Top Ten Funniest Commentators on YouTube


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201 Vinesauce (KY)
202 Vinesauce (Hootey)
203 Vinesauce (Rev)
204 General Sam
205 SwingPoynt

Connects with fans and is hilarious.
Really, start with his Cat Lady play through. Then, Outlast... You can't really go wrong.

Forreal, if you haven't seen Swing play anything go to YouTube right now!

206 Naughty Mongrel

If you want to check out a funny YouTuber then make sure you check out a guy called Naughty Mongrel. His videos are hilarious and not over-the-top like other YouTubers carry on.

207 LaurenzSide

I love Lauren's videos! And, I love her dog Dexter too! - Pegasister12

208 KSic Games
209 JacksFilms
210 AdamantDitto

While the video and audio quality may be subpar, the commentary is spectacular. I think I could say this group of gamers are my absolute favorite among YouTube, and I would recommend them to anyone who likes group LPs, competitive Pokemon, lists, or podcasts. Just mind any references or inside jokes among the friends that go over your head.

211 Tomato Gaming

His multiplayer videos are super funny, and there is some really wacky moments in some of his single player videos, there isn't a video on his channel I haven't seen! Check him out!

212 Superjombombo2
213 Cobaltsky
214 LiveWithTy85 V 1 Comment
215 retsupurae
216 Psychedelic Eyeball
217 UhOhBro
218 MrCobaltsky
219 Muyskerm
220 Ghostrobo
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