Nigahiga is one of the only you tubers out there who has not gone downhill, but keeps making his videos better and better!

NigaHiga is best and is true comedy I can relate to. PewDiePie is overrated. He is good, but very overrated. Smosh used to be good, but they have become less funny because maybe ideas or age. Ryan should be the most subbed, but against there is something about Felix that most people (or little kids) like.

The only YouTube who has consistently put out amazing videos. I've seen so many YouTubers going downhill from where they started because they run out of ideas. But Ryan's the only one whose videos just get better.

Best YouTube ever. All his videos are equally popular and the hard work he puts into making these videos is exceptional. Very well written and acted stuff. Plus with all this fame he is so down to earth.

Nigahiga is the absolute best he stays loyal to his fans and doesn't have prejudices. He keeps his humor classy, and by classy I mean nothing mean or twisted he's in it to make people laugh. He never does anything immoral just to get a few subscribers.

NigaHiga is amazing. He uploads daily and never uses the same joke. He spends hours making his videos, and is not offensive. How the heck is PewdiePie #1? The stupid brocket army is overrated. Ryan Higa deserves more love!

NIGAHIGA ROCKS. WOW! Can they make a guy laugh. Ryan Higa is a great comedian.. I just love his videos. Every video makes you laugh out loud! Nigahiga should be number 1. They're the BEST funny YouTube channel EVER!

I thank nigahiga aka ryan higa, should be the first because he cut his nose with a sword just for the YouTubers by the way that's us. I'm fine if you don't agree with me, but I think he should be first on MY opinion.

All you need to think of is funny, humorous and all of those words when you are describing nigahiga. I can't believe how much EFFORT he puts into each video, unlike some others down this list.

Ryan is the king of jokes! You can see jokes everywhere in his videos! His jokes are excellent and top quality and they're so amazingly hilarious. He should be on to

Nigahiga's sense of humor is something you don't see very often. Cleverly calculated puns, and amazing payoffs that aren't very often seen in today's comedy. It's a close tossup for me between him and Julian Smith.

I agree because smosh are bunch of acting like gay and pewdiepie is just everyday video that's why he get many subs and he usually not funny at all, but I think his look make people attract but not to me

I've only recently started watching him and only recently heard about his channel and now I'm ADDICTED. I used to think that nobody could beat pewds with the random funniness but Nigahiga is just amazing. He should always remain #1 and his videos just keep getting better and better;

His videos are always creative and never fails to make me laugh. He puts lots effort in it. He deserves more subscribers...!

NigaHiga is most definitely one of the most hilarious person on YouTube; his videos are so creative and laughing is inevitable!

I practically went through teenage years watching this guy. Perfect comedy and mad quality contents

This guy makes me laugh so hard and smile every time I click on one of his videos

I started watching Nigahiga at a very young age, and I found him hilarious. I rediscovered his channel and was surprised to find that he was STILL hilarious, despite my sense of humor having changed. He is, simply put, the funniest YouTuber in history.

Nigahiga is the best! His videos are so hilarious and he deserves more subscribers than PewDiePie or even the VEVO channels!

You can't get any better than an Asian comedian

Nigahiga is the best! I watch at least ten of his videos every day! Their so funny, so cool, so smart!

His video is not only funny but it's masterpiece as well, really clever, not gonna lie though

Nigahiga is one of the most creative, energetic and most of all FUNNY! He puts so much effort into making his videos and eventhough he only posts one video a week, its always worth it cause of his downright hilarious content. And his Roast Yourself Challenge? Unlike other YouTubers, he actually takes a better route and tries to make YouTube drama better - of course, in a funny way.

Humor that is relatable yet never thought of. You know how hard that is to do?

He is amazing and funny. He is better than Pewdiepie and should have more subscribers than him!