Top 10 Most Evil Things Eric Cartman Has Done

The Top Ten Most Evil Things Eric Cartman Has Done

1 Chili Con Carnival

I know the creators of South Park hate Family Guy, but do you think Cartman will grow up to be the next Peter Griffin.

I was like what when I found out about this. That was psychopathic right there.

Agree pure evil if radiohead would've arrived earlier then they might've understood why Scott was crying. Some people think Scott deserved it but I think that they are wrong


2 Get a guy's wife to commit suicide because he called him fat

There is clearly no depth Cartman won't sink to.

3 Rally of the Gingers
4 Pretend to be retarded
5 Get Kenny's feeding tube pulled out
6 Become friends with Cthulhu

It's should be
,Top Ten Most Evil Things Cthulhu Has Done,
1-Becoming friends with Cartman

7 Mel Gibson fan club
8 Casa Bonita
9 Give Kyle AIDS

Wait, Kyle has AIDS now? - RobertWisdom

10 Crack Baby Athletic Association

The Contenders

11 Save Kyle's life so he can suck his balls
12 Emotionally destroy a television nanny

This shows just how exploitative and manipulative cartman is He fakes sympathy and obedience to make you let your guard down he then gathers ammunition on your personal life and then kablam! He hits you with an emotional bombshell.

He also did it to her live on her show

He Did It To Not Only One Nanny, But TWO! - JPK

13 Hippie Death Machine

He’s committing mass murder if hippies

14 Publicly shun his mother by telling her to f*** him

Well that's not shunning her at all. Lol. - RobertWisdom

All because of her refusing to get him an ipad

Just shows how much of a selfish kid he is

She deserves it for being a garbage mom - DenyYourMaker

15 Mock breast cancer

Wendy pretended to care just so she could have an excuse to hurt him.

He was being extremely uncaring about how debilitating cancer can be to women and laughs at the fact that it is one of the biggest killers of women in the USA

16 Launch a smear campaign against his schools student council

This lead to Wendy being harassed by some of his supporters outside of school

He abused his power as morning speaker to attack students

17 Dress up as Hitler

Charlie Chaplin used to do it for comedy.

18 Abuse Yelp reviews to get free food

Everyone ended up doing it as well so all restaurants in south park were financially damaged

19 Try to change history to win a bet with Stan and Kyle

He tried changing the out come of the entire us civil war

All that just so they could be his slaves for a day that was extreme

20 Pretend to be a robot in order to expose Butters' embarrassing secrets

While this did fail hilariously his intentions were totally cynical and he got a scientist killed inadvertently (although he didn’t kill him himself)

21 Destroy the reputation of super hero Captain Hindsight because he wouldn’t join his superhero group

As a result of this hindsight went mad tried to find the pictures and then decided to remove his powers.

22 Fake tourettes syndrome

I think that this was more evil than him faking his way into the special olympics becuase he did it to get money he faked touretts just becuase he could with no real reason for faking it

23 Use stem cells to clone a pizza parlour
24 Pull the plug on Kenny to get his PSP
25 Lock Butters in a bomb shelter
26 Fake his way into the Special Olympics
27 Consider changing the fate of the universe so he could play the Nintendo Wii
28 Force a kid to saw off his own leg
29 Sell candy at fat camp to kids with eating disorders
30 Refuse to offer his kidney to Kyle unless he was paid $10 million dollars

Again shows how selfish cartman is

Stan had to trick him into giving up the kidney. And Cartman ended up singing no when he refused to offer the kidney

He even constantly sung the word no happily

31 Ruin his own life out of spite
32 Make people defecate out of their mouths

Again he did this to win a bet with Kyle and when proven right proceeded to rub it in his face

33 Start up a fake church to con kids out of their money
34 Abuse his position as morning announcer to launch a verbal assault on a fellow student
35 Blamed Kyle for 9/11
36 Attempted to blow up a hospital
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