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1 Meg Griffin Megan "Meg" Griffin is a character from the animated television series Family Guy, voiced initially by Lacey Chabert, thereafter by Mila Kunis.

If you watched enough episodes you feel bad for Meg for everything she's been through. She's the teenage outcast and the black sheep of the family

She doesn't get the recognition she deserves. She is so underused. She gets no lines in many of the episodes. Also, she is the only one whi is abused physically, verbally and sexually. Chris treats her like crap. Brian is hardly ever there for her anymore. Stewie has some momnets where he abuses Meg. Peter treats her like the a pile of crap set on fire!
Lois, is the worst out of all of them, she is the most inadequate out of all of them. She is supposed to be a role model to Meg! But no she has not.
When Meg gave the speech to Chris, Lois and Peter of why she hates them all, it was by far one of the greatest moments in Family Guy history. This helps show that Meg needs to be the main character in more episodes! If any one deserves to be abused the most in the family it should be either Peter or Lois!

She is not liked by the family but she is still pretty funny or she either sets up funny situations, some people are not that comedic enough to see that you always laugh at Peter or Stewie, but think about this next time you see anyone on the show making fun of Meg. She talks and people make cracks on her or hold her head to their butt and fart.

This character need appreciation never have I ever seen a character more tormented then her. And as a victim of bullying, I have nothing but sympothy for her. She deserves better, she needs to get away from quahog, and her family, and just get away. Seth Macfarlen if you thank women who are not absolute perfect deserve this kind of treatment, then you sir need to die

2 Mayor Adam West

Mayor Adam West is BY FAR one of the most HILARIOUS characters on any T.V. show, ever. I mean, who can forget his classic "Help! I'm lost in corn! " line or the "I'll put a message in the bottle. Now... We wait. " (Season 9, Episode 1. )

I wouldn't consider Mayor Adam West underrated, since he's one of the most beloved Family Guy characters. And for a good reason. He rules.

Excuse me, I purchased this laptop yesterday, and I noticed the apple already had a bite taken out of it!

What did they do to you Adam west, how could they ruin you like this

3 Consuela

I love Consuela! Everyone says I can do a killer impression of her... "No more lemon pledge"... "you have no more windex"... "tell him I no can do friday"

She's more boring than Meg.

4 Chris Griffin Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy.

People mostly see an overweight dummy, but have you seen him funny, I remember a part in an episode Peter lost his memory and he told Chris he'd never seen him before, so he thought he was invisible took off all his clothes and ran out the door and shouted "I'm Invisible! " and caught the attention of an old man pervert

I think Chris has autism they should do an episode about it

€I wrote that one, why are we so damn divided America?! ” Is the best thing he’s ever said.

A younger and much stupid version of Peter Griffin. Seriously, cancel Family Guy before Chris Griffin turns into a bigger loser than Peter Griffin or the rest of the Griffins.

5 Death

His voice is just so awesome and every episode he is in easily classified as top ten. Especially the first time we see him

Inconsistent! What and who is Death?! Family Guy is crap...

Death is the best FG character. I really wish he made more appearances.

6 Brian Griffin Brian H. Griffin, popularly known without his middle initial as Brian Griffin, is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.

I think people hate this character because he tries to shove his religious and political views down our throats, because let's face it, most of the stuff quagmire said to him was kind of minor and not a good reason t hate somebody. I am a liberal athiest and yes, I do find brian annoying with all the liberal athiest bull crap. But I figured out the reason for that is because Brian is just seth macfarlane as a dog. Think about it, he has the same voice, he's the voice of reason, he thinks he's a great writer even though he's terrible (not much of a FG fan) and he has the same religious and political views as seth. So there we go. Since season 4, Brian has been nothing but a tool for seth to shove anti-religious and left wing messages down our throats. Why, seth? Why would you ruin a good character?

Even though I'm a cat person and a Catholic, Brian Griffin is my favorite Family Guy character. I am aware that he did stuff (Herpes the Love Sore, Brian the Closer, Brian Writes a Best Seller, etc.), but he does have good qualities. He's actually the only one in the family that doesn't abuse Meg. I also like it when he acts like a real dog. It's so adorable.

People usually laugh at his idea's for writing scripts or books, people hate him because he is an atheist. He is one of the most intelligent characters on the show he is yet still waiting to be recognized more by the family, even tough he works really hard

Brian Griffin is a liberal doucebag, just like Seth MacFarlane.

7 Lois Griffin Lois Patrice Griffin is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Family Guy.

The one that keeps order in the house people usually see her as a b*h who ruins everything. She has her funny moments and is the nicest and most reasonable one in the Griffin family. She is a good character I don't see why so much people don't like her.

Lois is horrible towards meg. With Peter, its comedic but with Lois it's just mean spirited

I like Lois; she's nice, helpful, very pretty, remorseful and sometimes funny.

People like her should get beaten up for being a terrible Mom.

8 Joe Swanson

Joe is very underrated. They think just because he is a paraplegic he can't do anything. Even Peter thought Joe's job as a cop was a gag for the show.

I love whenever Joe yells intensely. He's hilarious.

Love it when he yells.

Love him

9 Tom Tucker
10 Bruce

He should be hire on the list. Next to Adam West, I love his happy personality every time he's on screen

Bruce has to be legit one of the happiest guys on the show. I mean how do you not like him?

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11 Dr. Hartman

He's a terrible Dr.

12 Herbert the Pervert

One time on the bus during extended school year, this kid was all like, "Hi, I'm Herbert the Pervert," and I didn't get the reference until now. LOL!

Agreed, Mr.Herbert is one of the secret popular ones.

13 Seamus Levine

My favorite character on the show besides Brian, they should use him more

14 Bonnie Swanson

Bonnie is very pretty!

She is a funny bitch

15 Ollie Williams
16 Vern
17 Vinny

Vinny is a real one for helping Stewie go back in time to save Brian.

He took Brian's spot in the intro. what, seth macfarlane?

Unlike Brian Vinny could actually make me laugh

Just because he replaced Brian

18 Jillian

She is so underrated, one of the best characters on the show.

At least she's hotter then lois

19 Peter Griffin Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

Peter's beyond overhated on deviantart and the top tens websites. He should be number 3 or 4 in my opinion.

Brian and Stewie get too much attention these days.

Peter is hilarious

20 Greased Up Deaf Guy
21 Carl
22 Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa

She needs a bigger role in the show. I would like to see her movie into The Griffin neighborhood.

Trisha Takanawa is a very funny character I love how she always is talking like a reporter

The way she always talks in her reporter voice even while not on camera is kind of funny

23 Buzz Killington

All his lines are perceived to be failures and boring lines, but they are so bad that they are good. I love Buzz

24 Glenn Quagmire Glenn Quagmire, often referred to as just Quagmire, is a character from the animated television series Family Guy.

I like Quagmire 50/50 to be honest.

I'd say he's more overrated. He USED to be one of the funniest characters on the show, but in the newer seasons (since mid-Season 8 or so), he's become quite a bit of a jerk. That rant towards Brian was very hypocritical. Quagmire's also a bad father, when he saw a baby that looked like him and RAN; he's even worse about lusting after Lois than Brian is; and you know how he called out Brian for being intolerant of Christians, and yet in "Quagmire's Mom" a few seasons later, he states that an atheist shouldn't support a Christian.

Funny pervert

25 Carter Pewterschmidt
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