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121 thecomputernerd01 V 2 Comments
122 stampylonghead

I think his videos are pretty cool. I don't even play mine craft and he gets be into the game. Maybe cause it reminds me of a cartoon show.

V 3 Comments
123 Onision
124 NicoB

NicoB does video games such as the Stanley Parable, Arkham asylum but my favourite is Dangan ronpa. He does voices, adds immaturity and a lot of swearing. He is great!

V 1 Comment
125 TheSwitcher
126 Vinesauce (Joel) V 2 Comments
127 Themysteriousmrenter
128 Pan-Pizza (Rebel Taxi) V 1 Comment
129 11 Drunk Guys V 2 Comments
130 ZackScottGames
131 LostPause
132 Cryaotic
133 TheScatsbury

The funniest gaming channel I have ever see on YouTube

V 1 Comment
134 Maximilian Dood
135 CinemaSins V 1 Comment
136 The Pokemon Evolutionaries V 1 Comment
137 VenomousSoup14

Layt Night is a new Youtube and only has a very small following but his content is so good considering. He defiantly deserves a spot on any of these lists! - spiritchild

139 IDK

Really I don't know. - TZHamblen

140 k
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