Top 10 Features That Could Be Applied On Every User's Homepage.

I am not insulting or hurting this site
I know that the admins have put lot of effort into maintaining this site
I'm just expressing my opinion.

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Wowza, after 3 years, most of these features have been made available, way to go TTT - styLIShT

Yeah, You can write it in your "About Me". But users may like it. - Animefan12

How many would we be allowed to put in here? - PositronWildhawk

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I think there needs to be like a level-meter, which starts at level one at the bottom, peaking at the maximum. The levels have long names, though, so I think a scroll/zoom bar would be necessary. - PositronWildhawk

I know that you can see this by others' Homepage but It would be nice if there was a column that makes you to know about the upcoming levels, right! - Animefan12

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If you had about 40-60 you won't hesitate to count, but you can still look at the stats, right!
Well, in some android phones, Instead of the Stats icon, there is the "Search" Icon.
In my phone, you can view the stats only when the phone is rotated 90° clockwise or anticlockwise.
I also heard someone comment on Turkeyasylum's list "top 10 facts about the statistics of Jan 2015" that he wasn't able to find the "Stats" page and asked someone to send him the link. - Animefan12

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