Top Ten Fake Pokemon Types

This list describes Pokemon types that don't exist but would make the most sense and voters and myself would like to see in later Pokemon games. This list is totally based on opinion and not on facts.

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1 Sound

Again for those who are wondering what sound would be strong against; electric, steel, water, and psychic types. Weak against: normal, flying fighting and dragon types. Will not affect: ghost, ground, rock, or fighting types. Normal damage: the types not mentioned.
Strong against:
-electric: sound can control and manipulate electricity
-water: sound can burst a water balloon due to causing ripples and churning
-steel: sound bursts have been strong enough to rupture steel plating
-psychic: loud noises disrupt the concentration and mental focus
Weak against:
-normal: why not something as simple as sound be weak against normal?
-flying: winged Pokemon could break sound barriers
-fighting: fists, kicks, and other physical attacks could break sound barriers on impact
-dragon: Most dragons are flying types and roars can manipulate sound, also why not let dragons be strong against something else besides just dragon types?

I believe a sound type should be strong against electric types. A Tesla coil experiment with music has shown how sound can control electric currents and they couldn't resist the redirection of the sound. A strong enough sound wave could also bend currents (it hasn't been proven but in theory an ultra sonic boom could likely bend a lightning bolt). Also I believe it's about time electric Pokemon have a second weakness besides ground types. The other types weak against sound would be steel, water, and psychic types. A sound types weakness should be normal, flying, fighting, and dragon types. I think something should be weak against normal types, and why not something as simple as sound?

If sound was added, three types Pokemon would have to be added ( bats and birds, and noise things), although sound would most likely be a larger type than ghost, with 20 normal type moves that would automatically become sound, and a few others that have other respective types. Sound if added correctly would include at least 90 currently existing Pokemon, which would more than halve the normal type, and in many situations lead to a third type, considering most birds would be flying and sound already without even considering their other type ( normal is dropped)

I think the moves for this one would be
Echoed voice
Fairy Voice
Fake tears

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2 Light

Light type strong against:
-ghost: idea taken from another Nintendo series, (Mario) boos hate light
-electric: electric is a type of light and will not affect the type in fact light will cancel out electricity
-fire: like electric, fire is another light source. It would be cancelled by light.
-flying: as sunlight blinds the birds it could blind a flying Pokemon this could also tie in with bat-like Pokemon, since bats hate light also.
Light type weaknesses:
-grass: Grass types absorb light
-fairy: fairies also absorb light and manipulate it
-steel: can block light and contain it
-dragon: attracted to shiny objects and any dragon attack on a light type will never miss
Light type resistance and zero affect:
-Dark: Dark is penetrated by light yet black holes swallow light.

Light types would give ghost another weakness and if you think about it, electric and fire couldn't affect light types because their both sources of light. A light type would be weak against grass because a grass type would just absorb light attacks. Other light type weaknesses include fairy, and steel types. Light types would be strong against ghost, electric, fire, and flying. Dark and light types would resist each other and dragon type moves would always connect though not super strong. A dragon type move would be drawn to light like moths to a flame because Dragons are drawn to shiny objects. Light type candidates include Voltorb/electrode, Rotom, Cresselia, Chinchou/Lanturn, etc. Attacks that's for Pokemon company to decide.

I would really like a light type, as it would balance out the dark type. It feels a bit strange to have a dark type but no light type. Pokemon could have done many great light types and it would have been great however they went. Unfortunately, by now, it makes no sense to have a light type as fire and fairy cover it and most retypes of moves and Pokemon would just be of fire and/or fairy.

