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1 A

Top letter and most used word ever! MY NAME STARTS WITH AA. GOA!

The most favourite letter in the English alphabet

Allah start from A. So I am proud that my name start from A. I am very lucky

Grade A!

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2 S

My name starts with S, but almost all of my favorite words start with S: soul, smile, share, support, sympathy, spirit, success, sense, splendid, self-confidence, self-esteem... so positive and beautiful!

S is so cool than all the letters

Woohoo my name starts w/S! I HEART U, S!

Because my sister loves it

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3 X

X is the best especially if there's three in a row. You know what I mean.

X is one of the least used letters in the alphabet, and deserves more love! No states or countries start with X! It can stand for anything as a variable, and even if you cross it out, you just make more of it! X is epic (especially in AlphaBattle Contest! Look it up. ) and is by far the best letter in the alphabet!

X is the best letter, vote for it people!

I like X! It's a very underrated letter! It isn't in my name, but I have a friend named Xenia.

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4 Z

oh yeah Z is awesome! its unique and you donts see it in a lot of words. My last name is Zamora I love my last name! =D - foxrocks

Because Z is the last alphabet. And I don't know why, I just love it. :3

THis letter is like the happy ending of the alphabet. - Nejixchan

Z is so unique and great I love it

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5 M

Yeah Metallica! oh yeah by the way its the first letter of my name and the 13th letter of the alphabet and 13's my lucky number!

first of my name, plus my lucky number 13 - bigmike52

I love M because my name starts with it. It looks like the best alphabet. In a Cell phone, (type one, not touch phone) M is Craved on the number 6 and 6 is my lucky number. Also, it's the 13th letter of the ABCD :) Just lovi'n it..!

I this M is the best letter ever I think N is the brother of M.
M sounds sooo cool and the shape of it is also great

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6 J

All great name start with J like John - JohnnyBoy65

I heart this letter but my name is jackie and I'm a boy

I don't know why... And J has no relation to me whatsoever... But I just love it!

I love J because my name is Jarrod

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7 Q

Q is great I love it I can't get enough of Q Qs are good Qs are awesome Q is the best letter. Q is just to good to be true. Q can cheer you up Q is therefore awesome. Q is great. Did I say Q is great yet. Q is better then the alphabit Q is awesome. Q is way better then A. Q is better then B. Q is better then C(I know hard to beileive but accept it) Q is better then D Q is better then E Q is better then F Q is better then G Q is better then H Q is better then I Q is better then J Q is better then K Q is better then L Q is better then M Q is better then N Q is better then O Q is better then P Q is equal with Q Q is better then ARE Q is better then S Q is better then T Q is better then U Q is better then V Q is better then W Q is better then X Q is better then Y Q is better then Z. Q is also better then all the numbers Q is better then one Q is better then Two Q is better then Thr- HEY DON'T TELL ME TO SHUT UP! - Lister101

That my favorite letter too I always rode on the Q train everyday

I love the letter Q! It's my favorite even though it isn't in my name.

it is cool

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8 L

Love stars with L.. life starts with L... and the word Letters stars with L... LoL has two Ls...

L from Death note is awesome

It's a soft sound. People default to singing "la" if they have nothing else to sing. It flows naturally.

L is one of the greatest letters of all time, have great words that this letter begin with.
loyalty, love, lesbian <humanist>, I could say more but that will be a lot. - ArigatoKawaii

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9 K

K is kool because ther are hardly any words like that, in fact my name is Kamille, the only k there is is just uncommon words and silent k's - nolvorite

My name does NOT start with this letter, but it is my favorite. My name starts with a G, by the way.

My good. The kindness of people is determined by K

My name begins with K. It is Kizzy.

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10 E

E is such an important letter since you use it in so many words. Also it's a vocal and gets pronounced in almost every letter. Its Energetic and Electrifying.

E is the most used letter of all letters. You get extra e's in scrabble too. That is because it is the best and most incredible vowel. Also, all the best names start with E.

My name starts with E and so are all my 5 kids. E is awesome. See I just found 2 e's in de the word awesome!

I like E, it's Ecstasy and Euphoriant.

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11 G

Gee! This one is Good

I like it for some reason

How can you not LOVE that shape! :D

G sucks.

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12 R

I agree with my non account me below (before I had this account), it sounds better than all other letters. - booklover1

I love the letter R! Because it's the first letter of my name

Motorbikes all use R because it's the coolest letter

I love r cause it is the first letter in my name

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13 W

Both my last name and first name start with it, and so many cool words with it too. World, Word, Will, Wonder, Wander, Wings, Wish, Wist, Way, West, and the irony of its pronunciation only makes it better.

My last name, favourite animal, and favourite country start with W. Williams, whale, and Wales.

Wales is a territory of Great Britain, not a country

WUMBO IS WHY I LIKE W - Stevenpenguin

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14 D

D is my favorite letter if you know what I'm saying ;D

Hi I'm dante


D stand for the most awesome animal: D. D can make a faces on your keybored ;D :D D:. It is the simble of Disney. It is fun to make the sound D D. It starts with the most awesome sport: DANCE! D is by far the BEST letter

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15 I

I is the best letter ever I love it it's the best. my name starts with it

I'm self-centred so my entire world revolves around I, I, I. I = my life

I is also a word Haha!
Plus my name starts with I. I is awesome. I is me. I is always there for you.
II! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I! I!

I is the best. My initials are II - isoldeivens18

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16 B

B is my favorite letter of the alphabet. It looks happy and has to be ranked higher.

Beer. Boobs Butt Babes Bacon Blowjob Boats Beach Beauty balance bratwurst bbq Buds Bong

Fourth favorite letter

It is the bbeeessst letter in the alphbet

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17 C

Most people like California, California Starts With C.

All my favourite things start with C! Cat, Cow, Canada, Crocodile, Crow, Coelacanth, my cat's name is Callie. My name starts with A, but whenever I come up with names for characters, I always have ones beginning with C or K because I love the sound!

It has a fabulous curve to the side. It reminds me of a crescent moon, or a bow, or a slide. What a fabulous letter!

C for Colin

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18 T


Love T because it stands for twenty one pilots - LeoNickyLily

It's just better than all other letters

Team T

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19 N

N= Nirvana! Why isn't it up there?
Anyway N has always been an awesome Letter along with 3.
I mean really, you people have no taste in letters. I mean A an X are pretty awesome, I do admit but N should be right behind them. Come on guys, what would Jesus do? Huh?
Anyway, an M is just an N with birth defects so its all retarded. N is my favorite letter I have posters of it all around my wall come on guys its awesome.
And anyway, Its fun to draw the end that's at the end of Linkin parks name, its really cool

How many times have you heard naw naw naw in a song? It happens a lot. Must be a good sound.

N=Nirvana? Why is it not already down, much less than in the top tens? - TheResistance

yay NNN

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20 H

My best friend hannah is awesome

H is a cool letter because it is in so many cool words like Hippo and Hypo

In my opinion, H is a unique letter. It starts with the 1st thing we need in life: Happiness.

Because h alaah hafiz and I aont know y but like that alphabet

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