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21 Shaymin EX

Are you people on drugs!? This card was going for $60 and is used in nearly every competitive deck out there! I wanna meet the little five year olds who made this list.

The card draw ability on this cards is amazing! Anyone who does not think this is number one must not play the card game.

Shaymin EX is so good that it's going for almost 100 dollars. If anything this should be number 1 with it's amazing ability.

And I should know, sense I have it.

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22 Thundurus EX

I have Thunderous ex and he is the only ex I have

I have him he is so good I win every battle

Thunderous is a good Pokemon card.

Not the strongest

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23 Aegislash EX Aegislash EX Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

Yeah it could but his attack is what matters.

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24 Landorus EX

Hammerhead is a good attack because of that benched damage.

25 Mega Gengar EX

This card should be number one he could one-shot any Pokemon.

This card is a sick card. It can use any of the opponent's Pokemon's attacks and use it as the attack. Which means if the opponent has a very strong card, M Gengar can One-Hit KO, Despite being resistance of the defending Pokemon. That's why it deserves to be the King of the cards.

Should be number 1! Can one-shot Mega Charizard!

Second unrealistic mega there

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26 Dialga EX

Dialga ex is awesome with 150 damage

He looks cool, and is a team plasma Pokemon.

I don't care about the damage he's too epic

I like as long as it is in dragon type

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27 Shadow Lugia EX XL E3 Promo Card

It totally makes sense why this beast is not tournament legal. Imagine the surprise everyone would get if you drew that from your darkness/psychic deck!

Its an awesome card! And mega charizard is awesome too!

It has 300 health and can do a whopping 2000 Damage, not tournament legal.

There is one that is FAKE

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28 Articuno EX

This but sucks against a ho-oh, and every other fire type Pokemon, plus his attacks do less damage when he takes damage.

How is this ahead of Mega Gengar?

This ex cards damage doesn't do every much compared to others

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29 Mega Deoxys EX

That is so fake the fake is as big as the world the end

Totally agree! Doesn't mega evolve!

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30 Regigigas EX

This is my favorite EX card to use. It's power continuously increases as it's health lowers. It's amazing!

Wouldn't you prefer regirock ex? Look him up its awesome

Excellent choice best card in the world

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31 Kyogre EX

Does 140 damage giant whirlpool and water pulse puts the defending Pokemon asleep and does 30 damage so it does 170 damage and it has 180 health!

I used to have him I think I traded it to Nicholas for gene sect ex don't know why I did that.

My first legendary Pokemon in cards

I just got this 120 damage beast

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32 Latias EX V 2 Comments
33 Palkia EX V 2 Comments
34 Mega Manectric EX

He bosses everyone with only 2 energy, and you can bring back all the discarded energy, and best of all, he has 0 retreat cost

If you have at least 2 of these at the table, you win hands down

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35 Blastoise EX

I used to have blastoise ex I lost him.

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36 Virizion EX

Good, but still. Better decks out there

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37 Arceus EX

To low like what the?

He is very good

Aceus is so strong

He's god so

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38 Tornadus EX V 2 Comments
39 Kyurem EX

I have this card. it is really cool

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40 Wailord EX

He is my only EX as yet (I'm soon getting a tin with Mewtwo EX) but what I fail to understand is why he is no.41 on this list. 250 HP is impossible to deny. His attack, high breaching does do 120 damage-which isn't the best-and it does put him to sleep but if you run Water veil, you're fine!

I have a wailord ex that has 250 health

He is amazing my friend has it. It has more friking health than Mega Rayqaza.

He is rare as hell

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