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401 Band Geeks 3

I think there's enough band geeks on this list

I know if they make any of these sequels of old episodes, it would ruin the first ones. Why not remakes of bad episodes, turning them better?

Why did I spend 30 minutes writing a desc for a great idea I had: Zombie Formula (movie) and then it didn't even get on the list. Seriously? 30 MIN wasted! - SammySpore

Another Band Geeks sequel, heck no!? - TopTenHaters

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402 Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy

Actually this episode does not exist because "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" exists, not "Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy"

This is already an episode.

They kiss and make out with each other for 11 minutes straight.

Oh How Original! (Sarcasm) - JPK

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403 Teenage Mutant Ninja SpongeBob (1 Hour Special)

Here's a better plot. When plankton and shredder team up, they first go too the Krusty Krab and steal the secret formula, and unfortunately they succeed. Meanwhile, at the treedome, Sandy, SpongeBob, and Patrick are watching tmnt when they here from bikini bottom news that plankton and shredder are destroying bikini bottom, and are headed for New York next. Since SpongeBob will have to miss work he calls the Mr Krabs and Mr Krabs says he will come with them because plankton stole the formula. When they see the turtles eating pizza on top off a building, they warn them about plankton and shredder. A 15 minutes later card pops up, and during those fifteen minutes they prepare for the fight. With the exception of Rafael, the turtles don't do so well. So they all team up with one atomic super power, and defeat plankton and shredder, Mr Krabs gets the formula back and the world is saved. That's the plot.

I like it, but it needs more detail. What was the reaction to SpongeBob patrick and sandy when they heard plankton and shredder stole the formula? What was the turtles reaction? And if it's and our long, shouldn't there be some patchy segments to the episode? I like it it just needs more detail

So, I'm back 1 year later to improve on my plot ideas for this episode. So the episode starts out at patchy's house. Potty says that spongebob is getting old and he found a new addiction (which happens to be tmnt). Patchy disagrees and says that he is a spongebob fan through and through. They fight

I agree with someone came up with Plankton and Shredder, with Patchy Segments, but why not to be sequel to Trans-Dimenional Turtles, (including Mirages Turtles (better be a little bit toned down violence, or else Nick would be hated)). Mirages Turtles tried to stab 1987 and 2003 Mike, Mr. Krabs and Sandy, but they quickly rushed away from them, but they follow them to Bikini Bottom, causing a huge chaos. - BorisRule

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404 OctoberBob 31stPants (1 Hr Special)

Good idea, but I think that SpongeBob has enough Halloween Specials already. It does not need another one. What Spongebob could use is a New Year's Special, an Easter Special, a Thanksgiving Special, and another Christmas Special. - anonygirl

It is Halloween and everyone is dressing up, except Plankton. Everyone goes outside to trick or treating, but Plankton diverts Mr. Krabs away to Rock Bottom, while he tries to steal the formula, he constantly gets interrupted by trick or treaters. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs escapes Rock Bottom (with help from SpongeBob) and makes it back. Plankton thought he struck it rich, but the secret formula he had was for candy corn!

This Sounds Good, But Minus The Rock Bottom Part And It Needs To Be 15 Minutes, But It Will Be Great For Spongebob To Get Another Halloween Episode - rjbarg042

The only decent ____Bob____Pants idea! - Tyler730

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405 SpongeBob Takes On St. Louis

Just the idea of "taking on" sounds horrible. - anonygirl

That does not make sense. - TopTenHaters

What the...? Whatever this idea is horrible!

Sounds Inappropiate And Offensive So This Is Just A Bad Idea - rjbarg042

406 Double Rubble (15 min.)

Here is a much more accurate description. Mrs. Puff goes to the Krusty Krab for lunch after SpongeBob fails his driving test. When Squidward brings her order to her, they start to talk. Mrs. Puff switches the conversation to SpongeBob's driving problems and Squidward agrees to help, if she'll take his place at the cash register twice a week, on her off days.
With the combined help of Squidward's driving and Mrs. Puff's teaching skills, SpongeBob passes his driving test. At first he drives well, but once he starts driving with Squidward, he remembers Squidward taught him how to drive, and begins to mimic Squidward's every move. It ends with him crashing into Squidward and having them both being put in boating school. Have SpongeBob and Squidward both pass the test on their first tries, because SpongeBob got taught by Squidward. Mrs. Puff says, "Not again," as the episode ends.

This seems like a great episode! Although the name doesn't really fit it well (where's the rubble? ).

I would like to see that. - Garythesnail

Love this idea! Very original, and reminds me of a Season 1-3 episode. - SavageLG

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407 Another SpongeBob Christmas

It's a SpongeBob Christmas wasn't CGI. It was stop motion.

I love this idea

There are already 2 Christmas specials already for pete's sake. - TopTenHaters

Can everyone stop the classic episode sequels. It is friki'n annoying.

