Top Ten Funniest Commentators on YouTube


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101 Vinesauce (Vinny)
102 Ssundee

He I really engaging and funny

103 TheAnimeMan
104 MattShea V 1 Comment
105 Goth (Jaidefinichon) V 1 Comment
106 Messyourself

He does a lot with the gaming lemon and reviews lots of good games. Plus he dose lots of funny things.

Funniest YouTube ever. You better subscribe!

107 Inside Gaming

Just watch one of their videos and be amazed.

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108 pkmnRobā€Ž
109 NicoB

NicoB does video games such as the Stanley Parable, Arkham asylum but my favourite is Dangan ronpa. He does voices, adds immaturity and a lot of swearing. He is great!

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110 Northernlion

Probably one of the most intellectual video game commentators on YouTube, Ryab and his "NLSS" crew have a strong, close following. His quick wit and inability to be good at most games lead to hysterical commentary. Egg has a love for indie games but will play AAA titles such as GTAV as well. In addition, his velvety deep voice will keep you coming back to daddy from more. NL's work ethic is second to none and he is the best commentator on YouTube in my opinion.

111 CollegeHumor

Almost ever video they have makes me laugh my ass off or it really entertains me

112 Mini Ladd

The most funniest Irish gamer you can find on YouTube (except for JSE)

113 Arglefumph
114 Ipwnstar4hire
115 Stan Burdman
116 NintendoCapriSun

-its all the way at the bottom D:-
Well, you need to see one of his Conkers Bad Fur day videos to see what I mean. His Pokemon Saphire videos are good too. If you like bathroom jokes in games, NCS is the way to go. I vote NCS. So yeah. And by the way, GO PEWDS :D

117 MinecraftUniverse
118 SuperCodPlayer1995
119 HarshlyCritical
120 xRpMx13

He's as real as it gets. He's hilarious and can always make me laugh. You can see the passion he put's into all of his videos and how much he loves to entertain people.

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