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**NOTE: This isn't the best book/movie/band, but instead its fandom. For example, even if I don't like Twilight, I might say it has a good fandom. END OF NOTE**

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Harry Potter

My first fandom
My last fandom
RIP Dumbledore
RIP Dobby
RIP Fred
RIP every other great man & woman that died

if there was Undertale here I would pick that- but this is a really good fandom qwq

This is the fandom which introduced me to fandoms. It is the absolute best. I joined the fandom a little bit too late (in 2018-something) but it feels like it's been with me forever. That's how beautiful it is.

This is honestly one of the best fandoms ever! The books are just brilliant with great in-depth thinking and fantastic foreshadowing. But best of all, the words

Doctor Who

I love this series, the plots are so interesting and the characters are amazing

The fandom is really diverse in opinions, but we all know how to express them politely to each other and we never really argue about who our favourite Doctor is or if the classics or the new version were better. This is mainly because we're all so caring towards other fans, and the fandom is obsessively enthusiastic about the show, which can be both a positive and negative. Finding another fan of Doctor Who is like finding a treasure trove - you suddenly have someone to talk to for years.

In my opinion, this is the best fandom in the whole of time and space. All the fans make posts about how they feel with certain characters, moments and cry together. Not to mention when they sometimes make themselves suffer with puns about sad moments! This is my favorite fandom ever!

Doctor who is the best show in the whole universe that might sound over dramatic but I'm being 100% serious it makes you fall in love with these characters and then once you start to like them this big shock happens and you will be sad for a few days but then he finds a new companion and it's not like the new companion is replacing the old companion its just a new traveling partner I live Doctor who, it is the best, funniest, saddest, and greatest T.V. show you will ever watch


This fandom has the cleverest and craziest fans I know. When we get a new trailer that's like 2 minutes long, we're going to find out what happens during the entire season (which means 3 episodes, but still) probably because of the wallpaper they have. We collect all the data. We deduce everything. The fandom can be pretty full of drama now and then and some of the shippers should definitely calm down a bit, but we are still the smartest, the most observant people of all the people I have seen on the internet.

It's clever, and it doesn't follow most criminal formats found in shows such as NCIS or CSI. Actually- it's lived through a lot!

The series that I laugh with, cry with and will hook you up after 20 minutes of the first episodes. The fandom is, of course, crazy but dedicated and amazing

Sherlock is so purely awesome it defies words. It can and will take over your entire life in only 9 episodes. Now that is an accomplishment.

Supernatural Fandom

This fandom makes me feel welcome, no matter the differences between each member of our fandom, and yes family. Supernatural is a refreshing show that never becomes boring. It's with some horror, a lotta angst and drama, but above all this, it's also funny. The series manages to make you terrible sad in the one second and in the other it's so hilarious (intended, obviously) you can't stop laughing. Not even need to mention the actors, who're there for our fandom like no others. Love this fandom with all of my heart!

Our fandom is probably one of the most accepting fandoms ever. You can be yourself, no matter your religion, your sexuality, your nationality, your skin color or whatelse. We're like family and even though we surely have our disaggrements sometimes, like every family we can get over them. I feel good and most importantly welcome in this fandom. Even when I've personal problems that I can't tell anyone in 'real life', then there're always people in the Spn fandom that I can talk too. In the end, "We're stronger as a family"! (By the way, our fandom really has the best quotes)

You'll never meet any fandom quite like the SPN fandom. I've never been prouder to be part of such an amazing fandom. While we do get into arguments, it's rare and normally about shipping but in the end we all respect each other's ships. We've got some extremely talented people who are great at making edits and fan fictions with actual plot lines. We are a family and we always stick with one another and look out for our fellow Supernatural fans

I have a friend in school, and she is a MAD Supernatural fan. I think it''s cool, and neither did I know about it either. Knowing that there's a lot of cool or funny stuff in the Supernatural Fandom, it started an argument in my thoughts saying, "Supernatural has a Fandom! " and "There's no way Supernatural has a Fandom! ". Apparently, the first argument wins.

Toho Godzilla Fans

No they are not. Just go to a Wikipedia called toxic fandoms and hatedoms and look up "Godzilla Fandom".

Always trust the true Godzilla. We all know where Godzilla is from and who created him. Toho created him since 1954. I go 1 for this one.

My iconic franchise is better than your iconic fandoms people. STEP ASIDE HARRY! Godzilla needs to be number 1!

Woohoo! Godzilla and pacific rim are the BEST

The Lord of the Rings

The books are incredible works of literature made by an amazing man who had tons of creativity and artistic aspects and the movies have so many amazing actors and actresses, and tons of visually breathtaking scenes as well as amazing music and quotes that will bring most to tears. Furthermore, the storyline, character complexity, and overall meaning in general is amazing and it’s just an amazing fandom. One fandom to rule them all!

