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**NOTE: This isn't the best book/movie/band, but instead its fandom. For example, even if I don't like Twilight, I might say it has a good fandom. END OF NOTE**

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1 Harry Potter

Harry Potter will always stay my second fandom (next to PJO and HOO), but I still love it all the same. This series had the thickest books I had ever read at the time (being only 9 years old), and certainly kickstarted my absolute adoration for reading. I discovered my passion and hobby for curling up on a beanbag next to the fireplace with a cup of hot coco and a book on a cold, winters day. I have officially set myself a life goal to find and read the thickest fictional, enjoyable book, that has extremely long pages and tiny text. I love the way the characters are built through age and how their lives are set out. The movies were surprisingly accurate to, sure, they clipped out a thing or two, but all in all a good recreation. Like PJO, this fandom will always have a place in my heart, no matter what the consequences.

Harry Potter is a phenomenal series for people of any age. It's originally a kid's series but I'm a teenager and I love it, as do many adults. It deals with huge concepts such as how parents can corrupt their children, the dangers of loyalty, and prejudice. I love the entire fanbase (except for Snamione shippers. That's disturbing). Come on, we have 8 movies, a puppet show web series, and three musicals! The Harry Potter fandom is GLORIOUS!

Almost every other fandom has put their characters in a Hogwarts house at one point...

In India, mostly Indian kids got to know Harry Potter when it aired first time on Cartoon Network and I fell in love with magical world of J.K.Rowling. It would air at 12 Pm and 7 Pm on Sunday during summer holiday. And then they started showing the whole series on same time.I watched all the movies on television but forgot when joined college.
After completing my graduation, I was searching for job, I had so much of free time and then I started reading harry potter series and fell in love with it again.
Now I eat, drink, breath Harry Potter! I follow all the Harry potter Fandom pages on facebook,twitter,instagram..almost everywhere!

It's a fandom that Lived!

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2 Doctor Who Doctor Who The Doctor a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, he travels around in his time machine called The TARDIS which stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The show was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 one day after JFK was assassinated! The show has since more.

In my opinion, this is the best fandom in the whole of time and space. All the fans make posts about how they feel with certain characters, moments and cry together. Not to mention when they sometimes make themselves suffer with puns about sad moments! This is my favorite fandom ever!

Doctor who is the best show in the whole universe that might sound over dramatic but I'm being 100% serious it makes you fall in love with these characters and then once you start to like them this big shock happens and you will be sad for a few days but then he finds a new companion and it's not like the new companion is replacing the old companion its just a new traveling partner I live Doctor who, it is the best, funniest, saddest, and greatest T.V. show you will ever watch

The Doctor Who fandom is bigger on the inside. We're one big space-craved family.

I have loved this show my whole life and grew up watching it and I'm still going today. It is one of the best T.V. shows ever

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3 Supernatural Fandom

You'll never meet any fandom quite like the SPN fandom. I've never been prouder to be part of such an amazing fandom. While we do get into arguments, it's rare and normally about shipping but in the end we all respect each other's ships. We've got some extremely talented people who are great at making edits and fan fictions with actual plot lines. We are a family and we always stick with one another and look out for our fellow Supernatural fans

Supernatural is one of the most interactive series ever! The fandom is always going to conventions, meeting the actors, the writers, it's just wonderful! Each new episode drive half of the internet crazy!

I have a friend in school, and she is a MAD Supernatural fan. I think it''s cool, and neither did I know about it either. Knowing that there's a lot of cool or funny stuff in the Supernatural Fandom, it started an argument in my thoughts saying, "Supernatural has a Fandom! " and "There's no way Supernatural has a Fandom! ". Apparently, the first argument wins.

The Supernatural fandom is very kind and caring to other members. To be entirely honest I think this show is possibly the best to be introduced to the world and I enjoy it very much.

