Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

These are the Best Features of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released at October 2013. This list is recommended for anyone who is interested in the Smartphone. This list was made with the Help of WIKIPEDIA.

The Top Ten

1 S Pen

The new S PEN is amazing - abdrahmansalah

2 Big Super HD AMOLED High Resolution Screen

The screen of this phone is much better, more natural and purer than the top previous Galaxy phones which had awesome screens : (Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2) - abdrahmansalah

3 Quad and Octa Core Processors

With the super processor of this phone, it has the ability to Operate most advanced android games and apps which require high graphics like ShadowGun, Adventures Of tintin, Amazing Spiderman and Grand Theft Auto Vice city - abdrahmansalah

4 13 MP Camera

I tried the camera and it takes amazing photos even better than those of galaxy s3 and s4 - abdrahmansalah

5 3 GB RAM

The 3 GB Ram makes the phone work at an extreme speed and provides it with the ability to handle many applications at the same time. - abdrahmansalah

6 Leather Back

The first smartphone that comes with a leather cover and that means more protection and safety for your device, also the leather cover looks good. - abdrahmansalah

7 Supports Air Gesture and Smart Pause

Smart pause : the video stops when you stop looking at the phone - abdrahmansalah

8 Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0
9 Comes With Android OS 4.3 and S Voice
10 Comes With a Smart Watch (Galaxy Gear)

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the first smartwatch designed by samsung and it works with three phones by far : Galaxy S3(without S Voice), Galaxy S4, Galaxy note 3, when the watch is synchronized with the smartphone it makes you able to make a call, check missed calls, Chat, check notifications and do many other actions. The smart watch is sold with the brand new Samsung galaxy note 3, and it can be purchased alone at 299$ by far. - abdrahmansalah

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