Top Ten Funniest Commentators on YouTube

The ten funniest people on YouTube in my opinion! Remix, repost, redo spread it everywhere! :D

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1 Cr1TiKaL

Although we don't know much from his simple username "penguinz0" on YouTube, his videos are common knowledge to be the best to anyone who has seen them. His completely out-of-the-blue comments and metaphors and completely monotone voice, as well as his insatiable use of the word "nipple", makes him Number One! - TZHamblen

His randomness his great, he makes laugh all the time. I would not recommend kids watching his video he's kinda um rude. But by far funniest

The best. No comparing him to any other. His skills silence everyone's ass cheeks.

He’s funny as hell

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2 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

While many of PewDiePie's "Bros" are immature and under the age of 12, I actually enjoy his videos and have been subscribed since 2010. His humor is somewhat on the stupid side, and that in turn makes it hilarious to watch. He's a genuinely nice guy, and donates to charities a ton.

I think the main reason why so many people love Pewds is because you can just feel this really genuine love for his bros. He somehow makes me feel good about myself with his videos. I've never felt this with any other channel. I understand that some might not like him much because he has "stupid" humor, but I don't understand why people hate on him. He's just such a genuinely nice, caring person. He's got money and tons of fans because of YouTube, and he uses this to donate boatloads of money to charities. I also love his girlfriend, cutiepiemarzia. They are an adorable couple.

His commentating is hilarious. Never a dull moment in a PewDiePie video.

Best intro ever "hello my name is peeewwdiepie! "

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3 ChaoticMonki

Cry, what do you say about the guy? He's down to earth about everything he does and he's just so wonderful and varied that I have such a difficult time pinning down one specific quality to describe him with. He's goes from being that buddy you've known for the longest time who's always a chum and knows how to take your mind off the bad things going on to that super intellectual fella who really just makes you wonder about life while at the same time passing no judgement. For the brief period I've watched him I've sort of fallen for the guy in a way, (in a sort of admiration/appreciation type thing, I'm a sucker for personality, what can I say? )and I'm not even slightly ashamed to admit it. His work is really varied as well which I appreciate, plus his reading skills are superb. Beyond everything I've already said he has such an appreciation for his fans and all of the content they offer him and I especially like the fact that he actually interacts with his fans on a weekly basis ...more

I feel like Cry is a lot more emotionally invested and social with his fans. He's very intriguing and mysterious, what, with the whole no-face thing, but that adds to the reasons I love him and the fans. They don't care what his face looks like, the quality of the content is what matters. Cry makes everything funny in the right spots, not completely forced and ruining the moods; he knows when to shut up and let the game play itself out. Talking throughout the dialogue is a big pet peeve of mine and Cry makes sure not to do so. His humor is very funny and his own personal, non LP videos are hilarious (ex. A Love Song, by Cry and Happy Birthday Jacy! ) and he seems to be a wonderful person. Cry also knows when things need to stop and he will tell you if you need to knock it off. He's very wise in his own way and this intelligence vamps up his humor to a level his fans really seem to enjoy. Also, #boobies4cry. K thanks bye.

Cry's the kind of guy who can make okay jokes and they're not dumb jokes (not offending anyone at at all), but he can just make normal jokes that don't offend or anything of the like. Chaotic is a very wonderful let's player and an even better person. Quite smart and caring. He was also born to act thanks to how he speaks as characters in his playthroughs. And, if it comes to identity, to me, it's all right he doesn't show his face. He can have more fun that way. There is never a let's play that is boring. If it has Cry, the playthrough will be funny because of his joking side, chilling because he gets into his psychotic, crazy side and emotional because he is not afraid to cry (pun? ) if the game is sad. If something's going bad in terms of his subscribers or stuff like that, he will draw a line and put a top to it. It is guaranteed to immediately love him if you watch a video for the first time. A mature guy when he has to, a light-hearted bro for laughs, an intelligent person and a ...more

I love this guy - Pegasister12

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4 Robbaz

This man is truly a god among men. Hailing from Sweden, claiming that he's the "King of Sweden" and that he is a Viking already places Robbaz, or Robert, on this list. However, his videos can be compared to Cr1TiKaL's except with more emotion, and more serious gameplay rather than goofing around. Similiar to Cr1TiKaL, he says random things suddenly and also loves nipples. - TZHamblen

Robbaz is a true viking, his commentaries are hilarious and random. Above being funny he is also very good at gaming. Together with his walrus he takes on every challenge you throw at him! VALHALLA!

This guy is far by the most underrated you-tuber in the world. I tried to watch Pleasediepie but its just too fake and watered down ugh. Pleasediepie isn't even a gamer! He just thought, oh my seven other channels aren't making me enough money, better milk some more out of a scripted gaming channel!

Funniest guy on youtube

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5 Michael from Rooster Teeth

Think he's a head of them all. Rage quit is very funny & popular.

