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461 Soak it Off

This idea is disgusting. If I see it, then I'll vomit. - anonygirl

Gross Gross GROSS Terrible Troll Idea - rjbarg042

Why is your comment getting thumbed down? I agree with your comment. - anonygirl

Eww this idea sucks. - TopTenHaters

462 Sponge Blood

WAY too gory, One Coarse Meal had enough gore, but this would be too far.

Sounds gory, it also sounds like something that would be from Family Guy. - HondaCivic

That sounds like an episode of South Park. - TopTenHaters

Sounds uncomfortable... - HondaCivic

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463 A Pal For Mr Doodles

Terrible Just Terrible Idea And Makes No Sense - rjbarg042

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464 SpongeBob Causes 9/11

Really, people? Do you really have to make an episode about an event that caused the deaths of 3000 lives? This episode suggestion is just mean. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Episode ideas like these are why we can't have nice things. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

Stop this right now! It's not funny! Deaths of 3,000 lives isn't anything to laugh about, so shut up you dumb troll. - Powerfulgirl10


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465 Finn And Jake Pay A Visit

Stop with the Crossover and Inappropriate Ideas you stupid Trolls.

466 Spongebob Has A Reality Show

He has a party at his house. And serious drama goes down. Everyone makes a fourth wall break. And they use the dolphin noises to block out swearing.

This Idea Stinks - rjbarg042

The first story where SpongeBob has a party with serious drama and the 4th wall breaking sounds mediocre at best, and the second story where everyone has an orgy until they are decomposed is just another disturbing troll idea. - anonygirl

467 A Nut Job

The guy who keeps saying nasty stuff, just shut the hell up and leave this site.

The Word Nut Job Gives Me Nightmares Of That Cancerous 2014 Movie

I love the idea where Sandy is about to hibernate and her treedome gets filled with nuts, but I think the idea of Patrick massaging SpongeBob's nuts is just another gross troll idea. - anonygirl

Sryanbruen's Idea Is Fantastic And Creative, But The Idea Of Patrick Massaging Spongebob's Nuts Might Sound Inaprropiate - rjbarg042

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468 Pokebob

This sounds stupid because I don't think that a Western cartoon should ever cross over with a Japanese anime. Also, Pokemon is not a Nickelodeon show. - anonygirl

"Spongebob Used Annoying Laugh"

Another crossover!? - HondaCivic

Stop t this idea sucks this is better off a fanfctoin plus pokemon is not nick - epictoonsfan1

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469 SpongeBob's Crush

When SpongeBob is on his way to work he accidentally bumps into a cute lady he instantly falls in love with her and later that day at the krusty Krab she returns and SpongeBob serves her she is impressed with his love of cooking as she loves cooking too so they become BFFs and SpongeBob asks her on a date...

It was revealed that Spongebob already has a crush on Sandy...

Guys, Stephen Hillenburg made it so that SpongeBob can never fall in Love - ChiefMudkip

SpongeBob alraedy has a crush on Patrick

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470 Manager of The Krusty Krab 2

This picks up right after the first movie, but right before its credits sequence. The episode features SpongeBob hiring new employees, who may or may not become regular characters depending on fan response and him managing the business while helping and contributing to it and the restaurant gets into some sort of trouble because SpongeBob slowly becomes greedy like Mr. Krabs but then goes back to being humble and a better boss than Mr. Krabs because he sees a refelction of himself when an employee points out his cheapness. I dunno, it doesn't have to be exactly like this, but I wanna know what the hell happened to the Krusty Krab 2.

Sounds awesome!

Yeah, what DID happen to the KK2?


471 SpongeBob Gets a Driving License

This would be a good series finale episode

He crashes Into a gigantic bomb and destroys the city - minecraftsucks101

Never Going To Happen Because Spongebob Is Never Going To Get His Liscense - rjbarg042

472 Sandy's Rocket Explodes

SpongeBob goes to Sandy's house, he sees Sandy's rocket, she plans on going to Mars, she has set everything up, and she launches, but it unexpectedly explodes during launch and Sandy dies, SpongeBob cries like a wimp, and Patrick doesn't even care, Squidward is annoyed all day and night for the rest of his life, and SpongeBob eventually realizes that going to Space and Mars is dangerous and the episode ends.

