Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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421 HenryBob DangerPants

It Will Fit Horribly And It's A Live Action Show So It's Chances Are EXTREMELY Low - rjbarg042

Henery danger is bad an is live atoin and already had a crossover with a cancerous show the thundermans - epictoonsfan1

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422 iSpongeBob

No it wouldn't, iCarly sucks.

This would be awesome.

Does this episode have iPhones? - AlphaQ

Same Reasons Why DrakeBob JoshPants Is Not Necessary - rjbarg042

423 S.P.O.N.G.E. Farm

My Goodness There are Like 10 Different Crossovers in a Row! - ChiefMudkip

A.N.T Farm Ended As Well, And What Makes It Worse Is The Fact That It's A DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW And Not Nick, Another Stupid Crossover Idea That Should Not Exist - rjbarg042

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424 Mr. Krabs' Opus

Mr. Krabs hires Squidward to turn the Krusty Krab into an art museum. This episode genuinely praises Squidward and Mr. Krabs has his pre-movie personality.

Huh? What? What Does This Mean? I Hope It's Not Bad For A Kids Show - rjbarg042

425 Mrs. Puff and the Mr. Krabs

They already did this in "Krusty Love."

Just Another Pointless Rip Off - rjbarg042

426 The Game Which Never Ends

This Could Be About Where Spongebob And Patrick Are Jump Roping One Day And Then Patrick Realizes That The Game Ends When He Reaches The Highest Number, So He Keeps Jump Roping Until He Enters A Jump Roping Tournament And He May Win Or Lose, In The End He Loses And He Realizes It's Impossible To Get To The Highest Number In The World When Jump Roping - rjbarg042

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427 Beach Brawl Mania
428 Good Sponge, Bad Sponge

Sandy's new invention accidentally separate the bad personality from sponge bob makes two sponge bob, one a completely annoying and jerk and the second one being a shy and "out of control" wussy weirdo. (scaring from his shadow and trying to make out with sandy EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw her which annoy Sandy) the "bad" Sponge bob runs away and it's up to his friends to get him and the "good" sponge bob mixed up again

This seems a bit like "The Abrasive Side."

This sounds like The Abrasive Side and Overbooked combined.

Another Rip Off That Is Never Going to Happen - rjbarg042

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429 SpongeBob Meets a Talking Cookie

This could turn into something. - Garythesnail

Isn't this Blackjack or whatever that episode was?

Sounds good but it needs a different title - RockStarr

Seems like a decent idea. - TopTenHaters

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430 SpongeBob Poops

What would the purpose of it be, potty training little kids? I certainly wouldn't let SpongeBob potty train my kid after A Pal For Gary... - Turkeyasylum

(Sarcasm) Yay a sequel to SpongeBob pees... Society today -. -

This would take away all my hope that SpongeBob could get good again.

Sanjay and Craig. - AlphaQ

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431 Power On One

SpongeBob and Patrick get a new video game console, however they get sucked in.

Video Game Episodes Are Not Right For Spongebob So This Is Never Going To Be Made - rjbarg042

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432 Ball For Gall

Lol... "Gall?! " Is that a typo or is it supposed to be funny? Either way, fail.

They did this in Gary's New Toy - PatrickStar

SpongeBob Gets a Ball For Gary

Fail. - TopTenHaters

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433 Starlight

Maybe it was a legendary orb star that belonged to the space gods.

SpongeBob and Patrick find a Magical Star in Jellyfish Fields which is Very Valauble. They want to Keep it But Everyone really Want that Star

This actually sounds good

Interesting - JPK

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434 SpongeBob Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup

Isn't that movie almost as bad as watching striaght out sex? - Spandy4Eva

SpongeBob watches 2g1c and gets sick. Can Sany cure him. Add your answer.

Sounds disgusting - anonygirl

435 The Krusty Squirrel

Sandy gets a job at the Krusty Krab.

Sandy starts working at the krusty krab but mr. Krabs has to fire her after 1 week because she and spongebob keep having s e x on the patty meat. - minecraftsucks101

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436 YouTube Poop Version of Old SpongeBob V 1 Comment
437 SpongeBob Registers for Obamacare

He lives underwater. How would he even know what Obamacare is?

Obamacare sucks.

Maybe he fillip do be named floundcare because the bikini bottom president is a flounder

438 Spongebag Vomit

Sounds like something in sanjay and craig. - SammySpore

SpongeBob turns into vomit and goes in people's mouths then the people throw him up

Stop with the trolling! I will find you people!

Eww, gross. - HondaCivic

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439 Britgirl In Bikini Bottom

Why BRITGIRL? I don't think she's seen SpongeBob. - Turkeyasylum

How is she even going to breathe underwater? - anonygirl

440 Education Goodness

Since a troll added an inappropriate description where SpongeBob has sex with a teacher with big boobs, I am going to create a stupid but more appropriate summary.

SpongeBob and Patrick realize that they are actually dumb, and they realize that the reason why is because they have not attended college. SpongeBob and Patrick attend a community college to become smarter and wiser. Then Patrick ends up with a career on his own, and SpongeBob ends up getting hired at another career (he still works at the Krusty Krab, so he has 2 jobs). - anonygirl

Wow This Is Terrible And Super Stupid - rjbarg042

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