Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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361 SpongeBob X Megamind X Minion X Roxanne X Metro Man X Titan Benard (10 Hour Special With Patchy Segments)

Just stop! These are getting old and they're getting annoying! - HondaCivic

Please, this is getting boring now.. - TopTenHaters


362 Squidward X DylanRob: The Prequel

Sounds Okay, And good

A Crossover?

363 SpongeBob X Rabbids

Spongebob meets a gang called the Rabbids and he fights them all at once.

Rabbids Are Ubisoft, Not Nickelodeon. - JPK

However, it could make sense, since there is a cartoon based off them called Rabbids Invasion that it is made by Nickelodeon, and also, Nintendo is making a Mario and Rabbids crossover with Ubisoft itself - GumballWatterson

364 Spongebob In Hotel Transylvania

No more crossovers please... - HondaCivic

Sounds good to me

Hotel Transylvania is made by Sony, not Nick. - anonygirl

365 The Krusty Hospital

A follow up to Krusty Towers.

Sounds good. - anonygirl


366 Mr. Krack

Any Idea Involving Illegal Drugs Is Automatically Terrible - JPK

367 To Love a Poop

NO! - ChiefMudkip

Oh heck no! - HondaCivic


That sounds an episode of Sanjay and Craig. - anonygirl

368 Pocket Change

SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward decide to start a street band (SpongeBob playing his ukulele, Patrick belly druming, & Squidward playing Clarinet) They become very successful until they argue over who keeps the money. This goes on until a robber swoops in and steals their money. They try to catch him, but he gets away. In sorrow, the gang keeps playing (But the music is more sad) Thru this emotional tune, the melody flies thru Bikini Bottom to the Robber's area, steals the money back, and group is happy when they get it back, and decide to split the money - ChiefMudkip

I know this might sound like Hello Bikini Bottom, but I did my best to contrast it from this idea - ChiefMudkip

Great idea! - anonygirl

369 Squidward Drinks Wine

How about this? Squidward goes to an underwater vineyard (SpongeBob logic) and makes his own wine. Noticing how good it tastes, he invites Squilvia over to dinner at his house where they have a Wine and Spaghetti Dinner? Squilvia gets sick from food poisoning however and it turns out that Plankton poisoned the wine when they weren't looking and frames SpongeBob and Patrick for doing it. He then Sues the two of them and when they are just about to be found guilty, Plankton confesses and is banished from Conch Street forever. The episode ends with Squidward apologizing to SpongeBob and Patrick.

Nice Plot, but why would Plankton confess right away? - ChiefMudkip

370 SpongeBob Turns Woody Into A Toilet

Spongebob makes friends with a mahogany tree and calls him Woody. However, he realizes that it is dangerous to give life to inanimate objects so he chops down the tree and crafts the wood into a toilet, much like Squilliam's golden toilet from House Fancy.

That literally makes no sense - ChiefMudkip


371 BuzzBob LightyearPants

Stop With The Toy Story Related Troll Ideas! - JPK

372 Spongebob In Adam Sandler's Pixels

Pixels Is Not Nickelodeon - JPK


373 SpongeBob SquarePants Meets John Cena

SpongeBob Will Never Meet A Real Person - JPK

I could see SpongeBob meeting someone that's like JC, but the actual person - ChiefMudkip

374 Dark Sponge

Spongebob and Patrick explore a sea cave and Spogebob gets bitten by a rabid manatee (I know it doesn't sound threatening enough but a manatee is at least a real animal). After, he turns evil and threatens to take over Bikini Bottom and eventually all of the Seven Seas. Now it's up to Patrick and the rest of Spongebob's friends to snap him out of it. In the end, it turns out that Spongebob was just having a bad dream as Gary wakes him up and the two sleep through the rest of the night in Spongebob's bed together.

SpongeBob becomes evil and conquers the whole ocean for 1 episode. - PeeledBanana

I Really Like This Idea! - JPK

375 SpongeBob Sinks the Titanic

Are you out of your mind!? This is a mean-spirited idea! Make decent, heartwarming ideas, OK? - HondaCivic


376 SpongeBob Eats Tide Pods

That Would Not Fill 11 Minutes - JPK

This is just a stupid idea! - HondaCivic

What exactly is a Tide Pod?

377 Mrs. Puff Becomes a Stripper

Another Stupid Troll Idea - JPK

378 SpongeBob Meets Sid the Science Kid

Just no - Tyler730

No more crossovers, please. - anonygirl

379 Bikini Bottom Fair

For a special event, a carnival temporarily opens in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and his friends attend, and it will have roller coasters, carousels, chair swings, Ferris wheels, contests, and many other carnival-related activities. - anonygirl

Great Idea - JPK

Very Nice - ChiefMudkip

380 Swimming Sponge

A new community pool opens up in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob takes swimming lessons there. - anonygirl

I thought this might work. - anonygirl

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