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The Philippines has a wide selection of festivals. Why of the Philippine festivals do you like best? Vote for it and explain why you love that festival!

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1 Sinulog Festival of Cebu City

For me the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City is the grandest of all Philippine festivals. Why? It is a combination of religious and cultural activities held every month of January in Cebu. It is a religious activity since it is the fiesta of Sr. Sto. Nino de Cebu and millions of devotees all over the Philippines will come to Cebu to join the fluvial procession, solemn procession and most specially to attend the highly celebrated mass at the Basilica church in honor of Sr. Sto. Nino. It is also a cultural activity since it showcase the Sinulog Grand Parade participated by different contingents not only in Cenu but also out of town contingents all over the Philippines.

Go! Sinulog festival reflects the diverse culture of our country. It emphasizes the best festival aside from this festival. I am promoting this festival where ever I go. THE BEST IN THE PHILIPPINES! :-)

(Sian Elizabeth Maynard)
( Rezzini Alexis Gomez)
( Rogelia Catacutan)
(Angelu Dione Gomez)

That is a true testament that SINULOG is not only majestic in it's dance and choreography but majestic in BEAUTY and BRAINS!

Aside fm its historical significance, this festival has been rooted from its religious devotion to the baby Jesus popularly known as "Sto Nino". For almost 500 years since finding the unscathed replica of Sto. Nino in a burning hut, this tradition is gaining reputation and attendance year after year.. Not just for the merry making and street dancing but most importantly, in celebration and thanksgiving for the blessings received, prayers answered and most of all for choosing Cebu as his final resting place. There's just so much peace and love during the saturday procession. A sign that He is present and enjoying everything. It gives me goosebumps every time He passes in his flower adorned glass casing.. He looks so alive..

2 Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo City

Dinagyang Festival is the Queen Festival of the Philippines. The Best Festival Event in the Philippines by the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines. Most awaited tribe in every Aliwan Fiesta.


Nothing else to say... The awards and citations cited below are the proofs of its excellence. What separates Dinagyang from other festivals in the country is it's uniqueness and adeptness to history, culture and ethnicity, as seen on it's heart thumping tribal music, hair raising fast paced movements style and choreography. The concept presented by performers are well researched and always a reminiscent of aboriginal (aetas/atis) way of life. As for the record, Dinagyang Festival is the first and only festival in the world to be recognized by no less than the United Nations to promote the UN-Millenium Dev't Goals!

Artistic freedom should never be used as a license to distort history and culture. That is why Dinagyang Festival became the MOST AWARDED FESTIVAL in the Philippines and one of the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED FESTIVALS INTERNATIONALLY because the festival never failed to put a fine line between respect to culture while being artistically innovative at the same time. In fact, the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR CULTURE AND THE ARTS has called Dinagyang Festival as the FESTIVAL OF EXCELLENT FOLK CHOREOGRAPHY boosting its image as among the country's most culturally-adept festival.

3 Masskara Festival of Bacolod City

Masskara festival is a festival of resiliency... It is a symbol of Filipino's attitude of being happy despite of the problems being encountered

For me Masskara Fetsival is unique among the festival in the philippines, it is Asias most spectacular mardi grass, grandest and the most colorful festival in the philippines and also abroad the grand champion in Showtime of variety show won 3 million pesos, mass" people and kara' faces go city of smile and sugar capital of the philippines

Very spectacular festival in the phillippines-well known as MASSKARA festival- the smile of their faces, the mardi-gras it was unique, happy people and colorful design. WORLD-class and very manificient festival among of all festival. I LOVE MASSKARA.

In my own opinion masskara is the most colorful and meaningful festival because it shows happiness despite of the problems that carry shoulder of an individual person but still they can strive and survive to the disasters given by our god...

4 Ati-Atihan Festival of Kalibo, Aklan

Super fun! Everybody gets to join in! Also said to be miraculous for sto. Nino is said to posses healing powers. At this time of the year every street is also turned into a place where you can have fun! Where there is much dancing and boozes for the party lovers!

Street dancing? Experience Ati-atihan festival and you'll have a sure way to have a worthy street dancing festival in the whole Philippines!

I don't live in aklan but once I goned there it was so fun roaming all around the town everyone can join it it was the best festival I goned to so far

Attention: I would like that you people know that Ati Atihan fest of Aklan is the Mother of all festival in the Philippines... Thank you

5 Kadayawan Festival of Davao City

Kadayawan is the people's festival. It's a thanksgiving for the year that was and the year which will be. A celebration of the city's icons - the Philippine Eagle, Mt Apo, Durian, and Waling Waling. And most of all, it's a celebration of all festivities in Davao making it the King of Festivals in Davao.

