of satanists still out there... But there is. - TheHabsFan

To the anonymous user who said, "Satan gave man free will" and,"Keeping man a slave":

God gave man free will; if He didn't then what was the point of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? He wants us to love Him freely and therefore gave us a choice. If no choices were present then we would have had no choice but to obey Him, but since there was a choice that disproves your ignorant claims. - llamabaconllama37

I just don't get it. Satan lies and hurts people and makes them turn against each other. If I put a satanist near fire or touch them with fire they will be upset because it hurts or BURNS so why praise it. You know he's bad, a liar, thief of pure souls, then why like him? He doesn't love you. He doesn't love. You could be going to the promise land. The place of angels and grace and greatness instead of a burning pit full of screaming souls. Be greater people. Think greater

The name says it all

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4 Mormonism

Not only were there inconsistencies within scripture, but Joseph Smith literally "translated golden plates" using a stone in a hat in which he placed his head in. also no one was allowed to see until one day "god" gave joseph smith the right to show witnesses the golden plates who soon left to believe in other religions. One of the biggest downfalls in a lot of peoples' belief in the LDS church is when The Book of Abraham that came from something called a papyrus that was "translated" by Joseph Smith at the time and no one could disprove it because ancient egyptian hieroglyphs weren't able to be translated yet. The Papyrus was soon discovered in I think the 1970's well after we had discovered the rosetta stone which had taught us how to basically translate hieroglyphs. When given to professionals, they found that it was some ancient burial ritual that had nothing to do with the story of Abraham and dated way before even the book of Genesis. Book of Mormon was based in the americas and ...more

Does it not seem far-fetched to you? The idea that Jesus moved to America and became a cowboy?!?! This is clearly for the ludicrous and the gullible. - PositronWildhawk

Jesus didn't live in Jerusalem for this whole life. I thought he travelled around what is now modern day Israel and Jordan. - Harri666

No matter what you say, the first man and woman were born in Africa, Jesus was white (though some theorize he had slightly darker skin than normal), and Jesus WAS NOT an American! America might be one of, if not THE, greatest nation on Earth, but Jesus, one of world's greatest men, WAS NOT BORN THERE!

This should be number one because Jesus never visited North America. Other branches like Catholicism and Protestantism are better and more accurate.

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5 Amish

This isn't a religion, it is a way of living. Amish can be whatever the hell they want.

It is an variant of the Mennonite branch of Christianity - not surprisingly most commenters have little idea how it works. Just one quick note - they don't reject all technology and may use it as needed. Not in their homes however. Visit an Amish area and see how windmills have been replaced by solar panels. And many, if not most families have cell phones, and quite a few computers with WiFi. The Amish Mafia is totally fake, but ironically there are actual Amish Web dating sites.

They live the way they do for religious reasons. It's a branch off of Christianity, but it's its own religion.

This is dumb

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6 Christianity

You people curse Islam still we respect Christianity, yes we do! But, if you don't respect us, fine, we will tolerate every bad thing say about us. It's just because of one idiotic dog called Bin Laden who didn't understand the message of Allah and started killing innocent people like a mad man... And who are the people to take the blame... ALL the Muslims. Look at what Christianity has done, they forced people to lead the Christianity in the slavery times. And today... all the innocent Muslims have to suffer like mad... when a child is a Muslim and he/she goes to school people laugh at them, people discriminate them, people just act like DOGS. Islam is a religion of peace, love, freedom. I totally agree that Bin Laden is a idiot, but why does the whole Islamic community have to pay for that? Are we the ones that have done wrong? Did we send Bin Laden to kill people? No!... But what can I say... Forgive me if I've said something that's hard, I have a lot of respect for the Christians, ...more

The thing that bothers me about Christianity is the drive to keep being "right." With so much modern science it just angers me to think that people still believe in creationism, which is comparable to Greek mythology. Gods who created people as is.

Originally, people thought the earth was flat. Up in the sky and clouds was heaven, and down in the ground was hell.

Then, people FINALLY accepted the earth was round, after scientists who opposed religion were oppressed and hated for bringing forth new ideas, hell was in the earth heaven around it.

What? We went to space? Well, uh, heaven is a spiritual thing, so is hell. That's how it works, you can't physically go there.

This is simply one example. I understand there are great teachings of the religion, but people won't let go of what is ridiculous, and force it upon their children. It bothers me how much this religion is forced on people, especially from birth. I was born into a half-Christian half ...more

I cannot believe this is here! I cannot believe I am even looking at this list! I do not care what you think, I believe that Christianity is the true religion and that the Bible is the only inspired work of God. (2 Timothy 3:16) The Bible itself is proof, too. God used 40 unrelated people over thousands of years to write it and not one sentence, not one WORD in the Bible goes against another. John 1:1, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Bible is the oldest book ever and even though there have been copies so many times it is the same as it was thousands of years ago! Look at the evidence! I am a Christian and I don't care what you people think but there's enough evidence for me!

