Top Ten Female Characters Likely to Have a Sex Scene In Tekken


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1 Nina Williams Nina Williams Nina Williams is a fictional character from Namco's Tekken fighting game series. A cold-blooded Irish professional assassin, Nina made her first appearance in Tekken, the original game in the series She is one of four playable characters to appear in all main installments in the series and the only more.

She is the sex type character in tekken - coolerguy


2 Christie Monteiro

Eddy and christie can have a sex scene no problem - coolerguy

3 Lili Rochefort Lili Rochefort

I wouldn't be surprise if she gets a sex scene. Main stream wise lili by far is the more use for sex related materials. - coolerguy

4 Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu

She seems likely because her character act so Innocent. - coolerguy

She is very pretty,and she good in the bed, I think.

5 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

I guess Asuka is the strongest female character story wise. And her sex appeal is display a lot with her boobs so why not her - coolerguy

6 Anna Williams Anna Williams

She is surrounded by men - coolerguy


7 Julia Chang Julia Chang

I mean anyone has a chance Julia is always seen naked most of the time in endings and openings so why not. - coolerguy

It's a pity that she isn't in the real life. If I could meet her,she would get some kisses with me and something else...

8 Jun Kazama

I think jun is likely just because a lot of the new fans like her. - coolerguy

9 Katarina Alves

I mean with her body she looks like a freaky man woman. I could see her doing a g- corp solder or something. - coolerguy

10 Kazumi Mishima
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1. Nina Williams
2. Christie Monteiro
3. Ling Xiaoyu
1. Christie Monteiro
2. Lili Rochefort
3. Jun Kazama



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