Ah Michael, will you ever win? Mainly, he is well known for his "Rage Quit" series from Achievement Hunter. In this series, he "plays extremeley hard video games until he has an aneurizm and we have to call an ambulance" says Geoff Ramsey, voice of Grif in RvB. If you want insane rage, swearing, and failure, here's the place to look. - TZHamblen

He never has a bad video, one of my favorite people on youtube. Even the stuff he did before rage quit was fantastic.

What? This one makes no sense

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6 VanossGaming

He's one of the best right know. A very funny YouTuber who knows how to make his videos stand out, you'll see how much effort he puts up in editing his videos because they're just all well thought off and well arranged to suit the peoples wants in a video. His skits are always funny and always gives a good mood at the start of the videos. The best thing I like about him is that his very humble and doesn't take all the credits, I mean he will always give his crew the credit they deserve because that's where most of his funny contents come from. If your looking for videos that will cheer you up and make you want to see more then watch VanossGaming.

He has been my all time favorite for years. When I first found out about him I watched one video and was craving more so I went all the way to the beginning and started from the bottom now I'm constantly on the edge of my seat patiently waiting for a new video. His videos and his crew make me so happy and distracts me from my troubles and there are some days I would just want to hug him and thank him for making me laugh on my toughest days. We Love you Evan Fong

I watch many other YouTubers like him and most of the time he is the only who makes me laugh and that is why he should be in the top ten. Him and his crew are all very funny and his prop hunt videos are the best. please go and visit his channel.

Deserves to be higher, he has all his subs for a reason!

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7 UberHaxorNova

While he isn't a hacker, he has managed to hack into my brain and make me ROFL with his "Happy Wheel" series on YouTube. His tendency to fail and to rage at video games, and explore weird places and scenarios in video games, makes him the hilarious, doing Let's Play's of scary games, children's games (Barbie included), and Minecraft. - TZHamblen

This is the channel I check every day and the one I've never gotten tired of. Been watching since day one, and won't stop watching. Whether this man is a creature or not, he's my favorite. Would pay to watch. :D

I would actually pay money to watch novas videos that's how much I like his commentary

Forking hilarious

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One of the all time classics. James Rolfe has went on for far longer than a lot of the people on this list and is a source of inspiration for a lot of youtubers.

If there is anything "bad" about this man so is it the fact that he has been inactive on the AVGN section for a while because of his movie making him temporary "irrelevant" but that I can overcome because of how his videos has influenced the world of gamers and the overall high quality of the few videos he releases.

The Angry Video Game Nerd, aka James Rolfe, is a character that plays not hard, but very poor video games either in quality or design, and proceeds to go on twenty-minute rants on how the game is completely broken. AVGN tends to use ridiculous metaphors for things he would rather do than play a certain game, such as having a buffalo defecate into his ears. 'enough said. (NOTICE: CURRENTLY ON HIATUS TO PRODUCE AN AVGN MOVIE) - TZHamblen

He was the one who started it all.

His videos are so funny and well crafted.

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9 TobyGames

Toby is 100% NOT a gamer but he's going to try his hardest. He pics hard and scary games, puts them on different difficulties and then dissolves in the carnage. It's common to hear "I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead" shrilly while running from some monster. Some of his great ones are Dead Space 2 and Amnesia, especially Amnesia where he's so afraid that he shrieks every few minutes. However he's also endearing playing Minecraft running from creepers, creating strange 2 person conversations with himself based on the background music or singing songs about Diamond Swords and Safety Torches. Or how he always talks to the female leads in any game "What you doing girl? " "How you doing? "

He's easily the most fun not serious gamer on YouTube.

Bro, he is better than PewDiePie and his little 9 year old army, because most of HIS viewers/subscribers are immature six year olds who like swearing at the top of their lungs. TobyGames is the best because he says jokes that are hard for little toddlers/kids to understand, drawing the kids closer to PewDiePie, while the teens are laughing at everything that TobyGames says. I had a fever of 102.2 degrees fahrenheit, and when I started watching TobyGames, I felt better. His jokes make me laugh so hard that my mom always asks "What's so funny? " or "Are you ok? ". Unlike PewDiePie, TobyGames (Toby Turner) has been on T.V., on an annoyingly funny show called "The Annoying Orange". PewDiePie only has YouTube going for him, while Toby Turner has 2 or 3 YouTube channels, and is an actor.

Toby is pretty bad to me. He's more for younger kids like 12 and under then teens and or adults. The only thing I do like about his Chanel are his animations they are pretty cool. But his songs and his gamer videos are not to my liking


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10 Achievement Hunter

Ray is the funniest thing that ever happened

These guys are hilarious especially Gavin.

THE BEST EVER. They always post the funniest videos,

Gavin is adorable and they're hilarious

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The Contenders

11 ChipCheezumLPs
12 Tatsudoshi

Tatsu's retired now after personal issues forced him to. He will be missed: his comedy got me through some tough times.

