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1 A

Top letter and most used word ever! MY NAME STARTS WITH AA. GOA!

A is in First Place (speaking of A being the first letter of the English alphabet.)!

My friend's name starts with a A and a lot of names that I can think of start with a A

I would like to see some A's in my report card.

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2 S

My name starts with S, but almost all of my favorite words start with S: soul, smile, share, support, sympathy, spirit, success, sense, splendid, self-confidence, self-esteem... so positive and beautiful!

S is so cool than all the letters

Woohoo my name starts w/S! I HEART U, S!

Sis Sis Sultimately se Superest Sensationalist setter. - TheTop4

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3 X

X is the best especially if there's three in a row. You know what I mean.

X is one of the least used letters in the alphabet, and deserves more love! No states or countries start with X! It can stand for anything as a variable, and even if you cross it out, you just make more of it! X is epic (especially in AlphaBattle Contest! Look it up. ) and is by far the best letter in the alphabet!

X stands for danger like crossbones, skulls and poison

I love X. I used to put xxx allot

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4 Z

oh yeah Z is awesome! its unique and you donts see it in a lot of words. My last name is Zamora I love my last name! =D - foxrocks

THis letter is like the happy ending of the alphabet. - Nejixchan

Because Z is the last alphabet. And I don't know why, I just love it. :3

It's weird to see people argue about the alphabet. - MaxAurelius

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5 M

M is the best letter in the english ABC, the shape of the M is also cool+there is a VERY cool thing starts with M--->MUSIC/MEET/MOON/MUSTANG/MIAMI/ etc

M is such a cool letter in the alphabet it should be at number 1 like seriously words like mighty and other cool ones like music or mystic starts with oh more yes there are more cool words starts wit M!.

Yeah Metallica! oh yeah by the way its the first letter of my name and the 13th letter of the alphabet and 13's my lucky number!

I love letter m

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6 J

All great name start with J like John - JohnnyBoy65

I heart this letter but my name is jackie and I'm a boy

I don't know why... And J has no relation to me whatsoever... But I just love it!

The only letter to not appear on the periodic table. Underloved, sexy, clean.

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7 R

Of course as someone who's seen the letter R on everything they worked on, (including my rap logo, but I can't draw so rip) it's the most familiar letter to me. I used to hate my name, but now I love it. I realize that Ryan is a badass name and have accepted it. - hiphopgod

I agree with my non account me below (before I had this account), it sounds better than all other letters. - booklover1

R is the inventive and attract rial word in the alphabet. The name starting with R are very gentle and convenient

My name starts R
And I'm also Rockstar
Because I will sing

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8 Q

Q is great I love it I can't get enough of Q Qs are good Qs are awesome Q is the best letter. Q is just to good to be true. Q can cheer you up Q is therefore awesome. Q is great. Did I say Q is great yet. Q is better then the alphabit Q is awesome. Q is way better then A. Q is better then B. Q is better then C(I know hard to beileive but accept it) Q is better then D Q is better then E Q is better then F Q is better then G Q is better then H Q is better then I Q is better then J Q is better then K Q is better then L Q is better then M Q is better then N Q is better then O Q is better then P Q is equal with Q Q is better then ARE Q is better then S Q is better then T Q is better then U Q is better then V Q is better then W Q is better then X Q is better then Y Q is better then Z. Q is also better then all the numbers Q is better then one Q is better then Two Q is better then Thr- HEY DON'T TELL ME TO SHUT UP! - Lister101

In life, the answer is always Q, because Q is a variable, and can be anything you want it to be

I love the letter Q! It's my favorite even though it isn't in my name.

I hate Q because its to scared to go on its own so its friend, U has to go everywhere with it.

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9 K

My name does NOT start with this letter, but it is my favorite. My name starts with a G, by the way.

K is kool because ther are hardly any words like that, in fact my name is Kamille, the only k there is is just uncommon words and silent k's - nolvorite

K is a great letter! My name starts with it. Kind, koala, and kangaroo start with K but I can't think of anything else. K deserves more love!

K is Kool

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10 L

Love stars with L.. life starts with L... and the word Letters stars with L... LoL has two Ls...

L from Death note is awesome

My name - Luka
My favourite internet shortcut - LoL
My way of thinking- LogicaL
My favorite sport- footbaLL
So many L's

Death Noteee

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11 B

Voting for B should summon or spawn mass Brianne de Chateau!

B is my favorite letter of the alphabet. It looks happy and has to be ranked higher.

Beer. Boobs Butt Babes Bacon Blowjob Boats Beach Beauty balance bratwurst bbq Buds Bong

Asians HATE seeing this letter on tests and report cards

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12 G

G has the best Shape ever. I love this letter because it sounds good and also my name starts with G and that's why I think G is my favorite even though I think I would have still liked this letter even if my name didn't start with G but also I like other letters as well not just G.

Gee! This one is Good

G is the best because it's the start of my name, Georgia!

Great! - Quelaire

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13 E

E is such an important letter since you use it in so many words. Also it's a vocal and gets pronounced in almost every letter. Its Energetic and Electrifying.

