Top Ten Most Famous German YouTubers


The Top Ten

1 Gronkh Gronkh

Really funny and really makes my day a lot better, also helps me learn some, German while enjoying myself because of his humor.

2 coldmirror coldmirror Kathrin Fricke, better known by her channel name coldmirror, is a German YouTube star, voice actress, comedian, web host and internet personality born on October 13, 1984 . more.

The first German YouTube star, was famous before people even knew what a YouTube star is, and before YouTube partnership existed. Some of her videos had a significant impact on modern German pop culture. Basically, every YouTuber that came after her and now is hailed as a celebrity and earns a lot of money from their videos, was directly or indirectly influenced by her. Several of the biggest modern YouTube stars have claimed her to be her favorite.

As of 2016, she is not anymore in the list of the top 100 most subscribed German YouTube channels and does not even have a million subscribers. How did this happen? She is a legend on German YouTube and made the whole thing famous, and does not even have as much attention as any trending newcomer that will be forgotten soon?

Maybe that is because she is independent and does not monetize her videos. Her videos still look and feel pretty much the same as they did in the beginning (which was 2006, wow... it's been long.), they ...more - Martin_Canine

The one and only German Youtube-Star. Grown up with her and still laughing about her videos. That's what Youtube used to be then.

By far the best german YouTuber ever

3 GermanLetsPlay GermanLetsPlay


yoo glp

4 BibisBeautyPalace BibisBeautyPalace
5 DagiBee DagiBee


6 Taddl Taddl

He became ugly

he's ugly

8 Apecrime Apecrime ApeCrime is a German hip hop trio and YouTube comedy group consisting of Cengiz Dogrul, Andre Schiebler and Jan-Christoph Meyer that was formed in 2006. more.
9 Julien Bam Julien Bam

High quality videos

Very charismatic!

He's the best!

10 Der Heider

The Newcomers

? Kegy
? Der Schulte

He IS a fuuny guy. Yea. Admit it. He also does a lot of campaigns and always says right things (except for comedies)

The Contenders

11 Kelly AKA MissesVLOG Kelly AKA MissesVLOG
12 ConCrafter ConCrafter
13 JuliensBlog JuliensBlog Julien Sewering, better known by his channel name JuliensBlog, is a German YouTube star, weblog artist, internet personality, music critic, music competition host, comedian and rapper born on December 8, 1988. more.


14 ApoRed ApoRed

I think you are a great dancer.

15 iblali iblali
16 Jay & Arya Jay & Arya
17 Dner
18 Get Germanized

This guy is just great.

19 Ardy Ardy
20 Ungespielt Ungespielt
21 Applewar Applewar
22 KranCrafter
23 Klengan
24 TobinatorLP
25 TheFatRat
26 LiontTV LiontTV
27 Sarazar Sarazar
28 Doktor Allwissend Doktor Allwissend
29 Chan Chan
30 Miguel Pablo Miguel Pablo
31 Herr Tutorial Herr Tutorial
32 Robert Hofmann Robert Hofmann Robert Hofmann is a German YouTuber, internet personality, film critic and actor born on May 26, 1987 . more.
33 KuchenTV KuchenTV
34 Leon Machere
35 Spack Entertainment
36 Tanzverbot
37 Manultzen
38 Herr Currywurst
39 Herr Newstime
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