Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created for the Simpsons


The Top Ten

1 Bankrupt Elementary

Nice List Goatworlds! - JPK

2 Bart Goes To Moe's
3 The Return of Tracey Ullman
4 Future Days
5 Vote for Trump

I would love The Simpsons meeting Trump - Martinglez

6 Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

This is a duplicate from my list! - RickyReeves

7 Moe Has Explosive Diarrhea
8 Moe turns Moe's Tavern into an XXX Movie Theater
9 Homer Burps Then He Farts And Then He Laughs

Stupid For 2 Reasons
1.That Would Not Fill 21 Minutes
2.Stupid - JPK

10 The Revival of Snowball I

The Contenders

11 Different Way
12 Bart x Chewbacca
13 Treehouse of Horror XXVII
14 Bart vs Lisa: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
15 Archer/The Simpsons

Not Bad - JPK

16 Beer Chugging Contest
17 Everyone Dies And The Show Ends

Change the channel you cry baby

Die Die DIE DIE!

18 Abe Simpson Died
19 I, (Annoyed Grunt) Bot II
20 Abe x Baby Dino
21 Maggie Speaks
22 The Simpsons Come To Town

The Simpsons meet SpongeBob - Goatworlds

23 Country Hunks

Ripoff of "Homer's barbershop Quartet" - Goatworlds

24 Fairly Odd Parents/The Amazing World Of Gumball/The Simpsons/Mario/Sonic Crossover
25 Herb Powell Returns

Don't you want to see him back, and he can actually have a less anti-Homer Simpson.

26 Maggie Gets a Beating
27 The Crapple Apple
28 The Simpsons Meets Bob's Burgers

Now This Could Work - JPK

29 Lisa x Osama Bin Laden
30 Krusty vs Krabs
31 Orch Dorks (The Simpsons Band Geeks)
32 Rosebud's First Sense of Snow With Marge vs. the Night Out Getting Busted
33 Gabbo Steals the Krusty Burger Formula

Stop - JPK

35 The Holy Substitute
36 The Productivity of the Plant

When Burns makes a new drink that he claims increases the competency of the employees, Smithers must run a study to make this claim believable. - Goatworlds

37 Bart the Author

Bart makes a series of Angry Dad graphic novels and becomes famous. Meanwhile, Homer is depressed about being made fun of by the media. - Goatworlds

38 Homer x Marge x Bart x Lisa x Maggie

They all have an o r g y

39 Milhouse is Shot and Killed by Ralph
40 The Simpsons Meet Caillou
41 Boys of Bummer Again
42 Crazy Cat Lady Develops Feelings
43 Dog Show
44 Simpsons House Makeover
45 The Sex Box: Simpsons Edition
46 Seven Minutes in Hell
47 Otto Gets Retired
48 Kissy Kissy Love You

Homer and Marge do it while the kids are asleep.

49 Intestine Attack!
50 The Be Sharps Jr. with Bart, Sandeep, Nelson, and Ralph Wiggum
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