13 AzuriteReaction

This guy is really underrated. Also known as Desmond, Azuritereaction has some really great videos and commentaries on YouTube about games he plays, tended to rage in various occasions. Some of his series include Happy Wheels, and Facade. - TZHamblen

Definitely funny as hell and you can tell he doesn't even try his videos are great quality and most certainly deserves a lot more YouTube subscribers I would certainly inform loads of people about him

Plays some of the rarest games and has one of the rarest senses of humor. You can tell he's a great guy.

Definitely a great player but he has his moments

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14 CaptainSparklez

Captainsparklez is the best commentator ever! He makes the best minecraft videos! I would recommend his minecraft survival series. Although if you want to watch his skyblock series skip the first three episodes.

Great music videos, hilarious, survival games also meet other minecraft commentators like antvenom, syndicate project just name a few. He is the second minecraft commentator views

Dudes he's the best he does everything from minecraft to Call of Duty he's amazing he's kinda my youtube master I learn from him I watched all his minecraft series and theyare amazing I highly recommend them

One of the best Minecraft YouTubers of all time he is awesome and hardly ever swears


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15 Syndicate Project

Syndicate has always been there for his streams and hit his 7.5 mil subs because of his gameplay and humor. He also got me to start to like games I flat out hated like Minecraft or Garry's Mod. And that is why he gets my vote.

Syndicate should be higher up on this list, he is funny, British, and works very hard on his videos.

Syndicate is a great guy he makes me laugh and if it was not for him I would probably go crazy he has help me though life just from watch his videos


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16 Jacksepticeye

Is there a more genuine and honest lets player on YouTube? I submit that there is not. Upbeat, relatable, hilarious and diverse, he is also in possession of possibly the kindest YouTube community of fans in his or any genre. Opinions are tolerated even when they differ among his fans and haters/trolls are ignored or kindly asked to leave that garbage at the door. Sean aka Jacksepticeye is a daily must-watch.

Jack is one of the few people that, although changing, can stay in touch with who he is and why he's on the channel. He makes sure that he himself loves his videos so that he never gets bored. He hilarious and in my opinion deserves at least #3 on this list. He's so inspirational and kind hearted. He's talked about suicide and how you shouldn't do it (Unlike most YouTubers) and he's just a great funny guy

He is a boss! (If you don't get that reference your a moron) he's soon entergetic and his videos are hilarious. All In all though, he's so nice, and even stated that he would help anyone thinking about suicide. And has personally thanked his fans for not arguing like EVERY other channel.

Haha some of his videos are not that great but games like subnautica are really good and funny

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17 Ray from RoosterTeeth

Saw Michael up there and I just think that Ray is the funniest person on YouTube. If he had his own personal channel then I probably wouldn't have a social life anymore, because I would be watching him nonstop.

Ray does have his own personal channel, but he barely posts anything. Ray is an amazing person that has an amazing personality, and I am always waiting for the next Let's Play to come out with more of Ray's hilarious comedy.

18 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Basically, the AVGN of horrible movies. The only major difference is that he tends to parody the movies rather than straight rant on them, but he does that to. If you have seen AVGN, you need to see Nostalgia Critic, especially since they are semi-partners. - TZHamblen

The war continues...

19 MarkiplierGAME

I'm positive if more people knew about Markiplier he would be MUCH higher on the list.

Mark should be no. 1 on this list. He is a funny guy and cares so much about his fans. He does tones of charity livestreams and has great friends who support him. He has helped lots of people including myself and my friend through the darkest of times. He is really sad right now because he isn't able to reach out to everyone in the Markiplite-Community. He wants to keep in touch with all 8million subs, but he knows he can't. But he isn't hiding this fact from us. He asked us to help him, to reach out to those who are in need, those people he can't reach out to. And there are so many people who want to help, who have gone through tough times with his help and want to give him something back. That's why I'm proud to be a Markiplite and hope you guys are too =)

Mark is such a great person who never fails to make anyone smile. I have so much respect for him because he is always himself and genuinely cares about his fans. He has learned to ignore the haters and Laughs at people's rude comments. He has taught me to be myself, ignore the haters, it's good to laugh at yourself, and to show your friends and family you care about them. He is a great role model for all people out there

I'm literally on this site trying to find somebody as awesome and entertaining to watch as Markiplier. I'm struggling lol

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20 OfficialNerd3

He is absolutely hilarious and always says jokes, which is something I really like when watching videos. He plays a variety of games that anyone can enjoy and sometimes overreacts to things which I find funny. Him, pewdiepie, phreakindee and Chris smoove are my favorite commentators

Just dan in general, always making jokes, always uploading and is generally funny. he's not cocky and he knows what he's going to say and how to say it in a way that makes everyone laugh. He also has the ability to make everyone laugh when he screws up and starts screaming

He's a YouTube who has over a million subscribers but still seems really really normal oh and he hates politicians

Criminally underrated commentator, even with 2 million+ subscribers.

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