Sandy launches her rocket and sends it over downtown Bikini Bottom where it explodes and kills everyone in the city, and Sandy becomes the most notorious suicide bomber in history.

Another Mean Spirited Idea And It Involves Sandy Dying. These Trolls Just Make Me Madder And Madder - rjbarg042

Sandys rocket explodes from overheating. She is killed when a piece of metal bashes her head open.

473 Clown Fun

SpongeBob goes to a Circus with Patrick, Squidward and Sandy, They meet a clown who's making balloon animals, but it makes squeaky noises unlike in other episodes, the balloon animals are made 100 times, throughout most of the episode, the kids don't even care and then the animal turns out to be a double-lobed mass, and the episode ends.

This sounds interesting. - anonygirl

474 Patrick's TV Show

Like Tentacle Vision, but only this time Patrick deals with it instead of Squidward. - anonygirl

Like Squidward's show, this idea might work - HondaCivic

It could be a 30 minute episode

Just so you know, I created the idea: "SpongeBob Goes to Chuck E. Cheese's" - HondaCivic

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475 The Crapple Apple

Anybody remember the Episodes of Barney That Should Exist? Well, someone ripped this out of it.

Same - Goatworlds

Trolls. - Goatworlds

Another gross troll idea that does not belong on here. - anonygirl

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476 An American Werewolf In Bikini Bottom

This Sounds Like Another Crossover/Rip Off Idea But If A Wolf Or Werewolf Was In Bikini Bottom And The Town Does Something About It This Might Actually Turn Out To Be A Good Episode - rjbarg042

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477 Such Sad Sponge

SpongeBob gets depressed and tried to commit suicide - minecraftsucks101

Note: Long as a movie
Plot summary:
SpongeBob wonders why everybody is not happy around him. When he sleeps at night, a dream helps him realized everything what people thinks and says, such as sarcasm, which he doesn't know about. The next day he feels sad that nobody likes him because of his annoyance. He became smarter now, and decides to leave town again. Except alone on a countryside where a house is fany rich, which he feels happy so much. The next morning, Squidward suspects why there's some peace and quiet which he feels happy now, except there is Patrick who is quieter now and reven led he is annoying because of SpongeBob who thints Sponhebob is at a vacation but never tells him. In a few weeks after his enjoyment of no disruption, Squidward thought he would come back from some vacation but realized he moved after he saw the sold sign, kicks SpongeBob's door, looked around the house where it's completely empty. He was still happy, but few days later he had some feeling ...more

478 Fried Cook

SpongeBob is working at the Krusty Krab, and is thinking up a new recipe for a new meal. When he thinks, he accidentally cooks his arm! He gets rushed to the hospital, and they give him a prosthetic arm. He tries to cook, but the arm will not budge! How will he make new Krabby Patties?

Part of this reminds me of Two Thumbs Down, and I do not like seeing SpongeBob (or any other character) hurt. However, I think it's a decent idea because it can make others actually express sympathy for SpongeBob. - anonygirl

Seems good. Matches season 4.

Kinda of a good idea, but if it is not graphic - pupcatdog

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479 Spatrick Day (SpongeBob and Patrick)

I really hope this isn't what it appears to be... - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Another Troll Idea On The List - rjbarg042

That's just wrong... - Powerfulgirl10


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480 Krabby Faddies

Sounds like when people thought krabby patties were dangerous from Plankton and they had to do free samples. Ripoff of that episode

This could actually be reminiscent of seasons 1-3! I like it a lot!

Krabby patties begin to go out of fashion so the employees including crabs have to think of ideas to market them again! Patrick can join in and will have plenty of opportunities for hillarious ideas, not pathetic ones that might be funny to a 4 year old (Zeus and Casey are banned from writing this episode...give it to Hillenburg)! Most importantly of all not a stupid ending! Let Hillenburg write the ending...actually the whole episode!

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