Top 10 Embarrassing Moments at a Grocery Store

The Top Ten Embarrassing Moments at a Grocery Store

1 You run into your ex

That would be more awkward than embarrassing, and I'm surprised you didn't put having one of your kids throwing a tantrum in the store on here. - egnomac

Excellent list, Bossjames! These would be very awkward - styLIShT

2 When asking for chicken you call it Turkey
3 You drop eggs on the floor
4 You leave and forget to pay

You'd be in jail if they called the police.

5 You try a sample that wasn't free

Never happened to me but it would be embarrassing - Metal_Treasure


NO I got arrested for accidental theft! :(

6 At the meat counter you ask for fish
7 You come in thinking the store is a waterpark
8 Somebody comes up to you and yells at you to give them some of your orange juice

This is very random, I don’t see how this would happen. But it is more awkward than embarrassing

9 A popular song comes on and you say "I hate this song" and everyone likes it

I think that’s funny I wouldn’t be embarrassed LOL

10 The store manger tells you to leave and never come back

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11 Your kids throw a tantrum in the centre of the store

I feel bad for the parents that have to deal with this. The only time I don’t feel bad for them is when they don’t do anything about it. Embarrassing for them, annoying to everyone else

12 Forgetting your wallet
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