A you tuber who doesn't scream at EVERYTHING? HILARIOUS TOO? ISN'T ANNOYING?!?. Well put him in top two! I laugh every time I see one of his videos and I think he deserves to be on this list

Mark is my favorite you tuber, beating out pewdiepie, simply because he doesn't get stale as pewdie sometimes does (still love him). The mish mash of faux manliness and bravery instantly crumbling into hysterics and swearing can always crack a smile in me no matter what mood I'm in, and the personal connections he has with his viewers is awesome. Love it. This is the kind of guy I would love to have as a best friend.

Markiplier is just so much better than most YouTubers.
Mark deserves more attention, and deserves to be #1 in all of YouTube. PewDiePie just yells at the camera like a 7 year old girl. Markiplier has witty statements, and hilarious jokes. Mark doesn't just yell, he actually makes jokes.

Has actually got a good sense of humor. No excessive sex swearing and he cares for his fans. That's what makes him good and funny!

Maybe like Pewdiepie in sense of material of gaming. But swears less, uses far less offensive jokes and the facial expressions themselves easily makes anyone laugh. Some how not as popular as Pewds but is much funnier then our friend from Sweden.

Markiplier is very entertaining. He makes you laugh a lot. And his laugh is just... hilarious

Unique sense of humor with an OP voice.

Subscribers, I still think he is the funniest.

One of the greatest that YouTube has to offer, lovely guy and incredibly witty!

Markiplier kinda follows PewDiePie, like in slender.

Funniest of them all. he doesn't sound like a girl (pewdiepoop) and he doesn't rely on over the top crass or crudeness (he doesn't sound like a douche like certain YouTubers). Even if he's just out to get

Still scrolling. Still haven't found danisnotonfire or AmazingPhil. ;_;

Where'd he come from cotton-eye Joe?

Markiplier is so funny and witty!

Markiplier is one of the BEST YouTubers of ALL TIME! He takes time to donate and laughs when he dies and has the most creative language. He makes everyone's day every time.

WHY DOWN SO FAR? Markiplier is awesome! - KoolKam

He's the funniest guy I ever seen

I think Mark is a great YouTuber. You can really tell that he actually cares about his fans, unlike some YouTubers.

His videos are so that they make me laugh every time I watch atlest five minutes of his videos

My lil bro always watches markiplier because he's more quiet compared to peowirodpie

He is my favorite horror video game player.I love his random horror compilations

He plays fnaf and when he does he gets scared and it's so funny when he does it!

I use to think he was funny... but then I grew up... seriously, his channels only funny if your 2.

He may not have as many subs as pewdiepie, but he doesn't need them. He's the best. Like pewdiepie and dantdm combined without Minecraft. He's badass, funny and not afraid to to show emotions. Basically, ALL HAIL THE KING OF FNAF!

I've watched a bunch of different you tubers, and I think that Mark is the funniest, and although pewds has more subscribers, Mark deserves to have at least 3rd place.