Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants

We should send a message to Nickelodeon to tell the creators of SpongeBob to create these episodes. Would THAT be neat? I typed what each episode should be about. I wrote down how long each episode should be. I may just skip to the end of the episode on every episode listed.

The Top Ten

1 DoodleBob Returns (15 Min Episode)

I like the idea with Plankton, but if you are going to make one Doodlebob survive, it has to be a 30 minute special. Mario Pays a Visit, The Simpsons Come to Town, Mr. Krabs Gets Arrested, Rap Sponge Rap, and SpongeBob's Final Journey are ridiculous. SpongeBob is not going to end in Season 10 (SpongeBob's Final Journey). SpongeBob x Sandy is the most ridiculous. SpongeBob does NOT have a crush on Sandy. The wedding in Truth or Square was a play and their love was fake. Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the show, has said himself that SpongeBob is almost asexual, since he reproduces by budding. Other than that, this is a spectacular idea of an episode.

Who came up with "Mario pays a visit" and " The Simpsons Come to town"? THOSE ARE HORRIBLE. - MACARONI

I really like the idea of another DoodleBob episode. Frankendoodle's one of my most favourites of all time. Except I was thinking of maybe when another artist at sea comes to Bikini Atoll, maybe there will be a thunderstorm which got the boat tumbled over with the pencil, but the artist survives and rows back to shore suddenly without the pencil, and it ends up crashing into the chum bucket while plankton is in the middle of trying to come up with an ingenious plan to finally steal the Krabby patty formula. He all of a sudden heard a loud thump which came from "a giant pencil? ". Plankton curiously draws a random picture which came to life. That finally gave Plankton an idea. He saw SpongeBob walk in the Krusty Krab, and Plankton decides to draw a clone of him outside of his back porch, and he ordered him to break into the Krusty Krab in to Mr. Krabs' office but the plan was foiled. Mr. Krabs was being assaulted by DoodleBob, and he was spotted by Squidward and SpongeBob, who ...more

This is as actually impossible because doodlebob was erased and the artist's pencil broke, so, I'm 99 percent sure this will not happen. - spongebobgymnast

They don't take ideas from fans so these ideas will not happen.

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2 SpongeBob Easter Special

That Would be A Great Episode, I Would like to see this. - Dreamformusic

This episode would be good. half of these episodes should be on "top ten episodes that shouldn't be created in season 10 of SpongeBob - PatrickStar

SpongeBob never had an Easter special

But why would they celebrate it? I thought maybe spongebob and friends are like Greek or whatever and not Christian

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3 GameBob ShowPants (1 Hour Special)

This could be a game show special. The host (Mr. Krabs) challenges the contestants (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Plankton, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Larry the Lobster, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, and The Flying Dutchman. ) The game is called, Guess It. The object of the game is to answer 2 questions correct and if the contestant gets it right, it adds 1 point to their score. If they get it wrong, they lose a strike. And if they lose all 3 strikes, that contestant is out. The winner of the game takes the grand trophy, and $500. - TopTenJackson

It says you get 5,000,000 dollars for winning but Mr. Krabs rips you of and you get one penny. - toptenzen

Mr. Krabs would never give away $500. The game should be more difficult and the prize should be cheaper. Then, I think it would be a good episode.

So in this episode... a game show takes place in the Krusty Krab and it is called 'First Phrase'. So, the host, Mr Krabs, gives the contestant, the person sitting at seat 2a, a phrase or word and within 3 seconds you have to say a phrase or word that comes in your head. If you take more than 3 seconds you are out. After seat 2a had its turn it is seat 2b's turn. The winner wins a trip to the ocean of Dubai or Bora Bora, it is your choice, and you get 10,000,000 dollars. There are 10 contestants... SpongeBob who is sitting at seat 2a, Patrick seat 2b, Squidward seat 2c, Pearl seat 2d, Sandy seat 2e, Plankton seat 2f, Mrs. Puff seat 2g, Mermaid Man seat 2h, Barnacle Boy seat 2i and Larry The Lobster seat 2j. Mr Krabs gives SpongeBob a phrase... KRABBY PATTIES... SpongeBob says Delicious, Patrick says Fries, Squidward says Moron, Pearl says Squidward, Sandy says Music, Plankton says Outrageous, Mrs. Puff says SpongeBob, Mermaid Man says EVILLL, Barnacle Boy says ummm, he is out and Larry ...more

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4 Pearl's Mother

Why is this being thumbed down? It is far more better then all of your idiotic ideas. - spongebobgymnast

That would be a good episode because how does a whale come out of a crab or maybe she's adopted.

Pearl finds out her mother is coming to Bikini Bottom. But is not amused. Her mother is super mean and Mr. Krabs is starting to love her more then he does Pearl. So Pearl has to find out a way to get rid of her for good. - toptenzen

Actually. This will not happen because stephen hillensburg is against revealing pearls mother.

