Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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421 Stupiditis

I don't like this idea.

Way better than squiditis it will be about patrick getting too stupid and then he acted too stupid and funny in everyway then he ate the kk secret formula which caused plankton to go into his bell but stuck in the end his friends started to cry and tuning funeral song due to mistakenly eating a bomb but the bomb is released and exploded in mid air as plankton say miscriots and it ended happily

This Sounds Pointless At Best - rjbarg042

Salsa Imbecilus anyone? - Tyler730

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422 Swimming in December

Who would want to go swimming in December? No one because it well be to cold to go swimming dumbest episode ever.

If this episode was actually a thing, then most of the SpongeBob characters would get hypothermia because it is too cold to swim in December. - anonygirl

What this is mediocre. - TopTenHaters

This Idea Sounds Mediocore At Best Because It's Cold To Go Swimming In December, Still WAY Better Than ALL Those Troll Ideas - rjbarg042

423 Sponge of the Dead Part 1 (30 Minute Special)

Mob of the Dead? Are you talking about the BO2 Dlc map for zombies?

This would be too inappropriate - RockStarr

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424 Squidward Abuse

Squidward ABUSE? Squid is my favorite though. - Turkeyasylum

They did this in Boating Buddies, Choir Boys, Good Neighbors, Boat Smarts, Squid's Visit, Squid Baby, Squid Wood, Tentacle Vision, Cephelapod Lodge, and probably a few I forgot or haven't seen. - Garythesnail

House Fancy Pineapple Fever Breath of a Fresh Squidward and Dear Vikings are also Squidward abuse too

There's enough episodes like this.

Another Awful Abuse Idea From A Troll - rjbarg042

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425 Mr. Krabs Must Die

Even though Mr. Krabs is bad at times, he does not deserve this. TERRIBLE IDEA! - HondaCivic

Just Another Atrocious Mean Spirited Troll Idea - rjbarg042

Funny, but terrible. Mr. Krabs must LIVE, but go back to his former self. :< - imacg4

Mr. Krabs MUST DIE! - Goatworlds

426 The Perfect Pet

Gary Is Already The Perfect Pet - RockStarr

If Another Character Gets A Pet Then It Could Work Good - rjbarg042

Squidward abuses a pet snail to try to make it perfect - minecraftsucks101

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427 Spandy Day (A Day With SpongeBob and Sandy Having Sex)

What kind of person wants this to happen?

Perverts. - CardboardBox

What the heck! This is creepy! - Minecraftcrazy530

Great more body horror

Great Idea! - ChuckECheese

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428 SpongeBob Goes Bowling

SpongeBob and his friends all decide to go bowling! But, none of them have been bowling before... What adventures await them?

This would be a good episode. I assume the guy who said it wouldn't thinks modern episodes are good.

This Would be good but they don't adventures in bowling

That sounds like a great idea actually. - anonygirl

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429 National No Mr. Krabs Day

Can't say I disagree. It's a whole day inspired by getting away from this cheap jerk. - Garythesnail

This might actually be a good episode. Everyone needs a break from the fat bastard.

I hope this happens. If it does I will be happy because it will involve Mr. Krabs getting Ill from eating money at the end so he can convert it into golden money. - Gamecubesarecool193


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430 Back In the Wringer

Basically the plot of Stuck in The Wringer, except Patrick is stuck in the wringer this time. SpongeBob tries to help him out, but fails. Patrick than pushes himself out and says "If you work hard, you really can do great things". Overall, it is Stuck in The Wringer with a better moral.

Better than "I guess crying solves your problems after all" - Turkeyasylum

This Time We'll Put Patrick In The Wringer For Being An Ass In Stuck In The Wringer

If it's more moral than Stuck in the Wringer, then I would like it. - anonygirl

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431 Pearl Abuse

Another Abuse Episode For A Character That Does Not Deserve It - rjbarg042

Awesome - Goatworlds

We already have Whale of a Birthday for that.

I wrote a fanfic that involved Pearl abuse before. - Murvine_Taylor

432 Mrs. Puff Abuse

We already have Summer Job for that!

We already have Demolition Doofus.

These Abuse Episodes Don't Even Belong On The List After All - rjbarg042

What an atrocious idea. There are already way too episodes that abuse Mrs. Puff. We do not need another one. - anonygirl

433 SpongeBob Abuse

This already happened TWICE. First time it was called Stuck in the Wringer, second time it was called Little Yellow Book.

We have Fools in April, I'm With Stupid, The Splinter, The Card, Gone, Stuck in the Wringer, SpongeBob You're Fired, Little Yellow Book, Demolition Doofus, The Sponge Who Can Fly, Kenny the Cat, Wigstruck, and I Heart Dancing. - Goatworlds

4 SpongeBob Tortures? You forgot I'm With Stupid, SpongeBob You're Fired, The Card, and Demolition Doofus.

Abuse Episodes Are Just Horrendous, Bad, And Come From Trolls - rjbarg042

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434 Stuck In Solitary Confinement

They go insane and kill each other.

Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, krabs, plankton, and Mr. Puff all get stuck in solitary confinements, and it's up to SpongeBob to save them. - CardboardBox

CardboardBox Your Idea Sounds Like An Awesome Idea That Deserves A Chance - rjbarg042

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435 Spongebob and Puga Meet

This Sounds Plain Stupid - rjbarg042

*pukes* - BorisRule

Plus Puga Is Human
He Can't Breathe Underwater


436 Death of Luigi With Razors

This is SpongeBob not Mario. - FasterThanSonic

Still a bad idea for both shows - PatrickStar

I Don't Understand what people are Thinking

Awful Troll Idea That Will NEVER Happen - JPK

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437 NickiBob MinajPants

This is getting painful - toptenzen

I knew this would happen... Nicki Minaj is too inappropriate for kids, so please no.

Then SpongeBob would beat her up! Yay!

Awful - JPK

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438 Spongebob's Special Day

Never Going To Happen, Spongebob Does Not Have A Crush On Sandy - rjbarg042

Patrick finally proposes to spongebob and they get married. - minecraftsucks101

SpongeBob dates Sandy for a day

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439 Mr Krabs Turns Black

He's a crab. He doesn't even have race.

Maybe Mr. Krabs gets burned after accidentally tripping towards the grill.

All I can say is:-_- - DapperPickle

That's Racist - JPK

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440 The New Sponge In Town

Another sponge moves in, and is a jerk to SpongeBob. At the end, SpongeBob stands up for himself, and the new sponge leaves. - Turkeyasylum

Yes this episode would have an excellent moral to it! It would teach kids (or anyone really) that you sometimes need to stand up for yourself and how - mb13566

Good Idea, If Done Differently From New Fish In Town - rjbarg042

Sounds like a rip-off of New Fish in Town. - Shevanda04

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