Top Ten Worst Things About Five Nights at Freddy's

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1 Repetitive

Almost everything bout this game is repetitive. Boring!

All the "nights" are the same only slightly harder.

Security Breach: "I'm bouta end this man's whole career

Sister Location is the opposite of repetitive -_-

2 Has an Annoying Fanbase

Foxy fans suck. I know, my friend is a foxy fan. She HATES Springtrap because she thinks he quote on quote "Killed Foxy". Springtrap killed the CHILD but not Foxy, and she ADMITTED saying she liked the animatronics haunted more -_-. Also he is NOT good, you can NOT convince me he is unless Scott himself says he is. Also the p--n of him on the internet is really getting old, I can't search up FNAF without seeing it. -_-

The fandom is so cancerous (I'm not making fun of the disease) since they copyright the game and make porn of the characters.

I hate foxy fans except my friend I hate foxy too that bloodsucking butt head.

The fandom is becoming toxic because of some obsessed peeps

3 Overrated

It is ridiculously overrated.

I mean overrated

Fnaf has literally ruined Steam.

Excuse me,popular,not repetitive

4 Not Scary

Little debatable, not horrifying, but I did get a panic attack from the pitch of the scream when I actually played it, I don't play it anymore though.

Even if its not a scary game it is cool and awesome because the story of it. That's why scott made that game

I think this game is not at all scary and the scary and violent thing is only the back story

It's not so scary if you're expecting the jumpscares. And bb is not tattered in fnaf 3 and the cat thing in fnaf 3
Is called sugar the cat there's also a penguin and another humanoid anamatronic.

5 Overpriced

Unless it was like 50$ saying the worst thing about this 5$, let me rephrase that: FIVE DOLLAR, game on steam is like complaining about an ice cream sundae just because it isn't sprinkled with 20 dollar bills or something.

5 Dollars for a point and click game with spoilers every where on YouTube is overpriced if you ask me.

All games are cheap it's a small game like 1 dollar

Yeah overpriced IT SUCKS

6 Cheap Jumpscares

Honestly, the UCN and VR jumpscares are much better than the in game canon ones. I just don’t get why the jumpscares are so lame though

The jumpscares are really cheesy, especially in the first two games.

Well their better then a million jumpscares you can try to pull

Dem jumpscares be cheap bro

7 No Replay Value

The only thing scary about it is when you first play and you get the first jumps are. When you play it again it's boring.

8 It Brainwashes its Fans

And that was the moment when I realized that the haters are worse than the fanbase.

9 Tries Too Hard

Scott is trying way too hard to make a game.

If you like try to hard you get so Aggravated you just want to throw you computer or I pad out the window

Nope,but you try to hard to make good reasons for this list,and because u do try to hard,it's not good reasons

10 Thinks It's Scary

I didn't get the second game (which is what I'm starting with) until I was 12 because my mom thought it was too scary! Wow.

I haven't actually played the game cause my parents won't let me. Arggghghghghh!

My parents don't care so I play fnaf it's a little scary I'm 9 but I like fnaf m8s

Really, the jumpscares suck

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11 They Are Supposed to Have 6 Games

It doesn't need so many games. They're repetitive and boring.

They are supposed to have 4 and that's all.

Well four is enough,I actually wish their was 3,if their was six their would be a problem

3 Games were enough

12 It Focuses On Jump Scares Alone
13 The Animatronics Get Old Really Fast
14 Power Drains Quickly

Wait wait wait... it does drain quick, but slow enough for you to win. Whoever put this on here just closed the doors and waited, didn't they?

Only complaint I have about FNAF, in Night 7 20/20/20/20, it is difficult to avoid running out of power without someone killing you, luckily, I passed it, an this only applies to FNAF 1.

Sorry,your fault if you run out of power,not fnafs

15 Wind Up Box

It's so hard to focus on the box and the animatronics on Night 6. Confusing.

Too hard to flash light at animatronic while winding up box

Yeah. I hate winding that damn music box.

Seriously...the wind up box is annoying

16 It Destroyed YouTube

Not like Minecraft did it before it.

Just look at Yaminash, Venturiantale, Markiplier, LITERALLY ALMOST EVERY OTHER CHANNEL.

The game's literally EVERYWHERE!

17 Stupid Fanart

People always make porn and fetishes of the characters. Gross!

18 It Ruins Lives

It wont ruin lives its just a game

How does it ruin lives?

I can't sleep at night cause of them
Go away Freddy
Eat your cupcake and fly Chica
Walk the plank Foxy
Finish your tune Bonnie
Be a real puppet Marionette
Blow Balloons Balloon Boy
Get fixed Mangle andSpringtrap

It ruined my life bonnie and chica they just get me and it olvas gives me nightmares rellly scarry ALOMOST GAVE ME A FRECIIN HAERTATTCK noo

19 The Third Game Is a Complete Copy and Paste

The third game is my 2nd-least favourite in the series, but... how exactly?

20 Unoriginal
21 If People See Anything Named Freddy, They Get Scared

If a boy's name is Freddy or a girl's is Bonnie, everybody runs away screaming from them. It happened to a new girl, Bonnie, and she was crying. She's just a little girl, not a stupid robot!

I get freddy krueger but the rest are stupid

I don't I went to Harry Bear's and I compared the mascot with Freddy Fazbear and THEY LOOK THE SAME

22 Shippers

I REALLY hate shippers. ", Chica and Foxy belong together! " They're kids stuffed into a robot suit. It's like shipping little kids!

I only somewhat ship Foxy and Chica. Nobody else. And yes, shipping children together is disturbing.

I hate foxy and chica shippers tooo! MANGLE IS SEXIER THAN CHICA!

How about a pirate ship for foxy scence he is a animatronic fox pirate. Even his cove is named Pirate Cove. He has an eye patch so the ship will match the pirate theme. :D

23 The Annoying Balloon Boy

You can't make him leave!

24 Seeing Things In Shadows

Anyone else see Shadow Bonnie in the shadows? Or Springtrap whenever you close your eyes? After you do it for a long time, yeah sure the jumpscares are not scary, but it still prints those images in your mind that are impossible to get rid of.

The first time I watched a five nights at freddy video,
I had hallucinations

Crashed mu game =(

25 It Ruined Yamimash's Youtube Channel

What's the problem? ,yamimash likes fnaf.if he play it it's no problem.

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