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4 Sherlock

This fandom has the cleverest and craziest fans I know. When we get a new trailer that's like 2 minutes long, we're going to find out what happens during the entire season (which means 3 episodes, but still) probably because of the wallpaper they have. We collect all the data. We deduce everything. The fandom can be pretty full of drama now and then and some of the shippers should definitely calm down a bit, but we are still the smartest, the most observant people of all the people I have seen on the internet.

It's clever, and it doesn't follow most criminal formats found in shows such as NCIS or CSI. Actually- it's lived through a lot!

The series that I laugh with, cry with and will hook you up after 20 minutes of the first episodes. The fandom is, of course, crazy but dedicated and amazing

Good to know that our fandom is generally looked at positively.

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5 Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

Awesome fandom, yet crazy. We ship EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE (I mean, I don't, but this fandom does and I'm in the fandom). It's a great book series with an amazing concept: mythology in modern-day life! Cool, right? Even though the characters battle the supernatural, they still have problems that are relatable. There's a large amount of diversity, whether it be race, flaws, or sexuality. Sometimes it's a bit goofy or immature, but it really has a deeper meaning if you look for it. Thanks, Uncle Rick for this series. TRIALS OF APOLLO COMES OUT IN 12 DAYS! YAAS!

YESS! I love Uncle Rick took something like mythology (which even without Percy Jackson I still think is fascinating and love to read and learn more about), and transformed it into something that modern day teens can love and relate to. He created a wonderfilled story with equally amazing characters that teach you that it's okay to be different and it's our differences that make us stronger. It's the choices we make in life that define us, not the person the world want's us to be. I just want to say thank you to all the people to joined the journey with me where I helplessly fell into this world and will probably never recover from this fandom. No that I want to leave or anything.

I love Percy Jackson! 1) It includes other colored people (Frank, Hazel, Leo). As a colored Latino girl, I love books that include other races. 2) The main character has sass. 3) It tells that it's okay to be who you are and that no matter what you look like or act like- there's always someone who will love you through thick and thin.

It is beautiful. We learn Greek Mythology and consequences.

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6 Batman

Why isn't this higher? - SegaRocks1145

Batman is life. - JasonTodd

Why is this not higher up!


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7 Toho Godzilla Fans

Always trust the true Godzilla. We all know where Godzilla is from and who created him. Toho created him since 1954. I go 1 for this one.

My iconic franchise is better than your iconic fandoms people. STEP ASIDE HARRY! Godzilla needs to be number 1! - asantalo


Best! - P-51IsDaBest

8 South Park Fans

The fandom is just a bunch of people having fun with their favorite thing in my opinion, and that's admirable to me.

Great show, fanbase are better than all the rest of the one's here!

Great funny show, plus it's shipping heaven


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9 The Mortal Instruments Fans

Love, love, love this book series. Magnus is fabulous, Isabelle is a badass, Jace is so funny, Clary is such an artist, Simon is one of the best geeks ever to exist, and Alec is so cool! I also admire the diversity in the book (gay rights, strong women etc.).

Amazing because as the others mentioned it includes gay rights and women power that shows females can also be great heroes and leaders

I will forever be a part of this fandom. I just finished the last book and I'm like CASSANDRA CLARE YOU HAVE BOTH CURSED ME AND GIFTED ME I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS The books are amazing, the characters and plot twists even better and CLACE IS MY SHIP

We are in simple words...The best fandom ever!

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10 Star Wars

Its just one of the greatest feats of cinematography of all time, an absolute masterpiece from 1 to 8!

Yes it may seem boring at first but u will be sucked in the fandom quickly!

Has a lot to offer (obviously), really fun experience, you'll literally never get bored of it because there's an infinity number of Star Wars fanwork, though the shipping wars are never gonna stop.

I live off of starwars. everybody knows that rogue title cards floating through space is the sign of the absolute best fandom.

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11 The Hunger Games

Honestly, I never expected to like the "Hunger Games" in the first place, but after the first book they started to grow on me. In the middle of book #2, (Catching Fire) I was hooked and I knew this was a series of books I would never forget. If the books seem boring at first, give them a little time. It's definitely worth the wait, although I wish the author would've made a 4th book.

