Top Ten Fictional Dogs Who Should Fight Against Characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


The Top Ten

1 Bolt vs Rainbow Dash

GO BOLT! Bolt can melt RD with his lasers! He is stronger than Rainbow Dash! - David39

I dunno who's faster. Then I pick both! - RiverClanRocks

Gawd man, this is a hard choice...

(not being offensive but bolt is just man, op. while rd just brags.-.)

2 Air Bud vs Applejack

Who is more athletic? - Pony

3 Blue vs Spike

Who can deliver mail the fastest? Wait- Blue doesn't deliver mail... - Pony

4 Clifford vs Princess Celestia

Battle of the giant cartoon characters? Yay! - Pony

5 Snoopy vs Cutie Mark Crusaders

Lol, I totally agree, they are both small, perfect

It's 1 against 3! - Pony

6 Scooby Doo vs Twilight Sparkle

They are both smart. - Pony

7 Scooby Dum vs Big MacIntosh

Yep, I added this one... - Pony

This would be hilarious!

8 Dogs Playing Poker vs Discord

Both are bizarre. Just like this fight. - Pony

9 Ubu vs Pinkie Pie

The dog from Ubu Productions vs a 4th wall breaking pony? This list is getting more random... - Pony

10 Beethoven vs Flash Sentry

Okay, I GIVE UP! - Pony

The Contenders

11 Hachi vs Rainbow Dash

Who is more loyal

I vote Hachi. - Croy987

12 Dukey vs Applejack

Applejack wins hands down! Dukey is a disgrace to all humantiy

13 Gidget vs Diamond Dogs

And She Beats Them Up - JPK

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