In this festival fruits are celebrated. But these are not you're ordinary kind of fruits. Each and every one of them unique. For example... The Durian - "King of the Fruits" and Mangosteen - "Queen of the Fruits". The fruits are also cheapest here. The floats in this festival are very colorful thanks to the flowers grown in the cities. And this fest is know internationally.

The only festival in the island of Mindanao that's known internationally.

The festival that emphasizes Thanksgiving for bountiful harvest regardless of religion, culture, tribe, etc. It's a culmination of the people and their gratefulness for the blessings they receive portrayed in colorful costumes, parades, skits, and floats which has been quite popular to both local and tourists alike. It's a site to see!

6 Ati-atihan Festival In Batan, Aklan

I love festival in Aklan

I loved the festival.

7 Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City

Panagbenga is really the best festival for me. It makes me proud that Baguio city really made it to the top 10. I really really Love Flowers. And it also makes me proud that I am a citizen of Baguio. GO GO GO BAGUIO!

The best festival ever!

I'm not from Baguio but me and my family visits Baguio all the way from manila just to join the feast. Thumbs up for a very fun feast and well disciplined Baguio people. I salute you.

Panagbenga is the best festival of the Philippines.. Its More colorful, more mersmerizing, happier than the other festival and more luxurious than the ROSE (parade) FESTIVAL OF THE United States OF AMERICA.. More than 6.5 million tourists (foreigner/local) are arriving in baguio just to watch the grandest and the mother festival of the north.

8 Bailes de Luces of La Castellana, Negros Occidental

Bailes de Luces of La Castellana (literally translated as Dance of Lights) is a Festival of Hope and Thanksgiving. Celebrated every 30th of December (Street Dancing Competition) and 5th of January (Arena Showdown) Bailes de Luces is a spectacular festival that showcases the Filipino's creative mind couple with the wildest of imagination. The most colorful festival in town that utilizes technology through the use of Light Emitting Diodes that radiates colorful rays of lights throughout the performance. A Festival that is best watched live for one to experience the magical interplay of colorful lights wrapping every dancer's body. A one of its kind Festivity. The One and the only in the world. Performing in one Varity show of a national television (ABS-CBN's It's Showtime), La Castellana's Bailes de Luces gained not just a score of 9.9/10 but also a minute or more of standing ovations from both the judges and the viewers. A truly peculiar, spectacular and grandious Festival. Vamos a ...more

Great festival world class

One of a kind festival... The blend of dancing lights and colorful costume and headdress of the dancers makes it more delightful... You don't want to wink your eye while watching for you not to miss anything... Watching it once makes you comeback for the next time...

The most wonderful, fantastic and unique festivals in Philippines, Its wonderful because of the lights that dancers used, fantastic because of the the dancers on how they timing by on/off the lights. Fantastic because it's different from the other festivals! :D

9 Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival, Cebu Province

Cebu's Festival of Festivals. The biggest Festival competition in the province for at least 44 competing Municipalities showcasing their respective festivity.

Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival is CEBU'S FESTIVAL of FESTIVALS... Every AUGUST more than 40 COMPETING CEBUANO FESTIVALS from different CITIES and MUNICIPALITIES in CEBU commence in one stage to create a one great spectacle showcasing the different products and culture of each town through dance thus called PASIGARBO SA SUGBO which literally means PRIDE OF CEBU in English. This years Editiion of Pasigarbo sa Sugbo will be held on AUGUST 11 in line with CEBU PROVINCE'S 443rd Anniversary.

Home of the world class festivals PASIGARBBO SA SUGBO FESTIVAL OF FESTIVALS- CEBU is known to be the FESTIVAL CAPITAL OF THE Philippines with over 40 Existing WORLD-CLASS Festivals held annually in different towns & municipalities of Cebu. Pasigarbo sa Sugbo is a colorful exhibition & showdown of all Cebuano festivals

This year PASIGARBO SA SUGBO was very spectacular and very prepared event and mostly the municipalities and cities are very prepared also because they show there own heritage, talents, and there believe in there different saints in every municipalities and cities

10 Ati-ati Festival of Ibajay, Aklan

The most wonderful and unique festival in the Philippines

It's so very nice it amazing

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11 Sugat - Kabanhawan Festival of Minglanilla, Cebu

So I've amazing

This festival transcends religion

Its all in minglanilla

For me the festival of kabanwanan is a beautiful and more fun

12 Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte

August 27! The date you should not miss.. Buyogan Festival of Abuyog Leyte with its colorful Grand Parade and mind blowing ritual performances!