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5 Pizza Delivery 2 (15 Min Episode)

For The First Time In 15 Years, A Customer Orders Pizza From The Krusty Krab, But This Is Different From The First Time Because This Customer Orders 8 Pizzas. Mr Krabs Sends SpongeBob, Patrick And Squidward To Deliver The 8 Pizzas. Unfortunately, The Guys End Up In The Middle Of The Desert. When SpongeBob Comes To The Door To Deliver The Pizzas, Patrick Eats Them All Causing A Furious Customer To Chase Them All The Way To The Krusty Krab Where Mr Karbs Tries To Make It Up To Him. - AranDonnelly

No just no. It's a one of a kind episode. It would be like making another Band Geeks or Chocolate with Nuts episode. They're one of a kind that should only be made once. I mean Nickelodeon has already tried to rip off other episodes like Krusty Towers and I'm with Stupid.

Patrick was not in Pizza Delivery. Besides that, I love it! - Turkeyasylum

Terrible idea - Pixtol

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6 Pearl Moves Out

I hate episodes where characters go away somewhere, you thinking they never come back, but eventually they come back, YOU LIED TO US! - DapperPickle

But isn't Pearl 16? Unless they actually tell us how Pearl aged 2 years later, I don't expect to see it anytime soon

I actually like this idea. - spongebobgymnast

No, that would ruin my childhood - Pixtol

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7 Mr. Krabs Reveals the Krabby Patty Formula (1 Hour Special)

Here's how it should go
Mr. Krabs wants SpongeBob to finally know the Secret Formula but what he doesn't realize is that Plankton is hearing the formula. Plankton writes down the formula, hires some employees, and starts making Krabby Patties. Krabs is suspicious because he didn't have a single customer and the Chum Bucket was packed. Krabs sneaks in to the Chum Bucket and finds out that he's selling Krabby Patties and knew immediately that when he told SpongeBob the formula Plankton was hearing. Krabs and SpongeBob build a time mashine to stop Krabs's past self from telling SpongeBob the formula. The plan worked and everything was back to normal.

But there's one problem. SpongeBob already knows what the secret formula is. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Unless, he teams up with plankton, because Plankton didn't get to hear it or for some reason, they build a machine to get the memories of the recipe out of the other fish that know. But then Plankton gets a hold of all those memories, and brakes the machine, and Mr. Krabs has to find a new way to get it out of his head.

Wow! I really, REALLY, REALLY want this to happen! - imacg4

I would happily buy the DVD for this even if it was just this episode it would be so esciting

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8 Robot Star (15 Min Episode)

This sounds awesome, and I have an idea to add to it: Patrick's robot suit goes out of control, so Sandy makes a robot suit for SpongeBob so he can fight Patrick.

Patrick wishes to be a robot, so Sandy builds a robot suit for him. - TopTenJackson

Awesome Idea, But It Can Use Better Editing Though, Still One Of The Most Creative Ideas On The List - rjbarg042

A robot comes to Bikini Bottom to build up his carriere. Unfortunately he will occupy all Spongebob's spots and Spongebob went jealous. He end up angry at robot,but when robot gets what he did,he wanted to leave the town sadly,but Spongebob stops him before leaving the rock house,and says he thought he want to replace him. They become friends,but Robot went out of the town by bus. - ad48

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9 Ice Cream Sponge

I love it sponge bob selling Ice cream is cool and it could be delightful watching this if it airs I might eat ice cream

This seems very good. It sounds like a better version of Krusty Dogs. I think the name could be better, though.

How is this not in the top 10? This idea is AMAZING!

Terrific Idea! - JPK

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10 Plankton Gets the Formula

Terrible idea, and the show would be ruined. If this happened, Mr. Krabs and the Krusty Krab wouldn't appear again, SpongeBob and Squidward wouldn't have jobs, and the fish wouldn't go anywhere to eat. They'd have to go to the Chum Bucket (Which for all I know would also serve chum along with Krabby patties). SpongeBob and Squidward wouldn't have jobs because they wouldn't want to work there. They'd have a hard time finding somewhere else to work, they become hobos, and the show is ruined with no hopes. If this happens, it should be the series finale. - Goatworlds

How about we do one dream from Plankton's point of view, one from Mr. Krabs' and one from SpongeBob's?

If it has great jokes (and not as much body horror) then it would be a classic.

You know, this happened in the 2004 movie...

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The Newcomers

? Gru's Toilet Trouble
? AmericanBob SniperPants

Another Clint Eastwood Movie Crossover That Will Never Happen! - JPK

The Contenders

11 Squidward's Bright Side

They already did that. It's called "Breath of Fresh Squidward". - DatIrishman

Squid ward turns happy

This Already Happened And It's Another Bad Rip Off - rjbarg042

I think that already happened. - HondaCivic

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12 Under the Water

This episode shows Sandy's reason for living underwater.

This episode could become very deep (LOL get it) and could pull the seaweed covering Sandy's story. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

This list didn't seem to have any feasible ideas above this, but this would be a diamond.

