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1 The crying child is the marionette

I don't care if I spelt it wrong - slenderbrine123

The crying child is actually golden freddy

No you spelled it right


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2 Phone guy is the purple man

That would be the COOLEST twist! - JAE29

It is cause if you see his picture in the mini game he is holding a phone! Also in Fnaf 1 on night 5 that sound isn’t him breaking up or on of the animtronics it’s purple guy and purple guy is the only one who knows THAT MUCH about the animtronics to it has to be the Sam person.

3 Foxy is an ally


4 The child in Freddy is a girl

Well, it would make sense. Freddy in the bathroom camera, doesn't hide in the boy's bathroom. Instead, he hides in the girl's bathroom, and (my opinion, don't hate) does go on most of the same cameras as Chica...

My brother thinks that golden freddy child is a git

Well it's a theory - Stevenpenguin

5 Mike is the murderer

Yep, that's the another huge theory.

6 Mangle caused the bite of '87

That's wrong because if she caused the bite of 87 the employee should scrap her + fredbear caused the bite of 87


In fnaf 4, sometimes you see an IV drip, a bowl of pills and flowers on his bedside table, so maybe he is having a nightmare in hospital after the attack

Mangle caused the bite of 87 because if it was the bite of 83, then explain the show Fredbear and Friends 1983 in FNAF 4

7 Phone guy faked his death

I agree with this. FNaF 2 IS a prequel, so it means the different voice could be a younger Phone Guy.

I agree. This could be why the phone guy appears in Five Nights at Freddys 2 and 3! And then when springtrap died he could have finally died!

Yes,dave or phone guy whatever did fake his FIRST AND SECOND DEATH but his third he died from springtrap

FNAF 2 is a prequel so him being in FNAF 2 is a solid piece of evidence

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8 Springtrap is calling or help
9 The night guard in F.N.A.F. 3 is one of the past 3 guards
10 Funtime Foxy is a girl

She is! There is more reference to female!

They say she is a girl

No he is not

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? Five Nights at Freddy's games go in a timeline!

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11 The phantoms are visions to the future

Certainly creepy, but so far many theories on here have NO factual proof, so unless I see some in the other comments, we'll see...

12 Playing as Purple Guy in Sister Location

The "keyboard guy" isn't named mike, the nightgaurd is

You do play as purple guy, because it is said purple guy is springtrap, and if u look inside springtrap's tears you can see blood mixed with metal and springtrap didn,t have an exoskeleton, and plus in a fnaf SL ending you see your character walking but day by day we gets more purple before then falling inside a drainpipe and most possibly ending up near the fazbear restraunt

In every Fnaf game you got a certificate but at the end of Sister Location you don’t. Also the keyboard guy has a name tag that says “mike” on it so your not playing as Mike also I believe your playing as purple guy because at one of the endings you look in the mirror and you have purple eyes! Also it’s purple guys child that got killed by Baby and I feel like your trying to look for or revive your child. by the way the Phone Guy voice sounds different and Purple Guy is Phone Guy and it’s in one of the other therioes (sorry for most of my bad grammar)

13 Molten Freddy is Ennard
14 Freddy caused the bite of 87
15 Crying Child is Purple Guy's son

He obviously is. So is his brother and circus baby who is the green eyed girl in fnaf 4

16 Golden Freddy is Fredbear

I love this theory because it's so obvious!

17 The green eyed girl in fnaf 4 is circus baby
18 Foxy isn't evil

No, he is most definitely not a good guy. None of the evidence has any logic into it. Just because he doesn't get into your face doesn't mean he's good

In the first game, unlike all the other animatronics, Foxy doesn't jump at you

19 The phantoms are ghosts

1.Some phantoms anamatronics robot appears in the screen then they attacks u and ghosts can do that, aren't they?
2.if they attacks u they disapper and real robots anamatronics can't do that
3.phantom are type of ghosts

20 Funtime Foxy is a male

He does not have any eyelashes he has a bowtie to

21 The crying child stole fredbear's hat and bow tie

The trailer says what have you brought home. And it explains why fredbear is stalking the player.

22 The purple guy is larry the cucumber from veggietales
23 Foxy did not cause the bite of 87
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