Mark that date on your calendar.

Buyogan Festival is a all packed festival. Considered as a world class festival and top ten in the Philippines now-a-days.

For me really ought to qualify the buyogan festival. Due continent anywhere in the Philippines ever really known buyogan since settled their festival. And they are the most popular with bees.

It is very pleasant to see especially the flowers that are used in this Festival. Colorful, wonderful and all I can say is wow... ! So, you must try to watch this festival. I live in Davao but still, that doesn't erase the fact that this festival is awesomeee...

13 Bonok-Bonok Festival of Surigao City

My wonderful festival in me

You must see this festival because it is jaw dropping one, also the dances have very nice choreography and they uses very colorful, attractive and unique costume that makes you amaze. so what are you waiting for come to Surigao City and watch the breath taking Bonok-Bonok Festival

You gotta check this out. surigao has the most number of talented choreographer that is why bonok bonok festival is worth watching for.

I like it because
Its very beautiful festival in the world

14 Inagta Festival of Siaton, Negros Oriental

The oldest festival in the province of Negros Oriental. Truly a celebration of authentic Negrense culture! The dance ritual was Christianized upon the arrival of the Spanish colonizers. After the foundation of the parish of Siaton. St. Nicholas of Bari was chosen as the towns patron saint and since then the religious image of San Nicolas is carried and paraded around the town proper and included in the Inagta dance ritual. Shouts and chants of Viva! Senyor San Nicolas! And responded by the people with Viva!

A festival which originated from pre-hispanic era. It has a unique dance formation and choreography. The dance movements are derived from the forest animals abundant in Siaton during those times like Monkey, snake, wild chicken, frog, wild boar. The town of Siaton in the southern tip of Negros Oriental was home to a large number of negritos "Agta" they already inhabit the coastal areas and the river banks of Siaton in the early 14th century.

I love inagta festival... Cause it's the festival of my hometown... And not just that it is the most oldest festival in negros oriental... And it's is really historical

It's a classic and not the same with other festival.

Its patronizing a saint as catholic yet respecting the mother nature,

For Filipinos we all know that before being Catholic we believe na nature, diwata sa tubig, sa hangin and to name the few

15 Pintados Festival of Leyte

I like this festival so much

The festival of east..

Ano kaya and pintados festival

I love this festival because they produce word class festivals like BUYOGAN FESTIVAL of abuyog, leyte and LINGGANAY FESTIVAL of alang-alang leyte! Hail pintados festival

16 Ati-atihan Festival In Makato, Aklan

Makato ati-atihan festival so wonderful and most happy...!

17 Halaran Festival of Roxas City, Capiz

Halaran festival is one of the best festivals in the Philippines


18 Pahiyas Festival of Lucban, Quezon

May 15 3 day to go to the most colorful festivals in the world! Pahiyas!

The best festival and the most colorful festival in the phillipines PAHIYAS FESTIVAL

Unique, as thousands local n foreign tourist arrive yearly to see dfestival

The Best Queen Festival of Southern Tagalog!

19 Ati-atihan Festival In Altavas, Aklan
20 Buglasan Festival, Negros Oriental

Buglasan Festival showering tourist spots of the 20 towns and 5 cities throughout the province of Negros Oriental - 1st ever experience unlike other festival. Buglasan Festival promote Negros Oriental as province of best kept tourism secret in the Philippines.

We have lots of festival dances to offer. It's a province wide celebration and a collection of festival of festivals. Come and visit Dumaguete City every 2nd week of October to celebrate with us.

I love Buglasan Festival because it showcased how really rich the province of Negros is. It even gives us a glimpse of each municipalities tourism and cultural qualities.


21 Binirayan Festival of San Jose, Antique


22 Bantayan Festival of Guimbal, Iloilo

I love bantayan

Bantayan festival shows the bravery anh heroism of the early guimbalanons to defend the town guimbal againts moro pirates. And now its became a festival with a unique chanting and dance drama competition... Guimbal where fun and excitement never ends.

23 Pintaflores Festival San Carlos City

The greatest festival of all time!

Magnificent, vibrant, lively festival of all time

Pintaflores is the best festival of negros occidental... and san carlos is the 2nd livable city of the world lugar sg gwapa and san carlos

24 Sinulog Festival of Carmen, Cebu

Sinulog in Carmen Cebu is one of the amazing festival. WOW! ITS VERY WONDERFUL AND THE BEST IN OTHER FESTIVAL

25 Tinapahan Festival of Lemery, Batangas

Its batangenio favorite fish,.,. And it's a smoken food

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