One fandom to rule them all

It's the funniest fandom I've ever met, even beyond the hamilton fandom.

This franchise is a million times better than Harry Potter.

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

This is my favourite fandom of all time. It's so unfortunate that they didn't get better movies. It's also so interesting learning about Greek mythology, and it's cool how the author included it into modern day life

this was the first fandom I ever got into and I wouldn't have it any other way! the diversity is amazing and seeing an lgbtq+ member in the books (Nico) made me much more comfortable with my sexuality. It was also nice to see different races in the books instead all white characters like most books. the characters backstories are all fleshed out and it really makes the books seem real. the concept of mythology in modern society is super cool to me and I love how Uncle Rick did it! I'm super excited for the Disney Plus show!

One of the best fandoms, bad fanfic but almost everyone is so chill.

Awesome fandom, yet crazy. We ship EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE (I mean, I don't, but this fandom does and I'm in the fandom). It's a great book series with an amazing concept: mythology in modern-day life! Cool, right? Even though the characters battle the supernatural, they still have problems that are relatable. There's a large amount of diversity, whether it be race, flaws, or sexuality. Sometimes it's a bit goofy or immature, but it really has a deeper meaning if you look for it. Thanks, Uncle Rick for this series. TRIALS OF APOLLO COMES OUT IN 12 DAYS! YAAS!


Why isn't this higher?

Batman is life.

I will eat you.

Why is this not higher up!

The Mortal Instruments Fans

Love, love, love this book series. Magnus is fabulous, Isabelle is a badass, Jace is so funny, Clary is such an artist, Simon is one of the best geeks ever to exist, and Alec is so cool! I also admire the diversity in the book (gay rights, strong women etc.).

Amazing because as the others mentioned it includes gay rights and women power that shows females can also be great heroes and leaders

I will forever be a part of this fandom. I just finished the last book and I'm like CASSANDRA CLARE YOU HAVE BOTH CURSED ME AND GIFTED ME I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS The books are amazing, the characters and plot twists even better and CLACE IS MY SHIP

We are in simple words...The best fandom ever!

The Hunger Games

One of my fave books, was shooketh after finishing the series.

Honestly, I never expected to like the "Hunger Games" in the first place, but after the first book they started to grow on me. In the middle of book #2, (Catching Fire) I was hooked and I knew this was a series of books I would never forget. If the books seem boring at first, give them a little time. It's definitely worth the wait, although I wish the author would've made a 4th book.

I think it's great because it is crazily close to reality and great edits

These are some of the best books ever! I never knew it was a fandom!

The Contenders

Star Wars

Yes it may seem boring at first but u will be sucked in the fandom quickly!

Its just one of the greatest feats of cinematography of all time, an absolute masterpiece from 1 to 8!

This Has some of the best if your a die hard star wars fan

Has a lot to offer (obviously), really fun experience, you'll literally never get bored of it because there's an infinity number of Star Wars fanwork, though the shipping wars are never gonna stop.

MonsterVerse Fans

Godzilla was already mentioned above

Yes, but we are talking about the MonsterVerse WITH Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera and King Kong together with other giant monster crossovers. - asantalo

I always love the MonsterVerse. It’s the best Cinematic Universe in the world. It’s as good as the MCU.

Black Veil Brides

The music is flipping amazing and the fandom is just as great - both help you deal with your life, no matter how awful it is

Don't even get me started on how awesome the fandom is

We are not just a fandom, we are the wretched and divine.

This is simply the best. It's a amazing fandom.

Kaiju Fans


I want to see some one say I Love Mr Kaijus


Spiderman has always been my favorite, and with all the new movies and stuff. I just like spiderman in general. I wanna re-read all of the comics and am currently working on a huge art project for Spiderman and Stan Lee.

Personally, I think people in the spider-man fandom are more just leaning towards the avengers fandom (well, at least since Captain America: Civil War and Spider-man Homecoming came out). The fandom is strong, and it doesn't help that the other Avenger guys are pretty good looking, too

I love the whole Marvel franchise!

"so funny and can be relatable"

Star Trek

Star Trek is exploration of a vast galaxy while discovering new life and new civilizations. It has hope that the future will have an end to poverty or hunger. Deep plots and interesting characters that have daily challenges to go through every day. Star Trek is the supreme fandom.

A series about space travel and wars that is actually a bit realistic. *ahem* (star wars)

Love Star Trek so much I wish it really existed and that everyone was exploring space if they wanted to.

Star trek is the best fandom (besids harry potter) ever


I've been wanting to get into, but I haven't been able to. Hope I get to eventually.