Light/dark should be weak against each other

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3 Cosmic

Cosmic could be a great idea for legendary/mythical Pokemon, but would they have to be kept in a space-like area or space, like in Omega ruby/ Alpha sapphire, you fought Deoxys in space, but it would have been much different on land, so that means that trainers would have to go to space to catch a Pokemon

I believe cosmic would be great but should only be used on legendary and mythical Pokemon as I believe they would be super effective against six types fire water grass electric rock and ground as those things all happened from space and then normal also steel would be super affective against it normal because it needs a boost and astronauts go into space then steel because rocket ships

Cosmic types could fit Pokemon sun and moon as the sun and moon are in space also a lot of Pokemon could be in Cosmic types

Finally someone that sees it too! I also would love an Astral(Cosmic) type, cause it would be perfect for mythical/legendary pokemon like Cosmog, Lunala, Palkia, Dialga etc.
It would be strong against ground, grass, water, fire, pretty much life supporting elements.
And as weakness, it could be affected by psychic and fairy maybe.
I think it could be immune to rock since space is full of them.

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4 Wind

The lack of a wind/air type is strange. It has always been on of the four classic elements. Look at other media like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Fifth Element, Captain Planet. The four elements are always "Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind." Wind is always an elemental type in almost all video games or movies which reference such magical elements. Pokemon should really have a wind type - and it's definitely different from Flying. Honestly, in my opinion, flying shouldn't even be a type. It should just be an ability, like Levitate. Maybe make flying bird type and then add wind type.

This type is totally different from Flying as Flying-types use there wings and beaks and flying abilities to fight while Wind-types would use the wind, air, and pressure around them to fight. This would also give Flying-types a legitimate primary type. However, wind types definitely wouldn't have to be birds. - Kevie16

Pokemon is a perfect balance between the elements. Fire types burn through their enemies. Water types flow with indestructible force. Grass and ground types harness the power of the earth to blow through obstacles. And Wind Pokemon... Oh... What's that, Game Freak?.. What do you mean there's no wind type?.. Just these birds?.. Aww man, but what about the whole fire water earth wind thing I was doing there? Man, you ruined it dude. We really need a wind or air type.

Wind is Flying. - Ohno

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5 Cyber

I really do like this idea. It could inspire more Pokemon like Porygon and its evolutions. We need some more like them in my opinion.

It could represent Rotom an it could finally bring along a three type Pokemon

Never heard of this type. Could be a possibility. Pokemon like Porygon and Ditto would be good types. Normal typing should be abolished completely.

I hoping for high tech Pokémon or Pokémon become cyborgs

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6 Shadow

Yes, yes, I know, "but we already have a Dark type! " Sure, Dark SOUNDS like it would be for shadows, the night, the moon and the like, but let me ask you this- what does the move Gang Up have to do with any of those things? What about Bite? Fake Tears? Nasty Plot? The list goes on and on and on!

You see, the Dark type is not a type about shadows OR the night OR the moon; it is a type about evil. Mischief. Manipulation. That's why it's called the Evil type in Japan.

So, where would this put Shadow? Shadow WOULD be the type for the shadows, the night, the moon!

I propose that Pokémon changes Dark type's English name to Evil type, and adds the Light and Shadow types. Why didn't I vote for Light? This type needs it much more, and people need to know how it wouldn't just be a carbon copy of Dark type.

There's already dark. We don't need shadow

To everyone saying it's too similar to the Dark type, remember that "Dark" refers to immorality, not the absence of light. In Japan, the Dark type is actually called the "Evil" type.

There is one already - PokemonGOSucks

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7 Plasma

Plasma-type is kind of a mixture between Water and Poison-type but with a twist. They are super explosive, so Fire and Electric-type would be very effective on it. This one is a very unique idea because it is like a controversial type combination, but it would be an all new type. - Kevie16

Plasma could be a great idea for Pokemon like Grimer or Muk, and they could be located in old abandoned power plants/nuclear factories, but a Plasma type would probably hurt the people and environment around it, considering all of the plasma/nuclear effect on people and the environment

Isn't that basically the electric type? - Villainnumberone


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8 Energy

Energy-type Pokemon would use the spirit and motivation inside of them to attack with strong and spirited moves and help themselves in battle with their own encouragement-based status moves. I got this idea from "Avatar: The Last Airbender". - Kevie16

I think cosmic is better. Energy. Fits moves more

Don't like this. This is basically Electric

Energy somehow is a mix of electric and fire, but stronger.


