Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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401 Mrs. Puff Abuse

We already have Summer Job for that!

We already have Demolition Doofus.

These Abuse Episodes Don't Even Belong On The List After All - rjbarg042

What an atrocious idea. There are already way too episodes that abuse Mrs. Puff. We do not need another one. - anonygirl

402 SpongeBob Abuse

This already happened TWICE. First time it was called Stuck in the Wringer, second time it was called Little Yellow Book.

We have Fools in April, I'm With Stupid, The Splinter, The Card, Gone, Stuck in the Wringer, SpongeBob You're Fired, Little Yellow Book, Demolition Doofus, The Sponge Who Can Fly, Kenny the Cat, Wigstruck, and I Heart Dancing. - Goatworlds

4 SpongeBob Tortures? You forgot I'm With Stupid, SpongeBob You're Fired, The Card, and Demolition Doofus.

Abuse Episodes Are Just Horrendous, Bad, And Come From Trolls - rjbarg042

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403 Stuck In Solitary Confinement

They go insane and kill each other.

Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, krabs, plankton, and Mr. Puff all get stuck in solitary confinements, and it's up to SpongeBob to save them. - CardboardBox

CardboardBox Your Idea Sounds Like An Awesome Idea That Deserves A Chance - rjbarg042

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404 Spongebob and Puga Meet

This Sounds Plain Stupid - rjbarg042

Plus Puga Is Human
He Can't Breathe Underwater


405 Death of Luigi With Razors

This is SpongeBob not Mario. - FasterThanSonic

Still a bad idea for both shows - PatrickStar

I Don't Understand what people are Thinking

Awful Troll Idea That Will NEVER Happen - JPK

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406 NickiBob MinajPants

This is getting painful - toptenzen

I knew this would happen... Nicki Minaj is too inappropriate for kids, so please no.

Then SpongeBob would beat her up! Yay!

Awful - JPK

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407 Spongebob's Special Day

Never Going To Happen, Spongebob Does Not Have A Crush On Sandy - rjbarg042

Patrick finally proposes to spongebob and they get married. - minecraftsucks101

SpongeBob dates Sandy for a day

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408 Mr Krabs Turns Black

He's a crab. He doesn't even have race.

Maybe Mr. Krabs gets burned after accidentally tripping towards the grill.

All I can say is:-_- - DapperPickle

That's Racist - JPK

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409 The New Sponge In Town

Another sponge moves in, and is a jerk to SpongeBob. At the end, SpongeBob stands up for himself, and the new sponge leaves. - Turkeyasylum

Yes this episode would have an excellent moral to it! It would teach kids (or anyone really) that you sometimes need to stand up for yourself and how - mb13566

Good Idea, If Done Differently From New Fish In Town - rjbarg042

Sounds like a rip-off of New Fish in Town. - Shevanda04

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410 FoxBob HoundPants

This Is Where All These Bad Disney Crossovers Begin - rjbarg042

411 LionBob KingPants

I Don't Think It's Natural To Have Lions Underwater - rjbarg042

412 LiloBob StitchPants

Lilo And Stitch Is Not Nickelodeon, So This Will Never Happen - JPK

Another Crossover That Is NEVER Going To Happen - rjbarg042

413 WinnieBob PoohPants

Enough Disney SpongeBob rip-offs - toptenzen

Another STUPID Disney Crossover - rjbarg042

It should be weeniebob poopants

414 PinocchioBob

Another Stupid Bad Disney Crossover - rjbarg042

More Stupid Disney Crossovers - JPK

Stooop with the crossovers!


415 Sleeping Sponge

SpongeBob sleeps but Patrick leaks into his house. Patrick reveals that his house was condemned, so he and SpongeBob sleep together until he can get his house back. - Goatworlds

SpongeBob goes to sleep forever. - minecraftsucks101

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416 ChickenBob LittlePants

Chicken little was crap.

Here we go! This is where it starts to get painful! - toptenzen

Why would this be made? A Disney movie made years ago, and a Nickelodeon cartoon having a crossover? There are so many bad crossover ideas on this list. Fry and the Sponge, ChickenBob LittlePants, The Simpsons Come to Town, Cartman and the Sponge, Family Guy Crossover, DoraBob ExplorerPants, SanjayBob CraigPants, and Mario Crossover are all terrible crossover ideas on this list! Please make it stop! - RalphBob

I Hate Chicken Little - JPK

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417 SamBob CatPants

Sam And Cat Ended, And What Makes It Worse Is That's It's A Live Action Crossover, Very Dumb Idea - rjbarg042

A show with asss meets a show with 2 asss. This can only work so well.

418 HenryBob DangerPants

It Will Fit Horribly And It's A Live Action Show So It's Chances Are EXTREMELY Low - rjbarg042

Henery danger is bad an is live atoin and already had a crossover with a cancerous show the thundermans - epictoonsfan1

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419 iSpongeBob

No it wouldn't, iCarly sucks.

This would be awesome.

Does this episode have iPhones? - AlphaQ

Same Reasons Why DrakeBob JoshPants Is Not Necessary - rjbarg042

420 S.P.O.N.G.E. Farm

My Goodness There are Like 10 Different Crossovers in a Row! - ChiefMudkip

A.N.T Farm Ended As Well, And What Makes It Worse Is The Fact That It's A DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW And Not Nick, Another Stupid Crossover Idea That Should Not Exist - rjbarg042

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