To be honest, Homestuck has played a very important role in my life. It affected the way I dress, the way I talk, the people I know, and even my thought process. The characters are amazing and the art is spectacular. It's one of my favorite things and I love it so much. This is the one thing that will never leave me because it has had a huge impact on who I am and how I live. The music is wonderful and the story is complicated but easy to understand as well as involving. This comic makes you root for the characters and even the author himself. It can teach us important things while being void of brain cells. This is one of those things that you'd give anything for it to be real, for it to be something. The characters are far from perfect but we all love them so much.

Homestuck has allowed be to be happy when very few things can

Homestuck is by far one of the best things I have ever read. The characters are very endearing, the storyline very unique and complex, the soundtrack is just beautiful, and the entire story itself is just so addicting. (I could go on and on but I don't think I would have enough space.)

Even though the fandom earned a bad rep because of... certain things... I think most of us can agree that most fandoms had a bad dip sometime in maybe 2014-ish but even so it should not be judged just for the, and I quote, "fandumb" section. The fandom now isn't very bad at all. It has died down a little and, as much as I hate to admit it, shrunk a bit.

But still, I assure you. Homestuck itself is amazing as it is deep, and its fandom (as wild as it is) is still pretty nice.

Fall Out Boy

My favorite band
My favorite songs
The drummer is really hot

You meet a youngblood on the street and you've met a new best friend

Perfect Band Which Was Really A Lot More Than You Bargained For By Panic! The Disco

Fall out boy deserves a bigger fandom with more attention.


Just look at his face

He's so beautiful

I thought they were called cumberbitches


Ugh I voted BVB before I saw Arrow. Love this show so fudging much!

Their Fanfictions is so good and awesome show.

Disney Villains

Villains are the best thing about Disney. Nobody cares about the heroes or princesses! The Villains are much more fun and amazing. Chernabog is my absolute favorite, Maleficent is great and the most popular villain, Jafar is interesting, The Evil Queen is iconic in anyway, Ursula is brilliant, and James Woods’ Frankenstein Monster Hades is really entertaining.

Always loved them more

Disney Fandom

seriously... why isn't it higher? Legit every persons childhood

"almost everyone is in this fandom even if they don't know it"

Disney and Pixar are very great, and I'm happy to enjoy them!

One of the most famous and best fandoms


People think we like marvel for the looks but that's not the only reason. It's the story telling and the different sides of these heroes we get to see. The emotions and feeling of what love and family really is.

The fandom is litterally a family, we laugh together, we cry together.

Marvel Universe is one of the best things ever know because of the character development and it’s like a work of pure genius!

This is such an accepting fandom and I joined around a year ago and I am already hooked on EVERYTHING!
I'm so hyped for the next movie!


I usually don't have trouble interacting with Warrior Cats fans. The fandom is pretty welcoming and respectful. Whenever people outside of the fandom talk about the Warrior Cats fandom, they almost always talk about the "rabid 9 year olds who roleplay warrior cats at recess". Not all of the warrior cats fandom is like this. There are so many talented artists, writers, and people. Just look at the multi animator projects on YouTube. Every time, I am SHOCKED at the amount of effort the fandom puts into its fan content. This fandom is talented, entertaining, and it has so much potential. The kids who "hissed at people and roleplayed in elementary/middleschool" are literally the backbone of this community because they all grew up to become the talented, respectful individuals of this fandom who all share a common love for Warrior Cats. This is probably my favourite fandom that I have been a part of (and also the longest I have been in a fandom). Like any fandom, there ...more

God, I've been in this fandom for YEARS and I'm still in it. This fandom is what introduced me to fandoms.

The Warriors fandom is based around a great series of books, and while it has its share of petty arguments it is a very nice and accepting fandom with lots of art and animations to look at!

This fandom has so many talented people in it! Some people, like myself, were writing fanfiction or drawing fan art before they even knew what it was. There is so much room for growth that you just can't help but throw yourself or an OC in the mix. The characters are lovable and diverse. The ideas are refreshing. Even the deaths are satisfying. It changes the way you look at life. I now see a future warrior in my neighbor's cat or I will try to figure out what each of my friends roles would be if they were in a Clan, sometimes, I even look at my backyard and try to place where each of the dens would be! I am proud to have grown up alongside this book series. Now, I am old enough to become a part of the fandom itself.

Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

Their songs just hit u in a completely different level...and even their songs as solo artists as well

The best fandom ever! They are in a break and we’re here five years later still waiting! 1d fandom is gonna never be dead!

We should be at the top. Directioners for life! One Band. One Dream. One Direction. Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn! Don't mess with directioners because we can literally trend ANYTHING on twitter.

Directioners literally created the biggest boyband of all time. We voted for them on X factor, it's because of our dedication that Simon decided to give them a record deal. They sold out 5 world tours. We were the first fandom to ever be so big. No one should even bother competing with us.

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