Top 10 Facts In "Weird But True! 2"

The Top Ten
1 A bottlenose dolphin has a bigger brain than a human
2 Snow leopards can't roar
3 Only female bees sting
4 If you continued to grow as fast as an average baby, you'd weigh about 413,300 pounds (187,470 kg) by age 10

No one would survive that. That's mega-morbidly obese!

5 The average dream lasts about 20 minutes
6 A British candy-maker once created a nine-and-a-half-foot-tall (2.9 m) billboard made entirely of chocolate
7 The air around a lightning strike is five times hotter than the sun

That's hot

8 Some avalanches travel more than 100 miles (161 km) an hour
9 A human bone is five times stronger than a piece of steel of the same weight
10 If the longest blue whale could stand on its tail, it would be as tall as a ten-story building
The Contenders
11 By weight, a burger costs more than a new car
12 When you remember something, you only remember the last time your remembered it.
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