Sinulog Festival of Cebu City


Aside fm its historical significance, this festival has been rooted from its religious devotion to the baby Jesus popularly known as "Sto Nino". For almost 500 years since finding the unscathed replica of Sto. Nino in a burning hut, this tradition is gaining reputation and attendance year after year.. Not just for the merry making and street dancing but most importantly, in celebration and thanksgiving for the blessings received, prayers answered and most of all for choosing Cebu as his final resting place. There's just so much peace and love during the saturday procession. A sign that He is present and enjoying everything. It gives me goosebumps every time He passes in his flower adorned glass casing.. He looks so alive..

The best of the best island Philippines has to offer the world. Uniquely pinoy brand of merry making as witnessed by no less than one million visitors yearly. Grandiose showcase of tribal talents all across the vast number of islands in the country. One of the most colorful festivities ever held yearly and has myriad followers globally. When we speak of grand festival not only in the Philippines but also in all festivities Cebu's Sinulog is truly one of the best.

Cebu's Sinulog Festival is the best Philippine festivals I've ever witnessed. This celebration falls on every 3rd Saturday of January to honor the Fiesta Celebration of Sr. Sto Nino de Cebu. Both religious and cultural activities were combined to commemorate the said celebration. Millions of people from all over the country come to Cebu to witness the Sinulog Festival activities especially the street dancing competion with participants coming from different parts of the Visayas and Mindanao region. The fluvial parade is a solemn procession of Sr. Sto Nino de Cebu by sea scheduled at early dawn on the 3rd Saturday of January travelling from Cebu's Port Area down to Lapulapu Mactan Bridge and in the afternoon is the solemn procession of the saint in the main streets of Cebu. People from all walks of life from different parts of the world came in to Cebu in order to witness the best festival in the Philippines and the grandest ever...


SINULOG is not just simply but the most elegant, joyful and the grandest of all grand festivals in the Philippines cleanly performed by the indigenous contingents very smooth flowing through your sight compared to other festivals that are performed very exaggerate unlike Sinulog as smooth as water flows in a river, without any limitation in musicality because Sinulog does not focus only in a cultural way but more on religious aspects, musicians are allowed to use different instruments to make Sinulog more beautiful visually and in audio in honor to our child Jesus Christ Sr. Sto. Nino, VIVA! VIVA! VIVA!...

This is the GRANDEST of all FESTIVALS in the Philippines! Thousands of people around the world travel to the ONE & ONLY Queen City of the South - CEBU CITY just to witness this annual event, dance to one beat and feel the AMBIANCE of FILIPINO DEVOTION! Viva SINULOG! We're getting HIGHER CEBU!

Simply the Grandest Festival in the Philippines. Sinulog doesn't need any local nor international recognition for it to be world renowned, simply the name speaks for itself, Sinulog Festival, the most Grandest Festival in the Philippines.

Sinulog Festival is never been a copycat of any Philippine Festival with its basic 2 steps forward and a step backward footwork which was imitated after the the current of the river or in Bisaya, the "SULOG" after Queen Juana received the image of the Sto. Niño and danced the Holy Image as a gift after being baptized while riding a banca in the rivers, thus the term "SINUG" and later "SINULOG" was crafted.

Do I need to mention that this was the first festival to be elevated to the Aliwan Fiesta Hall of Fame?

Not to boost this festival because I lived in Cebu but it is vividly clear that Sinulog festival is envied by the rest of the others that to some extent they bashed every videos in YouTube etc. but who cares if you strongly opposed? We will be happy if one day you will surpassed Sinulog as the grandest festival after all you are still part of the Philippines,. What will be the achievements of the other regions will also be the achievement to all of us!

It is not just a one day celebration but begins 9 days ahead with the religious aspect, then the cultural aspect.. People from all over the visayas and mindanao and even luzon will throng to cebu not just to witness the sinulog grand parade but also the chance to have an encounter with the miraculous image of the Sto. Niño. This is also a great opportunity to visit the famous beaches of cebu as well as its many tourist spots.

Honestly I have never witnessed myself this grand festival in cebu, but as I have known for so long, that is one of the greatest festival to be witnessed every year... You can ask any Filipinos even foreigners if they know/heard about this sinulog festival, all they will say is YES! So yes to SINULOG FESTIVAL OF CEBU... GO GO GO CEBU... MABUHI and TANANG CEBUANO...

