Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants


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461 The Game Which Never Ends

This Could Be About Where Spongebob And Patrick Are Jump Roping One Day And Then Patrick Realizes That The Game Ends When He Reaches The Highest Number, So He Keeps Jump Roping Until He Enters A Jump Roping Tournament And He May Win Or Lose, In The End He Loses And He Realizes It's Impossible To Get To The Highest Number In The World When Jump Roping - rjbarg042

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462 Gay, Sex and Suicide Pants

If you make this, SpongeBob will have no reputation. - Turkeyasylum

(Refuses to even comment here) - Garythesnail

They would BAN this episode this idea could have been on that adult reboot of ten and stimpy

Another stupid, pandering, bad troll idea - HondaCivic

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463 Beach Brawl Mania
464 Good Sponge, Bad Sponge

Sandy's new invention accidentally separate the bad personality from sponge bob makes two sponge bob, one a completely annoying and jerk and the second one being a shy and "out of control" wussy weirdo. (scaring from his shadow and trying to make out with sandy EVERY SINGLE TIME he saw her which annoy Sandy) the "bad" Sponge bob runs away and it's up to his friends to get him and the "good" sponge bob mixed up again

This seems a bit like "The Abrasive Side."

This sounds like The Abrasive Side and Overbooked combined.

Another Rip Off That Is Never Going to Happen - rjbarg042

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465 SpongeBob Meets a Talking Cookie

This could turn into something. - Garythesnail

Isn't this Blackjack or whatever that episode was?

Sounds good but it needs a different title - RockStarr

Umm... - JPK

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466 SpongeBob Poops

What would the purpose of it be, potty training little kids? I certainly wouldn't let SpongeBob potty train my kid after A Pal For Gary... - Turkeyasylum

(Sarcasm) Yay a sequel to SpongeBob pees... Society today -. -

This would take away all my hope that SpongeBob could get good again.

Sanjay and Craig. - AlphaQ

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467 Power On One

SpongeBob and Patrick get a new video game console, however they get sucked in.

Video Game Episodes Are Not Right For Spongebob So This Is Never Going To Be Made - rjbarg042

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468 Ball For Gall

Lol... "Gall?! " Is that a typo or is it supposed to be funny? Either way, fail.

They did this in Gary's New Toy - PatrickStar

SpongeBob Gets a Ball For Gary

Fail. - TopTenHaters

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469 Spongeboy Ahoy!

No one can come up with an original idea to save their lives.

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470 SpongeBob Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup

Isn't that movie almost as bad as watching striaght out sex? - Spandy4Eva

SpongeBob watches 2g1c and gets sick. Can Sany cure him. Add your answer.

Sounds disgusting - anonygirl

471 MichaelBob JacksonPants

I would watch if you put in the moon wal and thriller and of course Michael jackson

Would happen only if he's alive, so since he's dead, then no. - BorisRule

Only If He Were Still Alive

Hmm, a pretty interesting idea... - FlakyCuddles43

472 The Krusty Squirrel

Sandy gets a job at the Krusty Krab.

Sandy starts working at the krusty krab but mr. Krabs has to fire her after 1 week because she and spongebob keep having s e x on the patty meat. - minecraftsucks101

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473 YouTube Poop Version of Old SpongeBob V 1 Comment
474 SpongeBob Registers for Obamacare

He lives underwater. How would he even know what Obamacare is?

Obamacare sucks.

Maybe he fillip do be named floundcare because the bikini bottom president is a flounder

475 Spongebag Vomit

Sounds like something in sanjay and craig. - SammySpore

SpongeBob turns into vomit and goes in people's mouths then the people throw him up

Stop with the trolling! I will find you people!

Eww, gross. - HondaCivic

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476 Puccabob Garupants

Uh, already on the list - BorisRule

477 Britgirl In Bikini Bottom

Why BRITGIRL? I don't think she's seen SpongeBob. - Turkeyasylum

How is she even going to breathe underwater? - anonygirl

478 Education Goodness

Since a troll added an inappropriate description where SpongeBob has sex with a teacher with big boobs, I am going to create a stupid but more appropriate summary.

SpongeBob and Patrick realize that they are actually dumb, and they realize that the reason why is because they have not attended college. SpongeBob and Patrick attend a community college to become smarter and wiser. Then Patrick ends up with a career on his own, and SpongeBob ends up getting hired at another career (he still works at the Krusty Krab, so he has 2 jobs). - anonygirl

Wow This Is Terrible And Super Stupid - rjbarg042

479 PinkBob FloydPants

Stop with the crossovers! - RockStarr

Another Pointless Guest Star Idea, Plus Kids These Days Are Not Into That Type Of Music He Makes - rjbarg042

Some kids are. There are more retro hipster kids than you think. - anonygirl

How about "Another Sponge in the Wall"? - SavageLG

Stupid idea. SpongeBob is never going to have a crossover with anything non-Nick. - anonygirl

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480 ST-134 (30 min special)

A sequal to SB-129. Squidward is so annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick that he freezes himself so he can go to a time where they don't exist. He ends up going 200 years into the future but finds out that a big war is going on. So he uses a time machine to go farther into the future in 500 years and discovers that the descendants of SpongeBob and Patrick are there. He keeps going more until 3000 years later. But Bikini Bottom is covered in sand and no one lives there anymore. He goes to New Bikini Bottom but it is ruled by evil sea monsters. Squidward decides to go into the past instead and goes 30 years before SpongeBob and Patrick were born. He meets Mr Krabs and Plankton when they were kids and they ask him what it is like in the future. He goes to 100 years before but Man ray is terrorizing Bikini Bottom. Then he decides that his own time is the best one and goes back. - SammySpore

If bikini bottom was buried before 3001, we should expect the end of spongebob in 3000 years. - Gamecubesarecool193

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