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102 Volcano


103 Meat
104 Days
105 Lava

Lava is a fire-metal type. It is super effective on the following: Metal, Grass, Ground, psychic. There are many consequences though like the following being super effective water, flying, dragon, fairy, fire.

I would love a lava /Magma type, it would be super effective against rock since it melts

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107 Fish

Fish is strong against bug because fishes often eat insects, they also would have the ability to eat fairies that are the size of a fly.

Fish is weak against flying because birds eat fish, and fire because roast salmon is TASTY!

Many people think water and fish are the same, but it is not so. Think about it. Fish is strong against Bug and Fairy but weak against Flying and Fire.

At this point it's getting ridiculous

Much of these failed-attempts are just so sad - PokemonGOSucks

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