Cr1TiKaL is a very talented guy. He has this really intriguing humor style. He evidently swears a lot, but this pile of vulgarities only adds to the awesome atmospheric comedic style of his. I remembered laughing tears out watching his videos. I also spat out my food a lot of times. He's really, and I mean really, funny. Also, he donates money to charity, despite being in a pretty good partnership deal on YouTube. Big heart, big humor and a big community of people who love him. - Seepenthep

Cr1TiKal is the perfect commentator, With his bizarre choice in gaming, it only increases the hilarity while he entices you with his comical genius and incredibly vast vocabulary while in monotone is comedy gold.

The best channel on YouTube. There is seriously no one else that can be similarly compared to his brilliance. Plus, if his humor weren't enough, he donates everything he makes from his YouTube partnership to charity. 100% of it. Now THAT is worthy of a good nipple rubbing

I've watched all his videos, he was my inspiration to make a YouTube back when I made videos. He is by far the best and funniest commentator on YouTube, and he is so true to hisself and what he stands for, he donates all his profits from YouTube, and he still makes videos for the same reason he always has, because he loves it... He reads all his fans messages and comments, and he is just all out great. He deserves more recognition for his work on his videos, he's hilarious and he's by far the best commentator on YouTube.

He has always been the funniest, but he deserves special mention for donating every cent he makes from YouTube to charities-even when he was jobless and his YouTube partnership wasn't paying him (which still might be the case). He's also smart with his humor, kind to and appreciative of his fans, and seems like a guy who's doing what he does for the art and just having fun, while inviting us to have fun with him.

He is one of the first people I started watching on YouTube, and the reason I even discovered YouTube. He is funny, witty, sort of depressing because of his voice and yet very humble. He donates everything he makes on YouTube to charity but when he started a patreon page he amassed loads of followers and now he is getting $4,684 per month from donations alone. But despite all his fame and potential to make videos with other YouTubers, he is very down to earth and one of the most likeable people I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. And despite having over a million subscribers (which he hasn't even mentioned apart from a q&a he did once) he is still surprisingly unknown. But I'm sure he doesn't care. Long live cr1tikal, we all love you.

His videos NEVER get old. He always has something hilarious to say, personally I think people who always use the word nipple and ass cheeks are gross, but this guy just makes it really funny when he says it.

Cr1tikal is the best because he is super profane and funny. And everybody knows the more profane, the funnier. He also never laughs and is very serious even when he prank calls pizza hut and says "A small cheese pizza would be nice, but touching my nipples with a block of ice. "

First seeing his "the real videos" I immediately loved watching all of his videos, The funniest stuff to ever be put on YouTube, I swear! If you haven't heard of him you better look up his videos right now and watch them, Because you will like em.

It is no surprise that this amazing human being is number 1 on this list. His way of talking amazes me every time he uploads yet another video.

My favorite. Every time I watch one of his videos I almost die laughing. If you want a funny commentator he's the best. WATCH HIS VIDEOS!

There is no way that you could watch one of Cr1TiKaL's videos and not laugh. Those who appreciate random and creative humor should enjoy. Cr1TiKaL is, by far, the funniest person on YouTube.

The games he play are the most glitchy games ever but this really suits his personality and the way he commentates the games he play. Also, he donates any money he makes from YouTube and donates it to various charities, as he said in 3 different videos, explaining this issue.

This is the greatest top ten list of All Time.

Great commenter, but I understand why he doesn't share his face with people. I wouldn't want to have all that popularity either. But even if he never shows his face, I have, and always will respect him.

This man is the perfection of dry humor. Enough said.

No one is better. Just watch any of his videos, and you will see. Then, watch all of his videos, and you'll laugh so hard you will die.

Cr1TiKaL is the foundational stability of commentary humor.

By far the funniest and the best commentator ever.

Easily the funniest person in the entire world. His vocabulary consists of mainly ass-cheeks, s***, preposterous and any word to do with ejaculation but still makes me laugh every time!

This guy is awesome. I mean, he is probably one of the most honest YouTubers out there, and if not the most honest, not to mention generous. But as for the reason I am giving him my vote here? Well, he is just the funniest guy on YouTube.

Nobody comes close to this, lone, man. He is the epitome of humor in gaming.

He is so epic, random, and funny. And he donates all the money he gets from YouTube to charities. That right there says it all. Thanks for being a wonderful person Cr1tiKal!

Love Cr1TiKaL's videos make me laugh every time with his random rude sentences about a part in a game or how the game is making him feel, he's just the best no comparison to any other

Besides being funny, this guy is a cool dude. He doesn't care if someone steals his videos, he donates most of his money to charity, and most of all he does videos for 'fun' not for fame.