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408 Patrick Abuse

Needs polishing. Squidward could be a nuisance to SpongeBob and Patrick, however, Squidward has had enough at this time. He plans a revenge prank on the two, however, his plans are sullied when Sandy shows up, to surprise Squidward with cookies, and suffers the prank instead. Squidward keeps planning pranks on Patrick, but they all effect different characters in the show (Krabs, Plankton, Larry, Gary, Flying Dutchman, Pearl). Patrick would not get tortured at all in this version, despite there being plans to prank SpongeBob and Patrick, but those failed miserably. SpongeBob and Patrick, at the end, pull a prank on Squidward, which actually works. - Turkeyasylum

Actually I do not like this idea it would ruin all the characters - PatrickStar

Eh, Patrick is unlikable now. - Garythesnail

Squidward realizes that SpongeBob hasn't done as much wrong as Patrick has and plans revenge on Patrick. It would be equal parts Squidward torture and Patrick torture. - kfcnyancat

Then the episode should be called "Gone" (Patrick Edition) - ChiefMudkip

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409 SpongeBob: The Anime

The episode would be set up as an anime, SpongeBob and Patrick are in an underwater city in Japan and fight monsters and destroy evil robots, Plankton uses his own evil robot to destroy SpongeBob so that he can get the formula that Mr. Krabs took to Japan for safe keeping, but eventually, Plankton loses and the episode ends with an explosion. - nelsonerica

Also it could be based on: Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Graveyard Shift, and Wet Painters, among others. Maybe it could be double length, due to all the episodes.

It would probably be based on Band Geeks, Plankton!, Help Wanted, and quite a few other episodes! - imacg4

Not bad at all - BorisRule

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410 The End

SpongeBob is having trouble coming up with a new story, so he gets Sandy to help him. Sandy creates a nice plot about a cowboy. The cowboy is having trouble finding food, and he has no money. So, when he sees a poster for a $500 prize for the rodeo, he decides to join. He wins first prize, and is able to get food! There's a happy ending. The book becomes a hit. - Goatworlds

This idea sickens me almost as much as Family Guy in Bikini Bottom. - Turkeyasylum

This is so sad what sicko came up with this - MrMonkey

Wish this was an actual Season 10 episode.

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411 Hurricane Katrina Meets Spongebob

A thing that killed multiple people in akids cartoon! That isn't funny. That is idiotic, rude, offensive, and dumb. Whoever thinks this is a good idea is rather a jerk or an idiot. - RalphBob

Hurricane Katrina Was An Awful Storm That Killed Over 1,000 People So This Will NEVER EVER Happen. - JPK

Another Terrible And Mean Spirited Idea - rjbarg042

Six Flags New Orleans - ChuckECheese

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412 SquidBob TentaclePants: Alternate ending

Anything to get rid of that original ending. - Garythesnail

Instead of turning into a deformed mass of flesh (BECAUSE that's F'ED UP) they get separated.

Another Awful Alternate Ending Idea - rjbarg042

Instead of getting split up, they decide to stay attached to each other forever since the Bikini Bottomites like it better that way. by the way, I ship SquidBob TentaclePants so hard that if it were possible, I'd make this an alternate extended ending (turn it into a 1-Year Special like Sandy Moans)!

413 Kill The Sponge

It would ruin every character in the show. I would pass on watching this, and I'd rather see SpongeBob Pees - CardboardBox

Who is the idiot who keeps adding "kill" to these ideas? - MeaganSaysHI

SpongeBob may be unlikable, but come on.

I would rather see Spongebob PoopPants

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414 JustinBob BieberPants

No no no, I think you have it all wrong. SpongeBob assassinates Justin Bieber. Now I'd watch that

You've got to be kidding me. A Justin Bieber SpongeBob episode? That's just sad. - Minecraftcrazy530

No. No matter how great SpongeBob is, nothing with Justin Bieber can be good.

Oh HELL NO! - BorisRule

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415 Pearl In School

Pearl goes to boating school

That Would be a Good Episode. - Dreamformusic

The Plot Where Pearl Goes To Boating School To Get Her Liscense Sounds Great And Creative, Although I Think We Have Seen Pearl Drive In The Series At One Point - rjbarg042

Great idea! - TopTenHaters

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416 Squidward, You're Fired!

Squid ward wouldn't care because he would have less time with SpongeBob

Squidward already quit a few times and came back so this would be dumb and a ripoff of the episode Spongebob, You're Fired!

What! They already abused squidward a million times already

I don't want a dumb sequel to Spongebob, You're Fired! - TopTenHaters

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417 Pearl Goes to College

It's Pearl's senior year, and she must decide where she wants to go to college.

Don't nobody cares about Pearl. - MeaganSaysHI

Seems a bit boring to me.

Never Going To Happen Because Pearl Never Ages Throughout The Series - rjbarg042

418 SpongeBob

How can there be an episode named SpongeBob - PatrickStar

The writers are completely out of ideas and decide to name an episode about SpongeBob and it will be about SpongeBob being SpongeBob.

It's about his history, how he met Patrick, how he met Squidward, how he got pineapple house, kind of prequel to Gary's Origins and Help Wanted. - BorisRule

Spongebob's Life History - BorisRule

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419 Sandy Abuse

What next an episode where it just shows SpongeBob taking a dump an it's a 10 hour special - toptenzen

Sandy is still a good character. - Garythesnail

This already exists. It's called "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy". - Goatworlds

Not happening - HondaCivic

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420 My Little SpongeBob: Patrick is Magic

I don't think most SpongeBob fans watch FiM. - Turkeyasylum

Just Another Plain Stupid Crossover Idea With A Non Nickelodeon Show - rjbarg042

Not Happening

We already has it - BorisRule

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