I think it's great because it is crazily close to reality and great edits

I love the hunger games best fandom ever!


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12 Spider-Man

Personally, I think people in the spider-man fandom are more just leaning towards the avengers fandom (well, at least since Captain America: Civil War and Spider-man Homecoming came out). The fandom is strong, and it doesn't help that the other Avenger guys are pretty good looking, too

I love the whole Marvel franchise!

Two words: Green Goblin

Love spideyy! He is an inspiration for every teen

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13 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.

Don't even get me started on how awesome the fandom is

We are not just a fandom, we are the wretched and divine.

This is simply the best. It's a amazing fandom.

Yass it's so crazy

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14 The Lord of the Rings

This doesn't even need an explanation.

One fandom to rule them all

This is the father of all other fandoms.

Why isn't this higher´╝č

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15 Star Trek

Star Trek is exploration of a vast galaxy while discovering new life and new civilizations. It has hope that the future will have an end to poverty or hunger. Deep plots and interesting characters that have daily challenges to go through every day. Star Trek is the supreme fandom.

A series about space travel and wars that is actually a bit realistic. *ahem* (star wars)

my fandom

Yess! I love star trek! Spock forever! :D I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Pretty fandom-y

16 Homestuck

Homestuck is where a lot of talent simple goes into a web comic that we can all relate to. Characters who simply melt our brains and break walls, yet keep us wrapped up in their long pieces of dialogue, or crying when every single character dies. The soundtrack is beautiful, the characters and variety is stunning, and the people I meet that have read Homestuck like me agree, it changed our lives.

I agree that Homestuck is crazy at first. when I was reading it at first I thought what is this? But I just kept reading and reading and man do I wish it was REAL! Thank you Andrew Hussie for creating Homestuck continue with your great work! Its very addicting.

I love Homestuck, but don't consider myself a member of the fandom.

Because most of the fandom makes me cringe due to their stupidity.

The homestuck fandom is like a family. A big, crazy, but beautiful family. Yes, the webcomic seems a bit cringey, insane,and strange at first, but after a few acts, you'll see how deep, wonderful, creative and beautiful the webcomic is. Yes, the fandom may be dying, but it wont really die. Because there will be so much more people coming into the fandom and keeping it alive. And like what I heard before; good fandoms don't die, they god tier.

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17 Creepypastas

The fandoms is supposed to liked scary things but some great creepypastas are ruined by the fangirls.

Okay so Creepypasta is really great but the fangirls kill me, honestly.

They may murder you in your sleep but they are so dang hot

Awesome like fnaf

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18 Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy is an American pop rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in 2001. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley.

Perfect Band Which Was Really A Lot More Than You Bargained For By Panic! The Disco

Fall out boy deserves a bigger fandom with more attention.

FALL OUT BOY RULES and I voted for pjo hoo before I saw this ugh

the best

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19 Cumberbabes

Just look at his face

He's so beautiful

I thought they were called cumberbitches

20 Bronies

MLP is undoubted a great show! Even if its meant to be for younger children, its messages are so in depth that even full grown people can use it to their advantage in their every day life. The ponies in the show have so much personality that all its viewers can relate to, and they also get into road bumps and challenges that we as people also face daily. It's full of realism as well as fantasy that just makes it more exciting! Many people just says that MLP sucks and its overrated, but those people don't even watch the show, they just look at it and says it sucks. Well, you can't judge something by just looking at it! At first when I saw MLP I was like, seriously why am I even looking at this boring thing? But I decided to give it a try and BOOM I fell in love with in ever since. I was so glad that I laid my eyes on that MLP commercial which brought me into the wonderful fandom. You can't say you hate something or something sucks before even watching and understanding it first. Anyone ...more

Even if there are grown men in this fandom, most of everyone seems really kind. I see why this is on the list.

It's like one of the best fandoms I've ever been a part of, if not THE best. - TylertheTitan

I used to be uncomfortable looking at bronies but at least they're doing what they loaf - Puppytart

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