Not bad - anonygirl

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13 Insanity Day

So in this episode... Plankton creates a drink that can make Mr Krabs so mad and he wouldn't care about the Krabby Patty Formula, which Plankton can steal. Plankton makes the drink and secretly puts it on Mr Krabs' office table and puts food colouring on the drink to make it look like Kelp Juice as the drink has a greyish purpleish colour. Spongebob comes in the office and DRINKS the peculiar drink as he was extremely thirsty and Mr Krabs was to cheap to buy Kelp Juice. He drinks and as he is making a normal Krabby Patty he jumps and puts soap on the Krabby Patty and puts his nails on it as he becomes mad and doesn't know how to control himself. The customer eats the Krabby Patty and that customer closes the Krusty Krab forever as that customer was the wife of the mayor. Mr Krabs becomes mad because of this and as there are no more Krabby Patties left in Bikini Bottom,the citizens of Bikini Bottom become crazy, even Squidward. Plankton regrets it and he makes an antidote to stop this. ...more

Imagine an episode about a holiday about torturing Squidward for no reason. SpongeBob and Patrick become extremely retarded and wanted to kill Squidward just for the sake of it.

Stanley Replaces SpongeBob, Big Sister Sam Replaces Patrick, Squilliam Replaces Squidward, and Karen 2.0 Replaces Karen. Everyone in Bikini Bottom becomes confused.

Good idea about the one with the characters replacing another. - TopTenHaters

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14 Mario Pays a Visit (1 Hour Special)

Okay this is a bit ridiculous. I mean seriously, do you really think Nintendo would do a crossover with SpongeBob? I mean, I don't think Sponge has ever done a crossover with another Nickelodeon show. It ain't happening. - Pikachulover1

Horrible idea. In SpongeBob's world there's no "Simpsons".

This should NOT be in the top ten. While I like the Mario video game series, it has nothing to do with SpongeBob, and would fit it horribly. Besides, Nickelodeon doesn't even have the rights to SpongeBob!

Nick DOES have SpongeBob's rights! Nintendo is the one without the rights! - Goatworlds


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15 The Cursed Jellyfish

It's Sad That A Terrible And Mean Spirited Idea Like This Is At #14. Troll : ( - rjbarg042

Patrick sees commercial for blender he buys blender puts everything he owns in blender blends it patrick hears knock no ones there jellyfish flys in patrick assumes it wants some of his special blend patrick gives it all to jellyfish jellyfish leaves house patrick continues on his regular morning jelly flys home to jelly hive jelly starts growing and turning yellow from patricks sweat it starts turning into more and more jellyfish they kill the regular pink ones and start raiding bikini bottom though on there way back they turn back into one the whole police force comes to destroy the jelly fish spongebob protests against he killing of jellyfish in the end once the jellyfish destroys the whole town patrick comes out of his rock and says " oh they gave the neighberhood a makeover "

Troll idea, but this idea could be great with a different plot. - TopTenHaters

16 To Love the Krabby Patty Formula

PLEASE don't make this. To Love A Patty was bad enough.

NO! JUST NO! Nobody want "To Love a Patty, Part 2". "No, thanks" for this idea. - Chuck123456

NO just NO. To Love a Patty was bad, creepy, and mean spirited.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, To Love A Krabby Patty Sucks along with A Pal For Gary! -EXXON

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17 Blame it on SpongeBob

I'm pretty sure this would be a bad episode if it was ever conceived. You can just tell from the title that it's already going to be mean-spirited. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's where SpongeBob gets in trouble every time Patrick does something wrong, and SpongeBob is the one to blame for no reason. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

When did this get to #9?! 0_0 - ChiefMudkip

That's just mean spirited. - TopTenHaters

18 Lego SpongeBob SquarePants (30 Min Episode)

I actually don't think it's a bad idea. - DatIrishman

Why would they do this. - spongebobgymnast

No just no, if you're gonna make a Lego SpongeBob movie, just ask warner bros, they made the Lego movie, are making the Lego movie 2, made the Lego Batman movie and the Lego Ninjago movie comes out soon. - Pixtol

Pretty good idea actually. - TopTenHaters

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19 Movie Day

This isn't a bad idea, but it needs polishing. Maybe SpongeBob and Patrick go to a movie. However, they sit in "The haunted seat", and get stuck inside the movie. They go through all different adventures with the movie characters, and at the end, the two have to say a depressing goodbye to the characters, as the movie is over. When they leave, they said they would go back to the haunted seat to visit once a month (although this would be the only time seen on screen).

Characters include: a fun loving eel, a cynical shark, and an evil piranha. Mire are involved, but only have small roles. - Turkeyasylum

Wouldn't this be like don't look now? But the opposite?

Not One Of The Best Ideas On The List, But It Sounds A Little Good And Needs WAY MORE Editing - rjbarg042

They already had a movie episode, Don't Look Now - ChiefMudkip

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20 Patrick el Magnificent È

Patrick becomes a macho wrestler.

Excellent Idea, I Love The Idea With Patrick Becoming A Macho Wrestler - rjbarg042

Oh...well that happened in The Fry Cook Games, but this one could have epic fight scenes (not that that one wasn't epic)

This is a splendid idea! - HondaCivic

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