x2 damage: water, grass, ice, bug, ground, psychic, ghost
x4 damage: steel
x1/2 damage: dark, fairy,
x0 damage: fire, electric


x1/2 damage taken: water, grass, ice, poison, psychic
x2 damage taken: dark, fairy
x0 damage taken: fire, electric, steel

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9 Good

Good is fairy. Fairies are super effective against dragon and dark, which are considered evil. Good beats evil. - Ohno

No sense whatsoever - PokemonGOSucks

It might had been added into this list because the typing, Dark, in Japanese, means "evil." so...LOL

I don't like it. Seems cliche

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10 Crystal

This would be a mixture of Rock and Ice, and have a close relation to Fairy. They would use moves like Diamond Storm and introduce moves like Crystal Beam and Ruby Shard.

Strong Against:
Grass, it would just shred it
Fighting, imagine fighting a diamond with your fists, ow
Dark, since they are lustrous, they can penetrate the dark with light
Flying, it would scratch their wings pretty bad, and then they couldn't fly

Weak Against:
Fire, since it can melt, mold and change it
Steel, since the crystal would shatter against it
Rock, same reason as Steel, shatter on contact
Dragon, since they're attracted to shiny thinga and have super tough scales, so the crystal won't hurt it

Immunities and Zero Effects:
Poison, same reason steel is immune, it can't get through
Fairy, both wouldn't affect each other because they're closely related to each other - Thorite_Gem

This type would be a mixture of Rock and Ice, and have a close relation to Fairy. They would use moves like Diamond Storm and introduce moves like Crystal Beam and Ruby Shard.

Strong Against:

Weak Against:


Zero Effect On:
Fairy - Thorite_Gem

The only reason I vote for this is because I created a Pokemon that was based off of gems, and I don't know what type to make it, seeing as a giant flying ruby doesn't really seem very steel-typish.

Sounds better than any other type given here

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The Contenders

11 Hydra

Hydra is a water monster. It would just go under water or dragon. If this was made a type, it would have to specifically focus on Pokemon that were ONLY hydra-like, and that does NOT leave a lot of room for creativity. - Penguincamp

I think dragon is enough

No, the only hydra pokemon is hydreigon. Plus it's way too specific - ConqueringDarkness

It has lots of heads! And it’s also on water

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12 Fossil

All fossil pokemon are rock types, so this would be incredibly unnecessary and would involve changing multiple types within a single generation. This also presents the idea of why adding a new type would be difficult, since most of the pokemon that would fit in the ideas in this list already have 2 types.

This idea is stupid

Considering how many Pokemon can fit into this category it is amazing that Game Freak has not put this in like Kabuto and Corsila along with the creation of new Pokemon I would love to see what you people think

Lets be real, fossil Pokemon aren't exactly 'fossils' anymore. We resurrected them, we can breed them, there just as common as regular Pokemon in the Pokemon world now. So rather then a 'Fossil' type, I propose we make a new type known as 'Ancient' that covers a variety of Pokemon including all the current fossil Pokemon. One thing all the fossils have in common, is their rock typing, which has always held them back by giving them lots of weakness and a few 4x weaknesses (Rock alone has 5 weakness most of which are extremely common, and only poses a threat to 4 typings, 2 of which are common (Fire, Flying- although both have lost some popularity outside of legionaries). Since all fossils share a common typing, replacing Rock with 'Ancient' wouldn't change them that much. There are also other Pokemon who would better suit this new typing besides fossils.
A few candidates that could fit the 'Ancient' Typing include;
Relicanth (Ancient/Water)
Regigigas ...more

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13 Magic

This type might seem similar to Psychic or Fairy-type, but it is much different. Psychic-types use their powerful minds to fight. Fairy-types are not magic; they are mystical creatures that use special, physical powers. Magic-type Pokemon would be special creatures that use... Magic, unlike Psychic and Fairy-types. - Kevie16

My idea for a Jackalope starter would be that it starts as pure fire and is tiny with small stubs but it's first evolution becomes Fire/Magic type and is slightly smaller then Lopunny and has medium sized antlers then it's final evo keeps the Fire/Magic typing but it becomes HUGE and it has rainbow colored flames on its neck, hat, and its now HUMUNGOUS antlers that could give Xerneas a run for it's money. Magic type to me, would be weak to Chaos, Glitch, and Cosmic while resisting Dark, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Light, and Dragon, and Magic types are also immune to Steel, Rock, Ground, Ghost, Poison, and Electric. Magic types are super effective against Light, Fairy, Chaos, Ghost, Poison, Electric, Light, and Dark type pokemon.

