Top Ten Evidences that Shadow is Not a Faker

This list will reveal top ten reasons why Shadow The Hedgehog is not a faker.

The Top Ten

1 Shadow can’t die

Shadow never died when he fell into a pit, when he sacrificed himself, and he never aged. And when you don’t age, you can’t die. Shadow seems to have infinite life. - TopTenX

2 Shadow helped Sonic save the world

Shadow seemed to help Sonic in many battles he might struggle on. And he helped Sonic save the world from so many things: Collision course of Space Colony Ark, Eggman’s world domination, etc. - TopTenX

3 Shadow has more Chaos abilities than Sonic

Sonic’s Chaos ability: Chaos Control
Shadow’s Chaos abilities: Chaos Control, Chaos Sphere, Chaos Blast, Chaos Boost, Chaos Sword, etc. - TopTenX

4 Shadow took out the best mercenaries in Eggman’s facility (Sonic Forces)

Sonic can’t really fight off a whole army of the best mercinaries, but Shadow seems to be able to do it no probablamo. - TopTenX

5 Shadow never died

Sonic and Shadow both died. But when Sonic died in the last story of Sonic 06, he only came back to life with Chaos Control. But when Shadow died in Sonic Adventure 2, he never actually died. That is why they brought him back to Sega. - TopTenX

6 Anything Sonic can do, Shadow can do it better

Shadow seems to defeat an enemy more easily than Sonic did it. And Shadow seems to win a race more easily than Sonic did. - TopTenX

7 Shadow has his own game.

The game that Shadow has is Shadow The Hedgehog. Despite the fact that it’s a bad game, it’s the reason why this is here. - TopTenX

8 Shadow knows that kisses are disgusting

But that doesn't stop shippers from pairing him with Rouge.

Sonic kissed a princess from a terrible game. But Shadow doesn’t seem to kiss anyone from any game. - TopTenX

9 Shadow is an adult. Sonic is just a kid.

Shadow has a much more manly voice while Sonic’s voice is more of a voice that a teenager would have. That’s how I can tell that Shadow is an adult. - TopTenX

10 Shadow has cooler friends

Sonic’s friends: A two tailed fox, a red echinda, a pink female hedgehog, a Chao god.
Shadow’s friends: A young girl who died at space colony ark, a professor, a spy bat, and even Sonic himself. - TopTenX

The Contenders

11 Shadow made his sacrifice in Sonic Adventure 2 and the Series Finale of Sonic X
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