I like the Sinulog Festival because it recalls and links the birth of Christianity in the country thru Ferdinand Magellan who brought the Santo Nino image representing our Lord Jesus Christ as a child. Every time I joined the Sinulog Festivals, I felt not only the extreme joy of merrymaking of the festival, but most of all the religious meaning and purpose of the Festival in honor of the SANTO NINO.

I believe Sinulog Festival is the grandest Mardi Gras in the Asia. It does only simply showcase the religious grandiosity of the Holy Child but also embodies the culture of Cebu and the Philippines itself. Celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January, it uplifts the faith of devotees around the country (if not the whole world) and the spirit of festivities and fun of the foreign visitors who came to enjoy the lights, the color, and the music of this grand festival.

This is the Best Festival in the Philippines. It is not just an ordinary dance but a prayer dance. Indeed, Sto. Nino miraculously guarded Cebu against any Earth's catastrophe. It was founded more that 30 years ago. And this brings history and made known not just in Cebu but in the entire Philippines and even world wide.

Best to experience it than just read about it!
The best mix of religious activities and modern festivity. Sinulog is definitely a great experience!
It is a celebration for everybody!
The color, the sound the beat and the happy faces.
See you in cebu for Sinulog 2013!

Sinulog Festival is the best... Because its not only about dancing, colorful costumes and make-ups, but it shows the rich culture not only of a cebuano but also as a pilipino.. And this festival helps our economy, more specifically our tourism because many foreigner want to watch and be part of this spectacular event every January. It may be too hard to watch the dancers dancing in the street but I assure u, you will never get board. Lively music? Its everywhere.. Every beat makes you dance.. And Sr. Santo Nino will protect you and watch you.! :D LONG LIVE SINULOG FESTIVAL!

The Sinulog Festival was a part of my High School and College Life in Cebu! I must say that I really had wonderful experiences in Cebu when we were still living there and Sinulog was really unforgettable because it was the time that my family and friends would go out and bond while enjoying the festivities. It was like all cebuanos are one big happy family out in the streets. Awesome!

It's the best great grand celebration in the whole Philippines... You have to judge it yourself. Go and visit Cebu City in January and you won't regret it though traffic might be bad for this occasion. Wear something comfortable for your feet and get ready for a great walk with the crowd and lots of fun... Enjoy!

The Sinulog tradition is reflective of the customs and rituals prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. The Filipino nation has overcome many trials under different colonizers but we pulled through the dark pages of our history. Our heritage is worth remembering, not just for the Cebuanos but for all Filipinos and what is a better way of doing so than the Sinulog festival? It is both a thanksgiving celebration and festivity in honor of Sr. Sto. Nino. To our Divine Providence for guiding us Filipinos all throughout the years. Pit Senyor!

It is an awesome festival in the Queen City of the Philippines! No other festival in the country can top SInulog. Once you experience partying the streets of Cebu during Sinulog, you'll know what I'm talking about!

In my own opinion, SINULOG FESTIVAL in CEBU is the best and grandest festival of the Philippines among the other festivals because the dancers from diff. Provinces of cebu showcase their different talents to praise the powerful and blessed chilD "SR. STO. NINO... VIVA! VIVA! VIVA!

The most solemn form of festival in the country! The mother of all religious festival and simply the grandest festival in the country, most anticipated festival of both local and foreign tourist, the first aliwan grand slam champion! Neil Armstrong lang and dating! Godbless cebu!

This by far is the best Festival here in the Philippines. It runs for 2 weeks in January. It is the best I have ever seen. All the stars come from Manila to join the Parade.

Sinulog is the Grandest and the most Creative Festival in the Philippines. The event cost millions of Pesos and attended by millions of People, making it the Biggest event in Asia! No Questions, just Google pictures and coverage of the events then compare

No other Philippine Festival is bigger and grander. The entire island is part of the celebration. This is a testament of Cebu's love of history, culture and a celebration of its continued progress which really is a miracle given limited natural resources.

Sinulog Mother of all Philippine festivals, it has all the meaning why people are on the streets.. It is not just about for the sake of increasing tourism but it has root, Religiously, Culture and History as the Philippine cradle of Christianity.