I think this type would not be based purely on magic in the Imagination also I think more of psychic would be immune because many scholars and intelligent minds claim that magic does not exist.

Seriously. Awesome. Idea.

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14 Blizzard

That would be Ice type. We already have that.

It is a move right?

I always wondered about stronger types based off of others, like lava for a fire type - Doggus

Just saying Blizzard is a Ice-Type Attack.. - cassiabez

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15 Minecraft

(Vomits) no this is horrible, whoever said it can you please step forward?

This is the best pokemon type ever and leaves lots of room for creativity. Will you make a creature? A grass block? A FURNACE?! What will you make?

10/10 best idea ever

This would change my life. I could finally go back to my parents who abandoned me

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16 Mineral

Well, rock and ground are technically alike, so bringing in another type to represent Earth is not a good idea

Minerals and Rocks are not the same thing. Mineral-type would be great because it could create a bunch of new Pokemon with bright, shiny colors, smooth or rough edges, and they would be able to learn all kinds of moves. For example, Mineral-types could learn Mineral, Rock, Fire, Ground, Water, Ice, and Steel-type moves. Many existing Pokemon could fit into this type also. - Kevie16

We already have rock and ground. Mineral would be more of a ground type

A mineral type would be a great idea. And the pokemon can use a certain attack type acording to its colour like magical gemsa aka minerals.

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17 April Fools

This type is as sad as the Minecraft Type.

18 Time

That's crazy, This could work. Pokemon that have trick room or something could be considered. Kinda close to psychic.

What Dialga would be if this type existed

A time type pokemon would be perfect! This could work. Offensively it could beat speedy type like electric, if we have a sound type, "faster than the speed of sound" that could work" also like a normal vs ghost thing it could be ineffective against cosmic and 100% resistant to cosmic, like a space and time sort of thing.

This is super cool

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19 Ancient

When a new region comes out ancient would hopefully come in

All Fossil pokemon like kabuto would be fossil, like it.

i like it

20 Artificial

So Drifloon?

21 Derp

Ditto should be derp type. Derp will be strong against all types except another derp. All types do no damage against derp but derp is normal against derp. This is the best type ever.

Best type ever. We need this in Pokemon. Just make the derpy looking Pokemon have a Derp type.

Deep type huh... *looks at Slowpoke*


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22 Human

What? would it be like a human? Go joe!

23 Rubber

The rubber type is an agreeable type for the Pokemon franchise games. After all, not only is rubber useful against electricity, but being a rubber type can make one stretch its limbs or tail, stretch its blood vessels to activate blood doping for increasing speed, accuracy and evasion, inflate its bones to make sure it lands big physical blows to land powerful moves against foes with punches or kicks and can inflate the muscles to become bouncy and powerful at the same time by compressing its limbs and releasing a punch or kick that could send the foe's Pokemon out of bounds. This type is purely ingenious which makes this more qualified to be a type. - appsdata

Could resist Electric, Water, Fighting, Ground and be weak to Ice, Fire, Steel, and maybe Poison. It could be strong against Dark because good guys often use rubber bullets and other items to stop bad guys, Water because rubber is very water resistant and good at displacing water, and Electric since it would be a poor enough conductor to hit Electric Pokemon.
Although the only Pokemon that exist right now that would fit this type would be Pokemon like Floatzel and possibly others like Ditto, Spoink, or Chansey (one is an amorphous gum-like blob, the other has an elastic pouch and more of a rubber-like appearance than Kangaskhan).
I would love this type because I feel like it would be pretty useful defensively and wouldn't overlap too much with any existing type (i'd argue the closest would be Grass, but without the weaknesses to Bug and Flying). Most of the above types just feel too generic compared to rubber.

