Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created for the Simpsons


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1 Bankrupt Elementary

Nice List Goatworlds! - JPK

2 Bart Goes To Moe's
3 The Return of Tracey Ullman
4 Future Days
5 Vote for Trump

I would love The Simpsons meeting Trump - Martinglez

6 Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

This is a duplicate from my list! - RickyReeves

7 The Revival of Snowball I

This Already Happened In The Episode Treehouse Of Horror III When Bart Gained Magic Powers - rjbarg042

8 Treehouse of Horror XXVII

Already Happened And Was The 600th Episode Too - rjbarg042

9 Beer Chugging Contest
10 Maggie Speaks

The Contenders

11 I, (Annoyed Grunt) Bot II

Just A Pointless Stupid Sequel - rjbarg042

12 Everyone Dies And The Show Ends

That Would Be Bad And Awful - rjbarg042

Die Die DIE DIE!

13 The Simpsons Come To Town

This Was On The Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 In Spongebob Squarepants List Too But This Idea Is Still Stupid - rjbarg042

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14 Country Hunks

Homer, Lenny, Carl, And Barney Start A Country Band And They Get Famous But Homer Realizes That Being Famous Is Time Away From His Family - rjbarg042

I Guess It Is A Rip Off Of That Episode Sorry - rjbarg042

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15 Fairly Odd Parents/The Amazing World Of Gumball/The Simpsons/Mario/Sonic Crossover

The Plot:
The simpsons are watching T.V. and on the news it says that kodos and kang are coming to Springfield at the Springfield civic center. the simpsons attend the event (I will finish typing the plot later) : ) - rjbarg042

16 Maggie Gets a Beating
17 The Simpsons Meets Bob's Burgers

Now This Could Work - JPK

18 Lisa x Osama Bin Laden
19 Moe turns Moe's Tavern into an XXX Movie Theater
20 Krusty vs Krabs
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