Top 10 Most Evil Things Cartman Has Done


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1 Chili Con Carnival

Agree pure evil if radiohead would've arrived earlier then they might've understood why Scott was crying. Some people think Scott deserved it but I think that they are wrong

I was like what when I found out about this. That was psychopathic right there.


2 Getting Guy's Wife To Commit Suicide Cause He Called Him Fat

There is clearly no depth Cartman won't sink to.

3 Rally Of The Gingers
4 Giving Kyle Aids
5 Mel Gibson Fan Club
6 Casa Bonita
7 Pretending To Be Retarded
8 Getting Kenny's Feeding Tube Pulled Out
9 Becoming friends with Cthulhu

It's should be
,Top Ten Most Evil Things Cthulhu Has Done,
1-Becoming friends with Cartman

10 Crack Baby Athletic Association

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11 Saving Kyle's Life So He Can Suck His Balls
12 Emotionally Destroying a Television Nanny

He Did It To Not Only One Nanny, But TWO! - JPK

He also did it to her live on her show

13 Dressing up as Hitler
14 Faking Tourettes syndrome

I think that this was more evil than him faking his way into the special olympics becuase he did it to get money he faked touretts just becuase he could with no real reason for faking it

15 Infecting Kyle with HIV
16 Using Stem Cells to Clone a Pizza Parlour
17 Abusing Yelp Reviews to Get Free Food
18 Pulling the Plug on Kenny to Get His PSP
19 Hippie Death Machine
20 Trying to Change History to Win a Bet with Stan and Kyle
21 Locking Butters in a Bomb Shelter
22 Trying to Rewrite the American Civil War So that the South Would Win Just to Win a Bet with Kyle and Stan

All that just so they could be his slaves for a day that was extreme

23 Publicly Shunning His Mother by Telling Her to F*** Him
24 Faking His Way Into the Special Olympics
25 Mocking Breast Cancer
26 Considering Changing the Fate of the Universe So He Could Play the Nintendo Wii
27 Forced A Kid To Saw Off His Own Leg
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1. Chili Con Carnival
2. Getting Kenny's Feeding Tube Pulled Out
3. Getting Guy's Wife To Commit Suicide Cause He Called Him Fat
1. Chili Con Carnival
2. Rally Of The Gingers
3. Getting Guy's Wife To Commit Suicide Cause He Called Him Fat


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