A rubber type is creative and there could be a lot of ideas for it, but I'm afraid it might be to specific.

Rubber makes far more sense as a Type than Blizzard or Time

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24 Nuclear

HA! Whoever thought of this, gets my full support. Nuclear types could learn awesome moves...

Perfect idea, just don't let it use explosion.

How is Minecraft higher on the list than this?

Wow! I would love this to be in the new Pokèmon game.

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25 MLG

The trio of the Minecraft type and the April Fools type; sad and lame idea.

Fun idea but not a good one - TheOneMan

26 Glass

Most of the fake Pokemon types here are just unoriginal copies of types we already have. This type is better. It isn't closely based off of an official type. It would probably be pretty weak, though, since it's based off of glass. I think it would be resistant to Bug (ever seen a fly repeatedly banging its head against the window trying to get out? ) and weak to Sound.

Glass would be a cool type. It would be weak against sound, and fighting, but strong against fairy.

Glass cannon - Doggus

Glass will be weak against a lot of types though...

Fighting cause KARATE HHHYAA

Fire cause well... boom

Rock cause them thiefs

Steel cause glass is very fragile and steel isn't

Wood Type (my own type) because well, look at the steel type one

and sound type cause AHHH *boom*

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27 Fart

Also known as poison type. WEEZING

It's better then sound

Because who doesn't like farts

Poison - PokemonGOSucks

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28 Chaos

This would be awesome! Just name your Chaos type "Emerald."

I've seen chaos being seven deadly sins themed. Sounds good, but how will we make Lust?

You are horribly horrible at this. It's sad how bad you are at ideas

Effective to: All types except fairy.
Very-Effective to: Ghost
Not-Very Effective to: Dark
Super weak to: Fairy and Psychic, both Super-Effective

It's symbol would be a cracking skull or cracking star or a swirling ball or darkness.
A Põkemon that should be awarded with this type: Garatina.
Yep... T-T
~ Empoleon

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29 Mega GX EX
30 Gas

It can also represents Steam, as well as Pressure.

Basically Poison type, because gas is poisonous.

I'd rather call it "Steam type" since we've got "Water" and "Ice" as well, and it will complete the three state of matter (liquid, solid, and finally gas)

Could be :
x2 against : Fairy, Electrik,
x0.5 against : Psychic, Ice
x0 against : Water

x2 by : Flying, Ice
x0.5 by : Ground, Water

Koffing, Weezing, Swablu, Altaria and Torkoal could be Steam type
Mist, Haze, SmokeScreen and Mist Ball could be Steam moves.

31 Poop

Wait - ain't Digimon World has this concept as "Filth"?

The smell permanently paralyzes the opponent until they are defeated.

Let's go POOP!
People Order Our Patties


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32 Language

Technically, all Pokémon speak their forms of languages. - PokemonGOSucks

33 Pokeball
34 Mutant

These Pokemon are Pokemon that have been created or eternally altered due to human actions or severe weather or nature or interaction with other Pokemon. Mutant-type moves could be based on pollution, natural disasters, disabling, or protecting. Maybe Pokemon like Muk or Porygon could be Mutant-types. - Kevie16

I dunno, still think this is mostly poison. Many poison Pokemon weren't created in nature anyways, such as Gastly, Muk, Garbodor...I suppose these COULD be separated from other poison Pokemon, but wouldn't they be too similar? - Penguincamp

And blastoise could be a teenage mutant ninja turtle

I prefer Nuclear - Doggus

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35 Beast

This is the only one that is actually a good idea.

Strong against:
Normal, Grass, Bug, Fairy

Weak against:
Ghost, Fire, Rock, Ground, Dragon

Resistance to:
Water, Grass, Normal, Fairy.