There is a lot of proof that had been found by a archaeologists that is about the bible. - impeepol

I used to be Christian until I realized how much I was lying to myself, I my opinion this is one of the stupidest and Full of fake people religions, really a supernatural being that lives in the sky and somehow created the universe out of nowhere. Come on man and the fact that if you do good it will get you into heaven so You only do good to get something out of it - BreakFastBeast2005

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7 Raelism

What kind of religion is this by the way?

It's a religion based on UFO's

Because shrek is not a fan

is gut

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8 Wicca Wicca

This shouldn't even be on this list there is nothing dumb about wanting to be one with the environment, they are not the witches that people believe they are but instead just people who want to preserve and protect nature

Their belief is based upon the four ancient elements of nature ; water, air, earth and fire. My question is why is that dumb? I'm not a wicca but I can understand their beliefs for those natural forces. It's not because this is more ancient than the current ( but also old beliefs ) religions that it means that it is dumb.

I am offended. The living should join together, not kill each other. Being a Wicca is almost a gift and it helps you, the people, and the environment. It means you can be who you want and make up your own rules but be nice. We are one with nature. Wicca is NOT dumb. - AnonymousChick

It's really only dumb if you think its worshipping satan and they can cast spells like Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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9 Sikhism

Thank GOD I am a Sikh.

I proud that we are Sikh.

Sikhism religion path of sacrifice for humanity, believe, and respect,
I proud to be Sikh

This is my religion so it bad-pee

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10 Shinto

Its Japanese so its bad

Same me to brother

Shinto made me get autism and aids

yay autism

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11 Jehovah's Witnesses

The claim they have the same bible as Christian and they didn't change anything yet every place it says lord or God it says jehovah instead. (Also the missing books which I won't get into) Another thing is they don't even acknowledge the fact that God's real name isn't jehovah it's YHWH or Yahweh someone just translated it into jehovah.

I find Jehovah's Witnesses very polite and kind when they come to my door, and that is just a few cases of child abuse while the Catholic Church has centuries of gay child molestation and rape, so maybe everyone should focus on that...

I think the fact that the royal commission had to investigate these people for covering up CHILD ABUSE is sickening. I believe this is truly the dumbest religion

Most brainwashed religion

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12 Bohra Muslims

What the flip is this? Just another addition to the list so people can bash another faith even more? Til now I have not heard of Bohra

Bohras are one of the dumbest Muslims. More like Goats. Ba Ba Ba

13 Hinduism

"Look guys, Hinduism is not a religion and it is a misnomer. The river which supported the development of the great "Indus civilization" was wrongly pronounced as "Hindu" (actually it would be "Sindhu") by the contemporary civilizations. "S" pronounced as "H". That's how "Sapta Sindhu" became "Hapta Hindu". That's how the people of that civilization was collectively known as "Hindu" Therefore, you can see it has nothing to do with one particular belief system, rather it was the identity of the civilization. It is similar to "Mesopotamian" or "Akkadian" or "Sumerian" or "Egyptian" etc... It has nothing to do with a particular religion.

It is a collection of philosophies (you can also call it "collection of religions"), and almost always they existed in contradiction with others but they flourished side by side, without killing any of the opposing ...more

Hinduism is best religion in world.

World's greatest religion. One of the path to lead a happy and peaceful life. Don't sure about finding god. But definitely can help you lead a happy and prosperous life.

Hinduism is so dumb just imagine you are thinking that a man made thing is god I mean what?

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14 Judaism

No religion that has a basis and teaches to be a good person is bad in my eyes. I believe all religions are ok, out of all of them I think atheism is dumb. And I don't necessarily say not believing in God or whatever, is what's stupid. They talk about not forcing views on others and do it themselves. That in and of itself is dumb. I believe in science, and all of the evolution stuff. Evolution to a degree can be proven. Humans and beasts adapt to their environment to survive over time. That is evolution. I think mocking And belittling others faiths is dumb. Christians do it too. Basically doing that is hypocrisy. All religions have one common principle. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Even Satanism follows the principle. Which modern day idea most people have of satanism is entirely wrong. It's not necessarily worship of the devil, as much as it is teaching indulgence vs abstinence. No faith is dumb the fighting of which one is right is though. It's like fighting ...more

It's one of the oldest monotheistic religions who were organised with written laws based on god given laws. That's like almost saying that this is the Original of the dumbest religions. Besides Jews are very full of themselves ( just read the comment about winning nobel prizes.. ). The inventors of hypocrisy in politics.