E is the most used letter of all letters. You get extra e's in scrabble too. That is because it is the best and most incredible vowel. Also, all the best names start with E.

Not only is it the most used letter, in the English alphabet, but it also looks really good and if you're not careful your computer screen will be full of them!

E is most powerful

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14 W

Both my last name and first name start with it, and so many cool words with it too. World, Word, Will, Wonder, Wander, Wings, Wish, Wist, Way, West, and the irony of its pronunciation only makes it better.

My last name, favourite animal, and favourite country start with W. Williams, whale, and Wales.

Wales is a territory of Great Britain, not a country

Wiggleing wobbleing Wiener

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15 D

D is my favorite letter if you know what I'm saying ;D

D is for Depression.

Disney1994, Danteem, death, devil, drugs etc. Not really a good letter - 50

Hunain loves Dea

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16 C

Most people like California, California Starts With C.

All my favourite things start with C! Cat, Cow, Canada, Crocodile, Crow, Coelacanth, my cat's name is Callie. My name starts with A, but whenever I come up with names for characters, I always have ones beginning with C or K because I love the sound!

It has a fabulous curve to the side. It reminds me of a crescent moon, or a bow, or a slide. What a fabulous letter!

C for Colin

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17 N

N= Nirvana! Why isn't it up there?
Anyway N has always been an awesome Letter along with 3.
I mean really, you people have no taste in letters. I mean A an X are pretty awesome, I do admit but N should be right behind them. Come on guys, what would Jesus do? Huh?
Anyway, an M is just an N with birth defects so its all retarded. N is my favorite letter I have posters of it all around my wall come on guys its awesome.
And anyway, Its fun to draw the end that's at the end of Linkin parks name, its really cool

How many times have you heard naw naw naw in a song? It happens a lot. Must be a good sound.

N=Nirvana? Why is it not already down, much less than in the top tens? - TheResistance

I love N because my name is nafisa and even my mother's name is starting from N...N is a cool letter better
then all

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18 T


T is great and the best. T resemble smile and stile.

Love T because it stands for twenty one pilots - LeoNickyLily

I like T

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19 I

I is the best letter ever I love it it's the best. my name starts with it

I'm self-centred so my entire world revolves around I, I, I. I = my life

I like I because my name starts with i

I is the best. My initials are II - isoldeivens18

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20 V

V is my favorite letter not just because of my surname, but because it means and involves a variety of different things or feelings in our normal, everyday lives. Vague, vanilla, varying, venerable, very, versatile, vile, violet, vivid, vocal, voracious, vowing, volcanic, vulgar, and even vulnerable can describe a lot of various subjects in the average used language for a letter that is not prominent when considering its number of words, like say, S, C, or P. I also love V because it forms part of my nickname while using my last initial as follows, "my name (I won't state what it is) the V".

Vehemence Violent Violet Virtuous Vengeance Vile Vocal Vitality Vote Vow Via Viva V!

It just sounds great

VVV is the reason why it's the best.

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21 H

The mild controversy attached to it is my favourite part about it. How to do you even say words that have H's? Do you just ignore it or do you do a slight vacuum cleaner sound when you are about to say such a word? I also find that the particular approach that people take when pronouncing (or not) this letter says a lot about them.

My best friend hannah is awesome

H is a cool letter because it is in so many cool words like Hippo and Hypo

H is bretty good

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22 O

It's a letter but its also a SHAPE and a number! How many letters can be letters shapes AND numbers-none! O is the best

O,I guess O didn't make it up,O dear O dear indeed. - DapperPickle

DOn't be so cruel. O is superb. nO0bs

I love O! O0o O0o O0o

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23 F

F is underrated, which is sad, as it's beautiful in cursive, and has a bunch of awesome words beginning with it. Just look up a list. You'll see. I feel like people are just going by their first letter of their names, and not the overall coolness of the letter. Plus, just my opinion, but A is overrated. And Annoying. And Agravating. And Agonizing. F is Fashionable. And Fun. And Fearless. And Fantastic.

F is just cool. And it's the first letter of my name.

F because my favorite band "Fall Out Boy" starts with f and so does a pretty great swear word if ya know what I mean.

F... F... I can't say this word D:! - ---ChargedZircon---

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24 U

I love you because it's the underdog of vowels

This is my favourite letter.

Because of it's shape

25 Y

Y is a funny letter! It's yummy and yucky at the same time. It's allows you to yo-yo. How would we know what things are like if snow wasn't snowy and how would I know when to go to bed if I didn't get sleepy? Z feels special because people like an underdog and it's at the very end. But Y is the real underdog because it's second to the last and few care about that.

This should be in the top 10. It's so unique. - Curtis_Huber

I love Y.. y? Baecause I love You.. and You Starts with Y...

Y is a cool letter. whY wouldn't it be? I mean, seriouslY. Y is underrated. its in the Y u no meme, mY goodness, you still don't like Y? whY? if so, bYe bYe. - lolingdog9000

26 P

My name starts with P and P is just Perfectly and Particularly Positively sPectacular!

Because all good things start with the letter P. And it brings good fortune!

I like how it looks

P is cool as my cock

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