Also poison should be super effective against water.

This should be a typing for sure.

Beast types should be strong and weak against Fighting types because of a decisive battle.

This has a lot of potential what with pall of the huge beast-like Pokémon
I think moves like Crush Claw, Bite, Crunch, Roar, and Noble Roar could be re-typed as Beast type moves and Pokémon like Ursaring and Pyroar could be re-typed as Beast type Pokémon

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36 Glitch

Make missingno a Glitch type

Could have reality bending powers. Making a "glitch" in space-time continuum. Then again, probs too OP.

Cyber would be better, but like grass and bug it can share that relationship with cyber being weak to glitch - Doggus

Could learn HaCkD


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37 Zombie

Ghost type


Undead type, which is pretty much ghost. But ghost type isn't physical, zombie type could be a pokèmone's corpse reanimated.

38 Food

The should be frosty delight Pokemon.

Saddest idea yet



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39 Blood

For games rated everyone? I don't know...

Blood and love should combine.

Fighting type - Doggus

Deathknight comes to mind from wow

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40 Tech

Nintendo could add a tech Pokemon that have an appearence with gears, toolbox items, and all things that deal with technology. it could be found in factories and building sites in Pokemon games. Nintendo, please hear me out and give like to the Tech type.

We have steel.

Voltorb and Electrode a tech/electric type

This would be good

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41 Death

We already have a ghost type - ConqueringDarkness

Its not exactly evil and its not like dark type

42 Healthy

It would be good in a pokemon center because it could heal other pokemon

There was a government type next to this under newcomers once. what happened to it? - Villainnumberone

Yes,cool. I could see this type replacing the normal typing of the following Pokemon:Chansey line,jigglypuff line,and audino. I could also see this being added to comfey. I could see the following moves being healthy type:heal pulse,floral healing,recover. - Villainnumberone

43 Mars
44 Mecha

I don't understand why people have ideas for tech, mecha, and machine when there is already steel. I can see virtual/cyber though.

If Steel didn't exist, this would be an amazing idea!

You should change it to robot

Steel type is similar to this

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45 Karp

Magikarp will be even stronger than he is now. Carp is super effective against every type and every type is ineffective and doesn't do damage.

This might as well be water, fish, aqua, or any other thing to do with water

Karp type resists all kinds of moves, and is super effective against all types, besides Karp itself.

Could you think of anything worse

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46 Chemical

I like this one!

Because moves like acid spray shouldn't be poison types. Not all acids are poisons, just look at Acetic Acid (vinegar) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Pokémon of this type could be like Muk and Grimer, because they're made of a chemical sludge. It could also include new Pokémon like test tube Pokémon, or Pokémon that are based on different principles of chemistry! Not to mention, a lot of chemicals can make really good attacks. There could be attacks like "carbon ash", which could lower accuracy, or moves like Sulfuric Vent, which could cause Pokémon to take damage AND cause the next Pokémon on the opponents team to become poisoned!

47 Anti-Matter

Can destroy matter if at 100 strength in the guides.

Dark types, but sounds more over powered - Doggus

What about Dark Matter? - PokemonGOSucks


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48 Rainbow

Fairy type basically.

I would look too gay - Doggus

I'm about to explode. If this type is in the games, we need a rainbow Eeveelution.

We need this!

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49 Plastic

Chinese version of glass types - Doggus

I like this type. Normal needs to be erased.

50 Bird

There is a flying, do we even NEED bird?!

For the person below me, this was a glitch type in Red and Blue. Don't blame the creator of this list.

I am fine with bird tipes

There are sooo many pokemon that are birds but are normal and flying. Bird should be super effective against:
Fighting because the video's I see on YouTube people that try to fight birds always lose
Other birds cause food chain and stuff
Phsycic because they are all chirpy and spastic so it confuses the consintration.
And it should be weak against:
Normal because people have guns
and that's it so the good thing about bird type is that it would only have one type that its not very effective against. Oh yeah and it has no effect on dragon because dragon is like bird but with fire and intense claws so birds do nothing.

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