How is it that so many Jews win nobel prizes and there's only like 15 million Jews in the world

Pieces of shot shoulda stayed in my camp

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15 Jainism

I am proud to be born in Jain family and being a Jain.

Live and Let Live is the message from Lord Mahavir Swami. This message itself is a great philosophy and I believe the true answer to solve the world's all problems. If one live and let others live will create an environment where all living beings can live with harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi's guru was a Jain monk and he taught him path of Non-Violence. Gandhi did experiment using philosophy of Non-Violence and made a power, land, material hungry British regime to its knees without even throwing a stone.

Jainism is a way of living and all teachings, practices are based on science. People may feel that practicing Jainism way in life is difficult, but I would like that try for few months and see the result.

This religion do not ask anyone to wear some specific clothes, swords, beards. It does not dictates to pray any specific time of day. It does not forces to go to temples, mosques etc. The religious books do ...more

Jainism is a religion which teaches us everything but with a scientific base

This religion is always top 1


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16 Buddhism

It is a scientific religion

If any body who listen to Great Buddhas sayings, you will never give up the Buddhism. No any lies or blind believes in Buddhism. It is the most logical vision in the world.

Buddhism is not a only Religion. It is the most logical vision in the world.

Birth in this world especially as humen is endowed with sufferings. But happiness you can emulate with God's blessings and by understanding the teachings of Bhudda. Main causes of humen sufferings are only two. Unawareness and greediness. By minimising these two one can reduce the humen sufferings to the maximum extent. And enhance the happiness in life follow only the eight steps. Good way of thinking, good way of living, good way of earning, etc. Then finally, Bhuddan saranam katchami (believe in Bhudda as a historical humen lived in this world some 5000 years back). Dharmam saranam katchami (do possible charities) and Sangam saranam katchami (support the endowments which are involved in propagating the techings of Bhudda)... Such is the simple but very much scientificcally and logistically evolved religion in this world for peaceful living in this world.

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17 Mennonite
18 Jediism

This should be number 1! It's hard to believe that this is being beaten by Islam, even as a Protestant Christian. At least it has a more decent foundation, Jediism is just based on a movie series, created by MAN!

What Star Wars is a religion!

I like star wars ok but I never knew fans would tale it this far to make a religion


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19 Bahá'í Faith

Which religon is this again?

20 Pastafarianism

A joke religion because of trying to put the Bible into Science classes in school. But now some people out there really believe there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

So you god is spaghetti and meatballs. Why not just make another God which is Bob the Tomato haha

The Universe is a bowl of spaghetti!

Wow, pretty offended to see this here. At least it’s pretty low. Christianity’s should be number 1 on this list lmao

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21 Zoroastrianism

YES IT DOES I'm autistic because I JUst left shinto and now I want TO BE in both

I don't even think this exists anymore

It does

The Iranians were actually "Zoroastrian". Their book is "Avesta" and it is similar to "Veda" to some extent. It used to be great religion. Islam was forced on them. Don't you see Iranians are slightly different than the typical followers of Islam? They were visionaries, poets, philosophers etc...

22 Baptist

Is this even a religion? - impeepol

What even?

NOT a religion

23 Taoism
24 Iglesia ni Cristo

People hate this religion for bible translates being incorrect, They don't even notice that the translation was just something to make it clear, Sad...

25 LaVeyan Satanism
26 Muslim

They are crazy

27 Heathenry

dis dumb

28 Roman Catholicism

I've been a proud Catholic all of my life.. I met my best friend there, I met friendly people and priests, its AMAZING. I haven't met a single person at my church that's insulted me whatsoever.

That's rude because I'm a Catholic and we respect - 10Lister

I'm sorry if anyone offended you. If it's any consolation My religion made it into the top ten list. I may not be catholic but I assure you that my religion, Christianity, is just as much to be said to be stupid as your religion. People are cruel jerks but just remember where those people will be going when they die. I would personally pity people who are destined to have such an awful fate. Just remember that God will reward you for your faith in him.

You have to be crazy to see what the church has done in the past and still believe it has any religious authority. Probably the only religion/sect that I completely don't understand.

I hate you who put this on thislist

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29 Theistic Satanism Theistic Satanism
30 Chen Tao

A series of civilisations on earth have arisen but destroyed themselves in nuclear war. each time, some faithful believers were rescued by flying saucers and put back on earth.

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